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 Memes Index 2.0

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remember goatse? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: Memes Index 2.0   Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:47 pm

meme: sir
intended use: Used in front of an object.
example: now time to cram the stuffing inside of sir turkey

meme: great
intended use: Used when someone says something (can be substituted as "good", "fantastic", "okay", etc.). Best used when it's important or causes one joy.
example: i'm going to go and wash my hair / great

meme: shoe; thailors
intended use: Random word placed wherever.
example: shoe [thailors]

meme: cramming
intended use: Substitute for fapping.
example: cramcramcramcramcram

meme: anal
intended use: Substitute for "ass" or "butt".
example: go show yngwie cds up your anal

meme: Annoying spelling
intended use: To outline words as being important (or to just be annoying).
example: eynnoyyngue spelyngue ys ey miem dawg

meme: Random hyphenation
intended use: Wherever.
example: random hyphenation is-pretty cool

meme: Unfinished sentences
intended use: Mostly used when saying something whose conclusion is obvious, or used to trick people into
example: Do you see what I

meme: Rambling
intended use: Used when discussing something you either don't care about, that is mundane as all hell, or has an obvious definition.
example: hmm i think foo fighters are a nice band i would definitely stroke dave grohl's bear bear oh man what a typo i wish i could untypo but the show must go on as freddie mercury used to say speaking of shows who likes american idol steven tyler sure is a card well in conclusion i would say that aerosmith's don't wanna miss a thing should be the song we use at prom

meme: Random exclaimations of laughter
intended use: When talking about something boring or asking stupid questions.
example: hey guys how do i inject stomach acid into my blood LMFAO

meme: just this guy
intended use: When someone asks who.
example: who is gold / just this guy

meme: what a
intended use: When someone talks about a thing.
example: talk dirty to me what a good

meme: i miss him
intended use: When someone says they have to go, but before they've left.
example: hey guys goin' / i miss him / *leave*

meme: man who has a disease
intended use: When somebody says they're going to do something (often shortened to "like a man").
example: hitch that ride like a man who has a disease which prevents him from not-hitching that ride

meme: imagine
intended use: Used to get people to imagine something or to outline a point.
example: imagine / jakey not ruining the memes index

meme: proud
intended use: A point of dignity and glory for oneself.
example: leaving was never my proud

meme: so much so
intended use: Used when someone uses a word.
example: have you heard the new david cook single / so david so

meme: it
intended use: Used to end sentences.
example: "3 is and 7 is" by Queens of it

meme: oh um
intended use: oh um
example: oh um

meme: blaming orange
intended use: Everything that has ever happened is Orange's fault.
example: darduu just killed me!!! / ORANGE

meme: unrelated
intended use: To change the subject.
example: speaking of toasters, i like the new david boogie single

meme: wowowowowowowowowowowowow
intended use: To demonstrate that you have nothing to say.
example: dude my mother just got cancer / wowowowowow

meme: among
intended use: It's been so long since we've used this.
example: geodude what a / a dude among dudes

meme: food for me
intended use: To tell someone what happened to something.
example: have you seen my parents / i sold them to buy food for me / great

meme: scourge of the
intended use: Something that isn't liked, or is, shit.
example: ed murrow, best pokemon ever?! / ed murrow, scourge of the earth

meme: or else / this gun
intended use: Instruction.
example: give me the diamonds / or else.butthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurt. / this gun.butthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurtbutthurt.

meme: could be better
intended use: To tell someone their morals aren't too groovy.
example: grooves, could be better

meme: etc.
intended use: To instruct yourself that what you're saying isn't too int-etc.
example: See what I di-etc.

meme: "thought it would be funny"
intended use: When you do something UNFORGIVABLE
example: orange why did you burn my toaster streudel / i "thought it would be funny"

meme: go it
intended use: Instructing someone to go something.
example: go it faggot

meme: gots
intended use: Telling people to go something.
example: comment gots

meme: wow cool amazing
intended use: Sarcasm
example: hey i just decided to get the / wow cool amazing

meme: old
intended use: When something has been said before (sometimes replaced with "new"), or to make people butthurt.
example: hey guys i updated the memes index / old

meme: random anger
intended use: When you feel like a point is important or otherwise joyful.
example: this new robert planet single sure is / good /

intended use:
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Memes Index 2.0
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