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 female characters

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PostSubject: female characters   Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:03 am

So the problem with my writing as of late is the reliance on the girls. Every other character is more or less self-explanitory, but the girls basically require you to have read everything to understand the wild ride I've taken them on.

Here is every major female character, in order of debut, along with a short biography and an image of them. Don't ask.
The biographies get more complicated as they go on.
Also, I have gone into autistic detail creating these characters so they all have canon birthdates and heights (don't judge me)

Debuted in A Thing:
Birth date: 11 Jun 1990
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5'11
The princess of Canada, and our hero's twin sister.

Birth date: 23 Mar 1990
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'9
A Jew who has cornered the market on being a secretary, always showing up whenever our hero enters a building with a reception area. She also runs the highly-successful Kathy Magazine, and several off-shoots.

Debuted in Another Thing:
Birth date: 18 May 1998
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5'6
It's a mystery.

Birth date: 04 Jul 1990
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'11
A musician who also owns Central Park in Alabama. She makes depressing music for depressing people.

The Great Cheryl
Birth date: 18 Jan 1987
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
The greatest magician who has ever lived, but only because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Debuted in Nothing:
Birth date: 16 Apr 1990
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'6
A young girl who died at the age of 16. Her spirit was unable to move on after her brutal murder, so she roams the Earth until the man who killed her is brought to justice. However, she doesn't want to leave, and actively thwarts the attempts of law enforcement to capture her killer.

Birth date: 24 Dec 1478
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
The daughter of the head of the Everhart estate. A sheltered upbringing and natural wanderlust lead her out of her home, where she was bitten and turned into a vampire.

Birth date: 17 Aug 1982
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
A blue-collar construction worker who despises the white-collars. She's killed before.

Birth date: 04 Feb 1978
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
The post lady. She will stop at nothing to deliver the mail, and does nothing but what is required in order to deliver the mail at maximum efficiency.

Debuted in The Next Big Thing:
Birth date: 21 Nov 1986
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5'11
A special agent in service to the Canadian crown. Her duties mostly consist of following the prince around and making sure he doesn't hurt himself too badly.

Birth date: 05 Jun 1995
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'5
The gravedigger. Years of isolation and a past she 'doesn't like to talk about' have resulted in a nervous wreck of a human being.

Debuted in Anything & Everything:
Birth date: 04 Jun 1990
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'7
The personal maid to the king of Alabama. She will not rest until everything is clean and proper.

Birth date: 16 May 1990
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5'5
Hishida Yuko
A foreign exchange student
From the Rising Sun

Birth date: 14 Feb 1992
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'8
Orphaned at a young age, Sophia became an assassin to get revenge on those who has made fun of her in her youth. She's very unlucky.

Resistance Leadour
Birth date: 17 Jul 1991
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'9
The foremost expert on resistance of all types. Her years of training have resulted in near-perfect damage-resistant skin and hair. She was turned into a vampire in 2017, but she got better.

Debuted in One Thing Leads to Another:
Birth date: 18 May 1995
Nationality: Mojavistanian
Height: 5'6
Moved to Alabama at 18 to become an actress, but went into a depression after failing to do so. Eventually achieved her dream, though.

Debuted in One of Those Things:
Birth date: 15 Aug 1975
Nationality: Mojavistanian
Height: 5'10
Rachel's mother; the world record holder for largest natural bust. She collects all sorts of weird shit, in addition to normal shit like stamps.

Birth date: 15 Apr 1985
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5'9
The Canadian ambassador to the United States of America. Her job got a lot easier after the election of President Donald Trump.

Parallel Universe Candice
Birth date: 17 Sep 1982
Nationality: Parallel Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
A parallel universe version of Candice, who fought in the eternal war of her universe. She managed to find her way to our universe, and became a citizen of our universe after winning a kart race.

Birth date: 16 Apr 1989
Nationality: Mojavistanian
Height: 5'9
She drives trucks.

Debuted in It's Just One Thing After Another:
Birth date: 03 Dec 1993
Nationality: Obnoxious Celtic Country
Height: 5'5
Born only a foot tall, Amber used a genie's wish to become human-sized. She is a member of the Pixington family, who are all one-foot-tall fairy-like creatures with wings.

Birth date: 12 May 1988
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'10
Kathy's older sister. Brooke hates being a Jew, and just wants to be left alone, along with her Chicagoan cousin Hattie.

Birth date: 04 Sep 1993
Nationality: Mojavistanian
Height: 5'9
The daughter of an orc chief and a human.

Birth date: 17 Apr 2054
Nationality: Neo Alabamanian
Height: 5'7
A time traveller from the year 2077, who came back to warn of a dire future. She wears a biosuit, which keeps everything from her neck down perfectly clean and healthy.
(sorry about the image; they didn't have anything resembling how I imagined the biosuit)

Debuted in Everything's Going to be All Right:

Debuted in Gaidens:
Birth date: 05 May 1990
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5'6
A childhood friend of our hero, Sara's mother didn't want anything to do with our hero, calling him a "bad influence", so she moved the two of them to America, and got Sara branded a terrorist so she could never leave. She was rescued by our hero, as soon as he possibly could.

Debuted in Something to Talk About:
Birth date: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Height: 5'11
A demoness who wants to smother the world in evil.

Birth date: 21 Dec 1999
Nationality: Alabamanian
Height: 5'7
A girl whose childhood innocence was tragically cut short due to interference from a demoness. The shock of the incident caused her hair to turn a stark white, and her eyes to bleed and leave permanent bloodstains. She eventually got over her childhood trauma by facing her biggest fear.
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female characters
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