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 Journal of the Crusader Jakey, 1343

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remember chocolate rain? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: Journal of the Crusader Jakey, 1343   Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:24 am

Jakey's log: 31 January 1343
I have been chosen by the Sheriff Antony to cleanse our world of a den of vampires that have taken root in a cave near the village of Torontoshire. To avoid civilian casualties, I set out immediately. Currently, I am in the back of a wagon headed in that direction. I paid the driver five gold pieces, and he gladly agreed to take a small detour to get me to my destination. I have made sure to bring my silver swords and a necklace made of garlic cloves. You can never be too careful with these horrible creatures.

Jakey's log: 05 February 1343
Oh, for fuck's sake. I couldn't have gotten there any quicker, but the entire village had already been killed or converted. That's only cool when we do it.
I wasted no time charging into that cave. I ran my sword into the hearts of vampire after vampire, but I was too focused to notice my garlic clove necklace break and fall off. My burning desire to avenge the fallen blinded me to a vampire who snuck up from behind and attacked me. The wound stung initially, but I don't feel it any more. In fact, I feel as good as ever; maybe even better.
I made sure to check the cave several, several times before I headed back to the village to sleep in the inn. Normally, I'm exhausted after clearing a cave like this, but I feel good enough to clear out a second; maybe even a third. I guess it's true that if you do enough of the Lord's work, He will look favourably upon you.

Jakey's log: 06 February 1343
I woke up this afternoon, ready to head back for home. However, when I stepped outside, I felt an intense pain all over my body. I guess clearing the cave finally caught up with me, and I'll have to rest up a little bit more.

Jakey's log: 07 February 1343
I felt a lot better after a few more hours worth of rest. It was dark out, but the moon seemed incredibly bright. Certainly bright enough to start the journey home now, while I feel rested and ready. On foot, the journey will be a little longer, but maybe I'll find a passing caravan that will take me home.
I couldn't help but smile when I wrote that. I will definitely have to pay Michelle a visit later; I've been so busy working that I haven't seen my dear sister in a long, long time.

Jakey's log: 08 February 1343
I am terribly confused. Normally, the people of Canada greet me in a friendly manner, respecting my position as one of God's crusaders. I flagged down a carriage earlier, but the driver screamed in terror and put the whip hard to his horses when I greeted him. Maybe he was Jewish?
My schedule has shifted from what it used to be; I now find shelter as the sun rises and continue moving at night. I guess I ruined my sleep schedule a couple of days ago, because I feel much stronger at night, and very weary during the daytime. I could try sleeping through an entire night to reset myself, but I have to get home to report my success to Sheriff Antony first.
Also, I believe I neglected to bring enough water. I've gone through all three of my canteens, but I'm still very, very thirsty. There's a lake nearby, so I'll have to make a stop to refill there.

Jakey's log: 09 February 1343
I had planned for my stop at the lake to only take half an hour, at the very most. It's been a whole day, and I'm still here. No matter how much I drink, the thirst never subsides. I need to drink more.

Jakey's log: 10 February 1343
Sheriff Antony sent another crusader to come and find me, as I am late returning. Taylor was chosen, and I was very glad to see him. The water may not have been helping the thirst, but when I saw him I realised that it may have just been homesickness, even though it's only been a couple weeks. Taylor always brought amazing wines his family had made at their vineyard. I had hoped that drinking one of those would be just what I needed.
But when Taylor arrived, he looked absolutely shocked. I was taken aback at his surprise, and then he drew his sword. I turned around, but nothing was behind me. He charged straight for me, and I worriedly asked him what was wrong.
He swung at me. I managed to move and turn it to a grazing blow, but the wound stung like I had never felt before. I told him to calm down and tell me what was wrong, but he just yelled at me. He said that this was hard enough for him as it was. I still have no idea what he meant. He swung again, but this time I was ready. I dodged behind him and knocked him out with a swift blow to the head. It's getting light out, and I feel very, very tired, so I just tied him up. I'll head for home tomorrow.

Jakey's log: 11 February 1343
Taylor is dead. I hit him much harder than I thought I had, and he never woke up. I guess I know now not to hit someone over the head with these metal gauntlets, but I truly wish I had learned that differently. I'll have to take Taylor back to town for a proper burial. I can never make up for what I've done, but I will continue to serve the Lord, even if our order won't have me. I don't deserve forgiveness, but I can't stop doing good deeds. Especially not now, after what's happened. Even if I end up in Hell, I want to go out knowing that I did the best I could.

Jakey's log: 12 February 1343
I woke up tonight to find Taylor with two fresh bite marks on his neck. There's a vampire about. Faced with this danger, I feel stronger than ever, and ready to go. The thirst is gone; I guess that's what being in danger does to you.
I've found no footprints other than my own around, so I don't know where the vampire is. I'll have to continue onward, watching my back. Being active at night as I have been lately is a Godsend here; I won't be attacked as I sleep.

Jakey's log: 13 February 1343
I'm close to the town now. Tomorrow, I should be home. The vampire hasn't come back; I suppose he saw me and got scared, taking only what he could easily get. This attack... may have been fortunate.
I am now in the position where I can lie about what happened. The Lord knows all, and I will surely go to Hell for what I've done. But knowing this, is it really such a bad idea to lie to everyone about what happened? I will always carry the guilt with me, but everyone will rest easier thinking their brother-in-arms was killed in action rather than by one of their own. I would also be able to continue the Lord's work, though I will never make up for what I've done.
This is a difficult decision. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it. Morning is coming; maybe things will be clearer after some rest.

Jakey's log: 14 February 1343
The guards ran in terror at the sight of Taylor's body, screaming that they need to get Sheriff Antony. Not wanting to subject the citizens to this sight, I've decided to stay here until Sheriff Antony comes to the gate. I've also decided to tell the truth, no matter the consequences. I can't live that lie for the rest of my life.
I see him coming now. I hope he understands that it was an accident.
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Journal of the Crusader Jakey, 1343
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