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 yeyeye: My Dream Journal

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Dr. Adventure
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PostSubject: yeyeye: My Dream Journal   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:32 pm

I need to get this all down in one location so that I can look back on this and question my sanity some more.

First Dream:
I am a fetus, still in a womb. I am being pushed out and the doctor congratulates my mother on a successful delivery. I am a baby boy and I am named bendik. I have long flowing hair straight out of the womb.
Fast forward a bit and I am being cradled by my mother, eventually I am standing and walking and eating by like one month old.
My mother sends me to the shower with my older sister (who's like a year and a half older). And we shower together and have a good time.
Throughout this, I am changing perspectives between my mother who is watching and the baby who is showering. In the mothers' perspective, I watch the baby bendik trying to open the door to get out of the bathroom and just chuckle as he struggles, eventually letting him out.
As the mother, I walk into the baby's sister's room and find all of his old diapers, and the room reeks of urine. the sister is laying in the soiled diapers with a satisfied look on her face.
End Dream

Second Dream:
For some reason, I am going to a class at a college. I don't recognize the campus at all.
The building I am entering requires you show an ID to get in. I am with a very kawaii desu girl. The girl shows her ID first and walks over to an elevator and waits for me.
I show the lady my ID. She tells me to close my eyes and look at the ground. I fake close my eyes and watch as she "checks my ID". What she actually does is audibly counts to 12 and makes funny faces at the card. She then hands the card back to me and says I'm okay to go in. The kawaii girl and I go into the elevator and descend into the lower levels of the building.
We enter some like giant work area full of cubicles. However, the cubicles are super close to each other and there's very little room for walking. Our class is on the other side of the room of cubicles so we start walking through them, and the kawaii girl accidentally bumps a man working there. The man starts raging, pulls a gun from his desk and starts chasing us. She's screaming hysterically but we make it to an elevator and descend safely. Or so we thought...
The elevator door opens to a giant gymnasium set up with tables for some sort of dinner. We run through the tables and the man appears again firing at us. He nips the girl with a bullet and she falls to the ground screaming. at this point, i change perspectives to the kawaii girl, raise my hand, and pretend to flick the guy's face, at which point his head cleanly flies off, blood splattering everywhere. A woman in professional attire runs over to us and screams "There's supposed to be a party in here soon, we can't have this blood!!" at which point I knock her head off too. Then I turn to Brandon Lehman and flick his head off. Then for fun, I start flicking the table decorations off the tables remotely.
Then my extended family walks in and we have a giant thanksgiving feast, and I am still the girl. I struggle to choose who to sit by, eventually settling for sitting between my Grandmother and my cancer-inflicted aunt.
End Dream

Third Dream:
I am walking through this giant forest in the sunlight of a new morning. (As a side note, many of my dreams have this forest, but I have no idea where it actually is. In dreams it tends to be in North Carolina.) As I'm walking through the forest, I look on either sides and there are multi-million dollar mansions on big hills. I continue walking and an 80 year old woman walks up near me. She's walking her dog, which was some kind of like husky I think. The dog jumps on me and starts licking my face. She apologizes and pulls the dog off. I ask the dog's name and she says it is "sam totman, named after a guitarist from the rockin n' rollin' group Dragonforce." I kind of chuckle and walk onwards to a different part of the forest where my close family and my grandmother are. Also walking on the path is this lesbian teacher from my university and a rather young kid with sideburns. My sister makes some off hand remark about how he's going to grow up weirdly having a lesbian mother and the teacher approaches her. "Excuse me Jenny, can you repeat what you just said?" at which point jenny does and the teacher gives her tons of reasons why she has the right to raise a child etc etc etc. My sister apologizes, followed by the teacher, my sister, and my grandmother reaching in for a quick three way kiss on the lips. The teacher leaves and waves goodbye and we walk back to the car which is parked somewhere. On the way back to the car, I see all of these open plots of land that someone purchased from the forest. I get rather upset and I turn back and my family is gone. I keep looking around but can't find them anywhere.
End Dream

I think i'm goin' mad.
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yeyeye: My Dream Journal
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