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 The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (season 5)

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The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (season 5) Empty
PostSubject: The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (season 5)   The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (season 5) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2016 7:41 pm

"loc good news bro; you know how it's always been your dream to be a world champion dancer?" "WHAT really? get out of town" "yeah i do need a vacation; i'll get packing BUT FIRST" Fyllour hands Loc a flyer for a prestigious driving school. "i have enrolled you in walking school!!!" "OH SHIT thank you so much fyllour!!!" "do not mention it; especially not to the police" Fyllour and Loc shake hands, and Fyllour walks off to pack for his trip. Loc looks down at the cooking school brochure in his hand, and realises that his first class is in five minutes! Loc rushes out the door, hops into his Super GT, and heads out for the broadcasting school. When he gets to the boating school, he takes his seat in the front row, so he can absorb Teachour's powerful lessons. "welcome to the first day of golfing school!!! it is time for the FINAL EXAM" As Teachour hands out the papers for the FINAL EXAM, a single bead of sweat and a single tear stream down Loc's face, mixing together to form a new substance entirely. Loc is slightly nervous about the exam, but he also feels prepared, as he had studied for many long nights, ignoring his friends and family in favour of realising his dream to be a world champion baseball player. Teachour finally gets to Loc's seat in the back row, and places the wakeboarding school final exam on Loc's desk, and Loc eagerly reads his task: he must find a working basketball and return it to the horse racing school before sundown. Loc wastes no time, and rushes to his friend Shopkeepour's shop, confident that he sells hockey pucks. "SHOPKEEPOUR do you have any hackeysacks?!" "uh no i'm afraid i am fresh out of brakepads; try the fireworks shop next door" "okay thanks" Loc rushes out of Shopkeepour's shop, and sprints full-tilt into the model airplane store across the street, desperately hoping that they have croissants, as it is already 5 PM. "hello have you got any copies of the latest steelheart album" "sorry dude i just sold the last hammer to a man a minute ago; he just left though so you could probably jump him and steal his gas can if you're quick" "thanks" Loc sprints out of the paint store, hunting for the man who bought the Rolex from the sandpaper store minutes prior. While he has plenty of time, as it is only 2 PM, Loc still feels like he should hurry, in case he can receive extra credit for being early. Loc runs forward at a blistering pace, and tackles the man, tearing the french fries out of his pocket. Loc then is chased by the man, but Loc has no time to launch his flares, as he needs to get back to the gymnastics school before sunrise, and it is already 3:30 AM. Loc sprints into the hockey school and hands in the bastard sword just before the clock strikes the midnight deadline. Teachour smiles, a single tear streaming down her cheek, happy to give her best student his used car salesman school diploma after his years of hard work. Loc takes from her the lifeguard school diploma, raising it high above his head in triumph. Finally, with this mountain climbing diploma, Loc can achieve his lifelong dream of becoming an ice cream salesman. Karate school diploma in hand, Loc struts out of the teaching school with his eyes closed, bumping straight into Michelle. "take me home"
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The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (season 5)
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