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 The Trial Of: Act II - Noeth

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remember chocolate rain? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: The Trial Of: Act II - Noeth   Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:29 am

ACT II: Noeth

You are now Rocksworth, who has just entered the city of Noeth. The air is tinged green, and you are glad that you have no sense of smell, as the air here is almost certainly putrid. Green isn't a very healthy colour for air, you think.

>Examine city

It's incredibly difficult to see through the green, but you can make out what seems to be a shop, a house, and a homeless man who may or may not be dead. To your right is a river, but you'd rather not think of such things due to your natural weakness to water as a rock guy. Your only weakness, you think to add.

>Examine homeless man

Based on your admittedly limited knowledge of human anatomy, you can say with 100% certainty that this man may or may not be dead. He is wearing nothing on his body except for a sock, a sandal, and a rather nice pair of khakis.

>Examine khakis

The khakis are around Jakey's and Sheriff Antony's size, and appear to be brand new. However, it is impossible to tell without the receipt.

>Search the area for the receipt

You search for around ten minutes, but do not find any receipts.

>Make a note that to take the man's khakis if he is not awake in an hour

Your memory is currently suffering from a -1 modifier, but you try your best to remember the khakis. A nice pair of khakis like that should be easy to remember, even if it were a -10 modifier.

>Knock on the house's door

You politely knock on the door of the house, but receive no answer in return.

>Look through the house's window

Looking through the window, you see what are certainly corpses. You appreciate that these corpses had the foresight and good nature to make it obvious, unlike a certain homeless man and his khakis.

>Enter house

The door is locked.

>Examine door

The door is made of solid stone. You admire the craftsmanship; you certainly wouldn't want to bust this door down, as that would be an insult to door-makers everywhere. It would also break the rock guy/stone guy treaty of 1682, and would cause the deaths of your ancestors in the bloody war that preceeded it to be rendered meaningless.

>Bust through window

You consider busting through the window, but the house is really nice as it is, and a broken window would just ruin the whole picture the house makes by being there.

>Head to the shop

The shopkeeper lies over his counter, dead from plague. This is a perfect opportunity for ransacking, you think to yourself.

>Ransack the shit out of that fuck

You ransack the entire place top to bottom. You find the shopkeeper's diary, and, luckily for you, he was the second-to-last person in the town to die of the plague, so only one person has had the opportunity to ransack, but it appears that all that was stolen was a pair of khakis. From the shop, you find a set of lockpicks, a beginner's guide to lockpicking, a Cloak of -2 Sadness, a flashlight with no batteries, and $126.

>Equip Cloak of -2 Sadness

You replace your old cloak with the Cloak of -2 Sadness. You feel relieved, as all your other stats return to normal.

>Good Heavens, look at the time

You're startled to see that you've spent a whole hour ransacking.

>Retrieve khakis

The man hasn't moved an inch, so you carefully peel off his khakis and put them into your inventory. They are too small for you, but should fit your friends pretty well.

>Pick home's door's lock

Unfortunately, this lock is an advanced lock, and all you have is a beginner's guide to lockpicking.  You could attempt to bluff your way through it, but rock guys aren't known for having particularly dextrous hands. Some would call that a weakness; a rock guy's only weakness, you think to add.

>Explore the rest of the city

Unfortunately, the city of Noeth was well-known for having only three buildings. The third building, City Hall, was destroyed by plague victims who wanted a laugh before dying painfully. The rubble stretches before you, and appears to be unsiftable.

>Exit the city

After a near-fruitless ransack of the city, you exit Noeth and redistribute the items you found in Noeth.

You are now Jakey again. Your funds have been consolidated to total $2,655, and you have been given the khakis, as they are incompatible with Sheriff Antony's sheriff costume. You also come into posession of the empty flashlight.
Sheriff Antony is given the beginner's guide to lockpicking and the lockpicks. By reading the book, he has gained the lockpicking skill. He then passes the guide to you, and you read it to gain the same skill. The book can be passed to future party members as well.

>Equip khakis

You equip the khakis, which increases both your charisma and exuberance.

>Return to Zierikzee

You walk back through the path and into Zierikzee.

>Return to tavern

The Adventuresquad has left, leaving only Sheriff Antony's wife present. She salutes you as you walk in the door.

>Fashion false moustache out of rags and enter shop

Using your rags, you fashion a convincing false moustache. You confidently enter the shop, and the clerk seems to not recognise you. He compliments your khakis and even throws in a discount, as he feels privileged to have borne witness to such nice khakis. He asks your name, and you reply with the first name that pops into your head - Hans.

>Browse inventory

The shop sells the following items:
1. Silver ragpen upgrade kit (x2 damage when applied to silver ragpens) - $200
2. Silver revolvers - $375
3. Bomber jacket - $500
4. Pompadour wig - $5
5. Saddlebags - $45


You buy out the shop's inventory. You are left with $1,530. You apply the silver ragpen upgrade kit to your silver ragpens, and put on the bomber jacket, as it is too small for Rocksworth and incompatible with Sheriff Antony's sheriff costume. The bomber jacket increases your charisma and defense. Sheriff Antony equips the silver revolvers and puts the saddlebags on his horse, which allows items that aren't immediately necessary to be stored there. Rocksworth equips the pompadour wig for a joke.

>Store unnecessary items in the saddlebags

You store your ragpants and ordinary ragpens in the saddlebags. Sheriff Antony stores his ordinary revolvers and beginner's guide to lockpicking in the saddlebags. Rocksworth stores the +1 cloak of -1 everything in the saddlebags.

>Exit shop

You say goodbye to the clerk, exit the shop, and take off your false moustache.

>Head back to the crossroads

You are at a fork in the road. Again. Behind you is Zierikzee, where there is a shop, tavern, and mine. Ahead of you is Noeth, where the entire population is dead from plague. To your left is Sheriff Antony's house, which is empty. To your right are some footprints left by a giant rat, presumably a different one than the one you met earlier.

>Follow footprints

You follow the rat's footprints to a large hole in the ground.

>Examine hole

The hole looks wide enough for you and Sheriff Antony to fit through, but not Rocksworth or Sheriff Antony's horse. There is a ladder inside the hole, which appears to reach all the way to the bottom, allowing for both entry and exit.

>Leave Rocksworth and Sheriff Antony's horse behind and enter hole

Rocksworth wishes you luck, and decides to set up camp and have a nice sleep beneath the stars. His bedroom as a kid had glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, so sleeping outside reminds him of his childhood. Sheriff Antony's horse
Sheriff Antony follows you down into the hole. It is very dark down here, and it is difficult to see your own hand in front of your face.

>Use flashlight

You think to use your flashlight, but as you pull it out of your inventory, you realise that it doesn't have any batteries in it.

>Huck flashlight to the ground in anger

You throw your flashlight down to the ground with such fury that Sheriff Antony recoils in fear. Suddenly, the two of you are surrounded by giant rats pointing guns at you.

>Raise your arms in the air

You put your arms in the air, indicating surrender. One rat tells you that flashlight abuse is a capital offense in the Kingdom of the Rats, and the rats drag you, Sheriff Antony, and Scraps into a prison cell deep within the underground kingdom.


Jakey's inventory:
RagSocks and Sandals
Bomber Jacket
Nice Khakis

Rags (infinite)
Dry handkerchief
False moustache (Hans disguise)
A Guide to Guys (an encyclopedia on various Guys)
Adventure Pet Papers - Scraps

Jakey's abilities and equipment modifiers:
Dual Wielding - Ragpens (allows two ragpens to be wielded at once)
Weapons Training - Ragpenmanship (+15 damage with ragpen-type weapons)
Adventure Pet - Scraps (binds Scraps to Jakey)
Expert - Rope Bridges (allows rope bridges to be inspected for safety before crossing)
Basic French (+5 Charisma when dealing with French people)
Basic Lockpicking (allows picking of basic locks with a 100% success rate)
Disguise - Hans (can disguise self as Hans with a 100% success rate)
Amnesia (disables memory before a certain point)
Neutral Karma (able to communicate with characters regardless of alignment)
Canadian (+5 Charisma, +50 Cold Resistance, +50 Weakness to Heat, +25 Agility in snow)

Nice Khakis (+5 Charisma, +10 Exuberance)
Bomber Jacket (+5 Charisma, +10 Defense)
HIGH FASHION (+15 Charisma, +15 Style, allows entry to fancy parties and fashion shows)

Sheriff Antony's inventory:
Sheriff costume

Adventure Pet Papers - Sheriff Antony's horse

Sheriff Antony's abilities and equipment modifiers:
Dual Wielding - Revolvers (allows two revolvers to be wielded at once)
Weapons Training - Revolvers (+15 damage with revolver-type weapons)
Adventure Pet - Sheriff Antony's Horse (binds Sheriff Antony's horse to Sheriff Antony)
Animal Training - Horse (allows horses to be ridden)
Sheriff Antony's Horse - Saddlebags (allows for storage of excess items) [INACTIVE]
Appraisal - Rocks (allows accurate appraisal of rocks)
Basic Lockpicking (allows picking of basic locks with a 100% success rate)
Good Karma (+50 reputation with "good" characters; -50 reputation with "evil" characters)
British (+25 Charisma, -20 Dental Hygiene, +25 Agility in rain)

Police Uniform (+5 Style, allows entry to restricted areas)

Confiscated by the Rat People:
Upgraded Silver Ragpens (x2)
Silver revolvers (x2)
Flashlight (no batteries)
Hip flask (empty)
Saltwater taffy
A bunch of rags, but they gave up trying to take all of them when they realised you had an infinite supply

Outside of main party:
Rocksworth's inventory:
Rockington's rock hammer
Pompadour wig
Cloak of -2 Sadness

Rocksworth's abilities and equipment modifiers:
Weapons Training - Rock Hammers (+15 damage with rock hammer-type weapons)
Made of Rock or Maybe Some Cleverly-Disguised Wood (+50 Strength, +50 Defense, immunity to disease and poison)
Basic Lockpicking (allows picking of basic locks with a 100% success rate)
Neutral Karma (able to communicate with characters regardless of alignment)
Rock Guy (+50 Charisma when dealing with Rock Guys, -50 Charisma when dealing with other Guys)

In Memoriam (+20 damage when using Rockington's hammer)
Formal Attire (+10 Style, allows entry to fancy parties)
-2 Sadness (-2 Sadness)

In the saddlebags:
Ordinary Ragpens (x2)
Revolvers (x2)
Beginner's Guide to Lockpicking
+1 cloak of -1 everything
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The Trial Of: Act II - Noeth
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