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 One Thing Leads to Another FAQ

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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

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PostSubject: One Thing Leads to Another FAQ   Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:05 pm

don't read until you've finished reading anything and everything yo

DATE BEGUN: 31 Jul 2016
DATE FINISHED: 30 Aug 2016

one month niggaz

Okay, so, yes. I thought of the title before the concept. I'm sorry.
But, honestly, I felt like a 1 would be a neat idea. I also felt that I had to make another Thing set in the year of our Lord, Luigi.

So basically:
A Thing 0: Nothing
A Thing : Anything
A Thing 1: A Thing
A Thing 1: One Thing Leads to Another
A Thing 2: Another Thing
A Thing 3: The Next Big Thing
A Thing 4: Everything

Jury's still out on whether or not there will be a 2, 3, and so on.
Yes, despite only being around half as long as a normal entry in the A Thing series, I am counting Everything as a full entry. It's not about the length, really.
I called Nothing the "0" entry, so Anything (which takes place between 0 and 1) got the designation. Same deal for this. Since there was nothing after where Everything took place when I made it, it gets to be the full #4.

So the idea behind this is to give more screentime to characters who I feel needed it. Characters introduced in a prequel who didn't have an explanation for what they were doing in the ones they weren't in, characters who didn't get much screentime in a few stories, you know.
Some characters are just completely necessary in how I tell stories, so characters like Sheriff Antony and Kathy will just always be around. Jakey and Michelle, of course, will always be there for every mission.
The story flow always goes opening / Sheriff Antony / Professor Eif, so I kept that little pattern going. (shame though because i don't really have any good ideas for him any more, which is why I shoved him in a corner in Anything and Everything)

However, though Deputy Orange did get shafted in The Next Big Thing, I feel his appearance in Anything and Everything more than made up for that, so he wasn't a priority. He still got some missions, though, because he just fit into the "plot".

I'd always imagined the Things to take place in September, but this one is, of course, different. It takes place in December.

In mission 009, Michelle has also received objects from people, wich have parallels to the people Jakey received objects from. The people she received objects from are as follows:
1. Crazy Svart (another businessman based on a real one of us)
2. Construction Candice (another girl introduced in Nothing)
3. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (another RPGboot V protagonist)
4. Gravedigger Valerie (another girl introduced in The Next Big Thing)
5. Michelle (herself)

Mission 018:
I've decided right now as I'm writing this mission that Kathy has a bunch of different magazines, spun off from the main brand.
Kathy Magazine (the timeless classic)
The New Kathy Times (nothing but the news, want-ads, personals, kathy komix, and the kathy krossword)
KathyBeat (for teenagers)
EduKathy (for children)
EuroKathy (for nightlife enthusiasts)
キャシー 雑誌 [Kyashii zasshi] (the Japanese version)
Kathy Klassics (reprints of classic issues of Kathy Magazine)
more as i need them

Mission 021: The Jakeycycle is a tricycle, but the wheels look like Jakey's head. The "hair" somehow avoids getting caught on things when you ride it.

Obnoxious Celtic Missions 027 and 028 reminded me how much I love Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. I need to use him more often.

how many missions have i started with someone saying "jakey it's horrible" i wonder

Mission 056: I thought about killing off Comrade Ivan, but I couldn't kill off an important character with such a rich history.

sorry about the ending; it kind of got away from me

In most Things, I write the TV shows alongside the actual story. This time, I ended up putting it off until the end. Oops. Lucky there were only five this time.

Jakey's Angels
The Fresh Prince of Grove Street

Don with the Wind
Born to Ride Motorcycles
So You Think You Can Lance

The Fresh Prince of Grove Street is once again a rewrite of some SAS missions. Since SAS was a huge inspiration for A Thing, I felt this was appropriate.

Don with the Wind was originally titled The Tenors, and has been sitting in my "ideas for shows" folder since the original A Thing.
I've always toed the line when it comes to politics and shit, but fuck it. I went HAM on this one.
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One Thing Leads to Another FAQ
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