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 Bran Reviews Something

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PostSubject: Bran Reviews Something   Bran Reviews Something Icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2012 2:53 pm

Last night I went with some mates to a Styx concert. Both of these mates knew just only a few styx songs but came along regardless.

They opened with Blue Collar Man. Tommy Shaw sure looks pretty and he can still sing pretty high, just not as high as before. This was especially prevalent later in the show when he sang Crystal Ball and actually used falsetto oh no they say he\'s The fun part was that he used 6 different guitars throughout the show.

James J.Y. Young was present as well. Tell ya what, his guitar playing has certainly improved over the years. He was shredding some meeeeeeeeeeeeean solos, filled with nice improvisations over the original studio solo melodies. Also his voice was surprisingly in tune, considering he is usually not-in tune on albums.

On a different note, they brought out Chuck Panozzo, one of the original bassists for, like, two songs (Renegade and Angry Young Man), both of which have the easiest basslines in the WORLD. Panozzobaby was pretty bad looking, bald and just like wandering around aimlessly on the stage. pretty funny, but relatively pointless. He got quite the cheering when he came on.

Honestly, the most impressive part of the show was not-DeYoung. He could play all of the synth and piano parts, he had a voice nearly identical to DeYoung, and he was easily the most energetic person on stage. I was blown away by him, well done guy.

They only played classic songs-everyone's-heard outside of some random song from The Grand Illusion (Man in the Wilderness). They certainly played the part of washed up classic rock-worshiping classic rock band when not-deyoung came out and started playing famous classic rock tunes' choruses on the piano and had us sing along with him (Get It On by T. Rex, Pinball Wizard, Layla, etc.) and then randomly transitioned into Come Sail Away.

My complaints about the show are the following: the drummer had a double kick and made sure EVERYONE knew it, they ended EVERY song with a big rock ending, and they all ended with a random chord change away from tonic without even transitioning into a new song from it.

So yeah, I was very impressed in general, but they did some pretty cliche things that I wasn't a super fan of. 8/10
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Bran Reviews Something
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