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remember chocolate rain? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: hkjkyukuykjhkhg   Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:55 pm

I am going to rate (nearly) every vocalist in my Last.FM library on two different criteria: ability to sing well and ability to sing rock music. In order of plays on my Last.FM
Ability to sing well
Ability to sing rock music well
For example, Shoeless Bill would be rated on, say, Let it Be and Helter Skelter. Paul McCartney would be rated on Yesterday and I'm Down.
Sing well is based mostly on ballads and such, whereas rock voice is based on being able to scream or something. It's hard to put into words. But if it ROCKS it will get a high score.
Some people, such as George Harrison, have never really given a ROCK performance. (Harrison's most rocktastic song was er Not Guilty)
Good examples of each are next to ratings
ALSO these ratings are when the vocalist was in their prime; I'll try to get songs from the same year
NOTE: there is a difference between singing rock songs and singing with ROCK VOCALS

Paul McCartney:
singing: A+ (Yesterday)
rock: A (The Night Before)

Shoeless Bill:
singing: A+ (Hey Jude)
rock: A+ (Helter Skelter)

John Lennon:
singing: B- (Julia)
rock: A+ (Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey)

George Harrison:
singing: A (Piggies)
rock: N/A

Ringo Starr:
singing: A++ (I Wanna be Your Man)
rock: A++ (Boys)

Kurt Cobain:
singing: C (Something in the Way)
rock: A+ (Breed)

Thom Yorke:
singing: A (House of Cards)
rock: A- (Bangers and Mash)

Dave Grohl:
singing: A- (I Should Have Known)
rock: A+ (Rope)

Jack White:
singing: A- (Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground)
rock: A+ (The Union Forever)

Matt Bellamy:
singing: A (Endlessly)
rock: A (The Small Print)

Liam Gallagher:
singing: C- (Whatever)
rock: B+ (Fade Away)

Noel Gallagher:
singing: A (The Masterplan)
rock: N/A

David Cook:
singing: A- (Always be My Baby)
rock: A (Day Tripper)

Rivers Cuomo:
singing: C (The Good Life)
rock: C (El Scorcho)

Freddie Mercury:
singing: A+ (Somebody to Love)
rock: A+ (Tie Your Mother Down)

NOTE: I honestly have a hard time telling whether Brian May or Roger Taylor is singing, so I won't include them. Fuck it.

David Coverdale:
singing: B+ (Here I Go Again '87)
rock: A (Children of the Night)

Black Crowes guy!:
singing: B (She Talks to Angels)
rock: B (Thick 'n' Thin)

Locksley guy!:
singing: B+ (Darling, It's True)
rock: B (On Fire)

Eddie Vedder:
singing: C (Daughter)
rock: A+ (Blood)

Marc Bolan:
singing: A- (Broken-Hearted Blues)
rock: B (Twentieth Century Boy)

Steven Tyler:
singing: A+ (She Cares)
rock: A (F.I.N.E.)

Corey Taylor:
singing: A+ (Sillyworld)
rock: A+ (Freeze-Dry Seal)

Jimi Hendrix:
singing: B- (The Wind Cries Mary)
rock: B- (Fire)

Dave Mustaine:
singing: F (Use the Man)
rock: A (The Disintegrators)

Axl Rose:
singing: B- (November Rain)
rock: A+ (Garden of Eden)

Julian Casablancas:
singing: C (Ask Me Anything)
rock: A (Heart in a Cage)

Robert Planet:
singing: B (What is and What Should Never Be)
rock: A+ (Living Loving Maid)

JET guy!:
singing: B (Eleanor)
rock: A (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is)

singing: A (So Lonely)
rock: A (Next to You)

Brian Setzer:
singing: C+ (Hollywood Nocturne)
rock: A (Rock This Town)

Paul Di'Anno:
singing: C+ (Twilight Zone)
rock: A+ (Drifter)

Bruce Dickinson:
singing: B (Hallowed be Thy Name)
rock: A+ (Hallowed be Thy Name)

Josh Homme:
singing: A- (Mosquito Song)
rock: A- (Do it Again)

Jim Morrison:
singing: B (Indian Summer)
rock: A+ (Break on Through)

Dexter Holland:
singing: D- (Kristy are You Doing Okay)
rock: A- (You're Gonna Go Far, Kid)

Black Keys guy!:
singing: A (All Hands Against His Own)
rock: B+ (Just Couldn't Tie Me Down)

Jon Bon Jovi (all versions!):
singing: B (Diamond Ring)
rock: A (Damned)

Billie Joe Armstrong:
singing: A (Last Night on Earth)
rock: A (Horseshoes and Handgrenades)

NOTE: neither Mike Dirnt or Tre Cool have had enough PRESENCE to rate

Gerard Way:
singing: B (Welcome to the Black Parade)
rock: A+ (Dead!)

Brad Delp:
singing: A+ (Hitch a Ride)
rock: A- (Long Time)

David Lee Roth:
singing: C (Runnin' with the Devil)
rock: A (On Fire)

Sammy Hagar:
singing: A (Dreams)
rock: A (Get Up)

Lou Gramm:
singing: A (Woman, Oh, Woman)
rock: A+ (At War with the World)

Tom Petty:
singing: B (Mary Jane's Last Dance)
rock: N/A

R.E.M. guy!:
singing: B- (The One I Love)
rock: N/A

singing: A+ (As Long as You Love Me)
rock: N/A

singing: A- (As Long as You Love Me)
rock: N/A

singing: A (I Want it That Way)
rock: N/A

singing: C (I'll Never Break Your Heart)
rock: N/A

singing: C (All I Have to Give)
rock: N/A

NOTE: I have always hated Howie

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