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 age of men

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PostSubject: age of men   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:27 pm

Runtime Error's newest album hit shelves today. Entitled Under the Big Beard Tree, Runtime Error's latest effort finds them experimenting with the genres of progressive dreamfunk and post-avant jazzcore. "Well, one night, I accidentally tuned my guitar to the key of Amaj7 before playing 'The Delicious Nectar of the Harlequin Foetus' one night in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, which was totally embarassing, by the way. After I stopped crying, I realised that it made for a pretty cool sound, so I decided we should record an entire album in that key," says Jake Cole Adjutant. "I had to lock the rest of the band in the arsenic cellar for a week or two before I could convince them, but I think in the end they came around."
"Once the album was done, we had a toast. We tinked our arsenic glasses in celebration and each took a big swig. The album title came from a failed game of Pictionary," says Brandon Cole Lehman. "Jessica [Cole Schleiden] was trying to draw the planet Saturn, but it ended up looking exactly like the beard tree at our local park [in Dover, Delaware]. We decided to dedicate the entire album to it as a prank."
The album cover features the band around the titular beard tree in Delaware National Park in Dover, Delaware. Lehman plucks beards from the tree and tosses them into a basket held by Eifion Cole Lewis. The band Prack was also in the park that day, doing the cover shoot for their newest album, Under the Big Prack Tree. "That was rather embarassing. The worst part is that you can see the giant letters they brought with them on our cover. We didn't notice this until we got back home after a long day of beard-harvesting, so we were pretty bummed out," says Lewis. "We were going to remove Prack digitally, but that seemed too much like work."
"I have great respect for Prack," says Adjutant. "They're the first music act from the great nation of Alabama that move me to tears with every one of their soulful lyrics."

Jake Cole Adjutant -- guitars, vocals, cowbells
Brandon Cole Lehman -- bass guitars, vocals, tambourines
Eifion Cole Lewis -- panjos, vocals, triangles
Jessica Cole Schleiden -- keyboards, vocals, spoons
Henry Cole Whitney -- percussion, vocals, not-instruments

01: "Grasping the Shaft with Both Hands" - 5:43 (Lehman, Lewis)
02: "Cramming with the Alien" - 3:38 (Adjutant, Whitney)
03: "Food for Me" - 32:49 (Adjutant, Lehman, Lewis, Schleiden, Whitney)
I: "I am Stealing All of Your PS3 Games for the Purpose of Selling Them to Buy Food for Me" - 4:55 (Lehman, Lewis)
II: "Hey, Where'd You Park the Car" - 6:47 (Adjutant)
III: "Lost My Keys Blues" - 3:29 (Lewis, Schleiden)
IV: "It is Kind of Late, and Two and a Half Men is on in Six Minutes" - 6:52 (Adjutant, Lewis)
V: "Going to Bed Before Ten PM Blues" - 10:36 (Adjutant, Lewis, Whitney)

04: "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" - 3:57 (Lewis, Schleiden)
05: "Shaft Reprise" - 1:54 (Lehman, Schleiden)
06: "Ich Bin Ein Prack" - 1:14 (Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack)
07: "Livin' in a World without PS3 Games" - 3:24 (Adjutant, Lewis)
08: "Ordering Soup Blues" - 20:40 (Adjutant, Lehman, Lewis, Schleiden, Whitney)
I: "Excuse Me, Waitress, There Appears to be a Beard in My Soup" - 3:44 (Schleiden)
II: "Excuse Me, Waitress, There Appears to be a Soup in My Soup" - 5:34 (Lehman)
III: "Excuse Me, Waitress, There Appears to be a Man Who Has a Disease Which Prevents Him from Not-Being in My Soup in My Soup" - 2:14 (Whitney)
IV: "Excuse Me, Waitress, There Appears to be an Orphan in My Soup" - 6:54 (Lewis)
V: "Excuse Me, Waitress, There Appears to be PS3 Games in My Soup" - 2:24 (Adjutant)

09: "I Would Eat Denver Post if it Meant Getting Closer to You" - 4:32 (Adjutant, Lewis)
10: "Shaft Reprise Reprise" - 0:23 (Adjutant, Lewis)
BONUS TRACK: "The Game" - 0:01 (Adjutant)
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age of men
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