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 more vivid dreams with orange? ORANGE :@

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Dr. Adventure
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PostSubject: more vivid dreams with orange? ORANGE :@   Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:22 pm

So, the dream started with me and my former female norwegian exchange student walking into a building that looked like a hotel. We got in the elevator and went to the top floor, where I was escorting her to her room. We get there, and I walk inside to a super grand looking room, give her a hug goodnight and close the door behind me. However, when I look into the hallway, standing there looking at me with an evil glare is...


He pulls out a gun and smiles. I take off running towards the elevator, but obama laughs and says it's broken. At this point, I am panicking in my dream, so I open the elevator door by force. Inside the elevator is either Orange or this guy I know from high school. They look pretty similar, so I will say it's orange for the fun of it rofl

Anyway, orange and I force the elevator door shut and just sit inside the elevator in fear. Obama is knocking at the door asking us to come out and play. Instead, orange pulls out a bazooka and blows a hole in the bottom of the elevator and we slide down the elevator cables to the next floor below us.

This floor is a giant open room, like for concerts. But there were random pipes all over, suspended in midair. So orange and I try tip toeing like sly cooper through the room, but somehow Obama hears us and starts chasing us some more. On the far end of the room is a giant tree, so we hide in there while obama, who found another gun, is shooting crazily towards the tree. Orange hands me a hang glider and we hang glide to the exit of the room. Obama is sprinting towards us, so we close the door and he slams into it rather cartoonishly.

so yeah orange and I are just kind of walking down the hall, constantly looking behind us to make sure sir obama isn't following, and the norwegian exchange student comes out of a door and asks me why I'm still in her hall, even though we had fallen atleast 3 floors. I was super confused, so I just asked her if she had any weapons, and she handed me this super lame pistol, but it would have to do. Obama comes out of a air duct above us so orange and I run into the room that norwegian exchange student came out of.

the "room" was actually just a giant spiral slide, so orange and I slid a few floors into a new room, which was a really long hall. It looked really psychedelic, like the floor defied the laws of gravity, so we ran as fast as we could through it. On the walls to the sides of us, we saw the shadows of obama, and his ominous laughter from far away. I looked behind me and orange had disappeared, so I stopped running. I turned around and in front of me was a giant, demonic obama head. I shot him in the eye with my lame pistol, and he swore at me and disappeared, revealing a door. I walked through it, and was now outside the hotel, literally right there by the front door.

I look to my left, and I see obama standing there, chatting it up with hillary clinton. I walk up to him and ask him what's wrong with him, but he ignores me, as if I'm not even there. I look at the ground, and its covered in snow. I brush the snow away from my feet and find this strange looking gun, it looks like the TMP from Resident Evil 4 mixed with the device that Men In Black uses to erase peoples' memories. Anyway, I grab it and start firing at Obama. It shoots just like the TMP, and with every shot he starts, like, melting and burning at the same time. It's impossible to describe. Basically, when I'm finished, Hillary Clinton is looking at a small black pile of obama ash, with tears running down her face.

After doing that, I get this brilliant idea that this would have been easier if I had this gun to start. So, in my brain, I decide to restart the dream. We go up the elevator, I escort her to her room, and then as soon as I close the door I turn around and start shooting the melt/burn gun.

But in Obama's place was Orange.

that's when I woke up.
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remember goatse? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: Re: more vivid dreams with orange? ORANGE :@   Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:22 pm

orange is barack obama oh no they say he\'s
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more vivid dreams with orange? ORANGE :@
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