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 Omegle chatquote to end all Omegle chatquotes

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PostSubject: Omegle chatquote to end all Omegle chatquotes   Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:03 pm

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: im 17 female, wanna sex chat? heres a pic
You: Oh. Sure...
Stranger: okie u start
Stranger: [;
You: What do I do?
Stranger: make a hott situation up for us
You: ok
You: You're a waitress at the local Starbucks. I'm ordering a coffee and I give you a wink.
Stranger: okay
You: I ask for your number
Stranger: i give it tou
You: I double check to make sure it's the right number
Stranger: it is[;
You: 4 hours later, I give you a call
Stranger: i say hellow...
You: I ask for your address
Stranger: i give it tou..
You: I double check to make sure it's the right address
Stranger: agin ;] it is
You: 20 minutes later, I pull up in front of your house in my Lamborghini
Stranger: oh yeahh [;
You: I let my daughter out first and then I get out and go up to your front door and knock 7 times
Stranger: i answer.. andd ask u to come i
Stranger: in*
You: I politely refuse, because I have to be to work in an hour
Stranger: but i insisted
You: I call work and tell them I won't be able to make it in today because I have cancer
Stranger: we go in and sit on the couch
You: I tell my daughter to go in the other room and watch TV
You: It's Seinfeld marathon day and it's her favorite show
Stranger: u put my hand on ur thiegh...
Stranger: and rub
You: I quickly sprint to the restroom because I have explosive diarrhea
Stranger: o.o
You: Then I come back and sit next to you
You: I washed my hands, I promise
Stranger: okay..
Stranger: i kiss you..
You: I kiss the back of your head
Stranger: ...we start to make out...
You: We continue making out
Stranger: i end up in ur lap while we're making out
You: I grab your fat ass
Stranger: i rub ur ears....
You: I reach up and fondle your supple, underdeveloped, pre-pubescent breasts
Stranger: i un botton ur pants..
Stranger: button*
You: I stuff my head in your shirt, right between your breasts
Stranger: ;o
You: I shout into the other room and tell my daughter to turn the volume down on the TV; it's the episode with the Soup Nazi and he's getting rowdy
You: Now where were we
You: I bite your left boob
Stranger: i moan the slightest bit
You: I grab the back of your designer shirt and rip it clean in half and throw it on the ground and spit on it
You: Now you're completely topless
Stranger: i tell u too stand as i get on my knees
You: I stand up, but lean slightly to the left because my left leg is prosthetic and not quite as long as my right
Stranger: i start to give u head..
You: I thrust forward ever so slightly because my penis is rather small and needs all the help it can get
Stranger: i rub ur sack..
You: I have four consecutive orgasms and cream in your mouth
Stranger: i swallow it all
You: I tell you I have AIDS
Stranger: i freak?o.o
You: I throw you on the ground and rip off your pants
Stranger: i begg no i dont want aids
You: I tell you I was kidding and rip off your pants again
Stranger: i say oh then start to take off my panties
You: I pull your panties all the way down your legs and put them in my asshole
Stranger: i ask u to eat me out
You: I get a fork and spoon from the kitchen and start to eat you out
Stranger: ...
You: jk
You: I slowly put my head between your thighs
Stranger: i say yesss quietly
You: I eat
Stranger: i start to moan
You: I eat and eat and eat
You: Appetizer, first course, second course, third, fourth, fifth course, when will I stop?
You: Now it's time for dessert
Stranger: ;o
You: Hold me closer baby
Stranger: i do
You: I put my head up against your smooth, soft skin
Stranger: i smile slightly
You: We both stand up and I hold your hands
You: and smile at you
Stranger: [;
You: because I really do have AIDS
Stranger: o.o
Stranger: im like so wet o.o
You: Shut up and focus
You: I bring your arm closer to me and sniff your skin
Stranger: i smile more;]
You: I take out my knife and carve my name into your beloved flesh
Stranger: O.O
Stranger: w/e u suck at tis
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Omegle chatquote to end all Omegle chatquotes
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