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PostSubject: JAKE ADJUTANT: ROCK BAND   Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:52 pm

Venue: Hobo Alley, 1976 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Kevin)
"I've Got the Fecal in Me" [1976, Fecal Matter]
"Fecal All Day" [1976, Fecal Matter]
"Fuck You, the Fecal Stays Outside (or else)" [1976, Fecal Matter]
"Fuck Yeah, We're Going It" [1976, FUCK YEAH, We Did It]
"Just Went It" [1976, FUCK YEAH, We Did It]
Suddenly, trucks come in and plow over Hobo Alley and make it a building site!
Venue: Hobo Alley, 1977

"No Service", 1977 [Service Unavailable]
"Pail White Men" [1977, PAIL]
"Running Down My Leg" [1977, Old Man Carrying a Bundle of Sticks]
"Give Me the Runes (or else)" [1977, Runes of Qua'althak]
"I Want the Runes" [1977, Runes of Qua'althak]
The band pick up signs, and try to get their alley back!
Venue: Hobo Alley, 1978

"Kittens in Drag" [1978, MANIAS y PHOBIAS]
"God Bless My Anal" [1978, Savin' for Your Favourite Def Leppard Album]
"Fuzzy Face" [1978, The Rise and Fall of Yay! Fisher and his Friendly Lamp Post]
"Walking in the Shadow of My Former Self" [1978, Shadow of My Former Self]
"All There Really is to It" [1978, Shadow of My Former Self]
The band fails.

Venue: East Berlin, 1982 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Kevin, Sting, Paul, Faul)
"This is My New Girlfriend, Grampa! I Don't Care if You Hate Her!" [1979, Domesticated House Cats]
"You Spilled Wine on my Leg!" [1979, Fun Times with Paul Gilbert and Sting]
"Woah, Man; Put the Gun Down (or else)" [1980, Int!rgalactic˛]
"That's Not a Gun, Eifion; it's the Cat" [1980, Int!rgalactic˛]
"Rice: The Tastiest" [1980, Voting for Rice]
"Eeewww! The Camel Just Spat on Me!" [1980, Me + A Camel]
"Play the Shit Out of That Fiddle" [1980, Fiddler on the Mosque]
"Eifion's Suicide Attempt" [1981, Great Error: A Tribute to Great White]
"Jakey's Rockin' without Pants" [1981, Fermented Anal]
"Put the Gun Down, Paul McCartney (or else)" [1981, We Can't Dance for]
"Eifion, How Many Times do We Have to Go Through This?!" [1981, We Can't Dance for]
"Standing the Test of Time Was Never My Proud" [1982, My Proud]
"Ah, God! What is That Shit Coming Out of the Pipes?!" [1982, The Pipes Are Callin']

Venue: Fishfest, 1984 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Kevin)
"We Like to Gather" [1983, Gather]
"Gather with Us (or else)" [1983, Gather]
"Now it's Time; Time for Shit!" [1983, Time for Shit]
"Rune Me Up, Big Boy (or else)" [1983, Worth Your Weight in Runes]
"Given the Altitude of the Plane, I'd Say That We're Going to Die in... Four Seconds!" [1984, RE]

Venue: Uncle Boo's Cabin, 1986 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Kevin, Henry)
"It's Not the Size of the Anal; It's How You Use It!" [1985, The Greatiest Album Evar]
"Hey, I'm Suspecting the Fuck Out of You" [1985, Suspect]
"Suspect Away, Roger" [1985, Suspect]
"Hey, We Can Take Shelter in This in No Way Foreboding Cabin!" [1986, Uncle Boo's Cabin]
"Great Idea, Joe Stump" [1986, Uncle Boo's Cabin]
"Uncle Boo, oh Yeah, Put the Boo in Me, Mmm, Yeah" [1986, Uncle Boo's Cabin]
"Farewell to Uncle Boo" [1986, Uncle Boo's Cabin]

Venue: The Eifion Lewis Show, 1991 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Kevin)
"Wear This Hood in the Asylum (or else)" [1987, Hooded Guys in an Asylum]
"Oh My God! You Killed Kevin! God Bless You!" [1987, Plantarium]
"That Eifion Lewis! What a Rascal!" [1988, Eifion Lewis' Big Day Off]
"Eifion, Why Did You Just Light My House on Fire?" [1988, Eifion Lewis' Big Day Off]
"I Thought it Would be Funny" [1988, Eifion Lewis' Big Day Off]
"Come on, Man, Stop Being Such a Lame" [1988, Eifion Lewis' Big Day Off]
"Still of the Night" [1988, In the Still of the Night]
"Shit on the Ape (or else)" [1989, APE-SHIT CRAZY]
"You Came in My Hair! AGH!" [1989, Fappin' Around the Christmas Tree]
"Um, I think I just Broke Time, Rofl" [1990, Un-Time Error]
"My Anal is Melting!" [1991, Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand (or else)]

Venue: Hard, Fibrous Las Vegas, 1997 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Henry)
"Hey, This Isn't My Copy of Runtime Error: The Magazine: Now with 100% More Cum!" [1992, An Error of the Runtime Variety]
"Dig Me a Hole Large Enough to Bury Eifion In (or else)" [1992, Dig In!]
"Henry, Stop Ruining Our Albums (or else)" [1993, A Tribute to Colonel Mustard in the Hall w/ the Revolver]
"Oh, That's Jake, Rofl" [1993, +1]
"Ballin'" [1994, BALLS]
"I'm a Plant; Water Me, Baby" [1995, Cancerous Tumour]
"Too Much Runtime on My Hands" [1996, Too Much Runtime on My Hands]
"Stop, This is the US Airforce" [1996, Stolen Derigible]
"LOLFAGS" [1996, Stolen Derigible]
"'Puns are Dumb' Said Runtime Error; What a Hypocrite" [1997, Funtime Error]

Venue: Bangkok, 2001 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon)
"Shine on, You Crazy Faggot" [1998, Shine on, You Crazy Faggot]
"Sales are Down; Bring Them Back Up (or else)" [1999, Golbal Seminar]
"Standing on the Tip of the Cloud, About to Jump" [2000, Cloud 9]
"Throw This Disc at Me, Hard (or else)" [2000, Runtime Error-brand Frisbees]
"Doctor, How Long do I have Left?!" [2001, Eifion Lewis Has Lung Cancer]

Venue: Moscow, 2005 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon)
"Is This Greatier Yet?" [2002, An Even Greatier Album]
"These Children Won't 'Gravtitate' Themselves, Gots" [2003, Children of the Universal Gravitation]
"Men, Why are You Standing Around a Black Boxville with Heavy Weapons Whilst Your Bandmate Sneaks into a House and Steals Items?" [2004, We Want Infinite Sprint!]
"We're Gonna Sell Said Items to Buy Food for Us" [2004, We Want Infinite Sprint!]
"The Music Must Take us Home! That Man in the Spandex Bodysuit Said So!" [2005, Let the Music Take You Home]

Venue: Runtime Studios, 2008 (Jake, Eifion, Brandon, Steve)
"Cut His Penis Off (or else)" [2006, HENRY.]
"I Won't do What You Tell Me" [2007, UNDER CONTROL]
"Nuts, Great Object of Obsession" [2008, Right in the Nuts]
"My Nuts are Stuck in the Blender!" [2008, Right in the Nuts]
"So, This is the Album; Very Great" [2008, Another Album by Us, Wooh]

Venue: The Jake Adjutant Memorial Arena, 2008 (Jake, Henry)
"Dying in a Vat of Piss" [2008, Livin' in a World without Spandex]
"This Piss Tastes Like Battery Acid" [2008, Livin' in a World without Spandex]
"Spiral Staircase" [2008, BEAN DIP]
"Dip the Fuck Out of That Bean (or else)" [2008, BEAN DIP]
"I've Gone" [2008, Auburn Vendetta]

Venue: Runtime Error Super-Reunion Show, 2009 (Jake, Henry, Jessica, Brandon)
"Jessica, PLEASE Get Off My Leg (or else)" [2009, the joys of living with squid, volume ii]
"Jake, Why Did You Hit Me Rofl" [2009, the joys of living with squid, volume ii]
"Obey Me Next Time, Bitch Rofl" [2009, the joys of living with squid, volume ii]
"This Life is Wonderful, but We're Out of TEA" [2009, Having a Wonderful Life.]
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*Falls to Floor, Rips Shirt*-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" [2009, Having a Wonderful Life.]
"Fuck Yeah, Down There Baby, Mmmmm" [2009, Daily Tornado Blues]
"Jake, What are You Doing to That Tornado!!!" [2009, Daily Tornado Blues]
"Oh, Shit! We Left Eifion on the Other Side of the Bridge!" [2009, Burning Bridges (Abridged)]
"Let's Use a Woman as a Guitarist as a Prank!" [2009, Burning Bridges (Abridged)]
"UPS Man Blues" [2009, Plus Shipping and Handling]
"Give Me Back My Breadstick, Wench" [2009, Plus Shipping and Handling]

Venue: Jake Adjutant's Super-Cool Treehouse in Delaware (Jake, Henry, Jessica, Kevin, Ernie)
"I Have a Shiny New Pet Rock and its Name is Fred and it Likes it When I Stroke it in the Anal" [2009, Mystical Faeries]
"Socks in the Hamper" [2009, Strikin' a Pose]
"Hey, Guys, I Just Totally Ripped My Shirt, and Now I'm Missing a Sleeve; Do Any of You Guys Know How to Sew?" [2009, Strikin' a Pose]
"Have You Tried Inserting it into Your Anal?" [2009, We Aren't in a Tub]
"Cumming on My Shoe" [2009, Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull]
"Sit on My Lap" [2009, Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull]
"Ginger Madness" [2009, Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull]
"Bulemic Hippos on a Couch" [2009, Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull]
"My Penis is Stuck in the USB Port! Call the Plumber!" [2009, I Can't Believe it's Not Runtime Error!]
"Are You Now, or Have You Ever Lived la Vida Loca" [2009, Around the World in 80 Days... or Your Money Back!]
"I Can't Believe it's Not CH3ZD4R®!" [2009, THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK]
"Being Naked is Overrated, Like Pants!" [2009, OH, GOD, THE GENIE'S NAKED!]
"Money is Pretty Great, Like Pants!" [2009, YOU GOT THE MONEYS!]
"What a Hypogriff" [2009, Former Child Star Needs Food... BADLY]
"Shut Up, Wench *Slap*" [2009, This is NOT What I Had in Mind When I Said We Should Get a Pool]

Venue: The Ritz (Jake, Eifion, Kenneth, Henry, Jessica, Ernie)
"Help, the Record Label is Forcing Us to Make Three-Word Songs" [2009, We are Not Drinking from a Glass]
"This Sucks, Let's Go Play Zelda II" [2009, We are Not Drinking from a Glass]
"Love is Like a Horrible Stone" [2009, Stealin']
"Macho Nacho" [2009, Stealin']
"What a Lame Song to End On" [2009, Stealin']

The following albums will be made available as DLC within the first year:
"Live in Hobo Alley, 1976" (Runtime Error)
"Old Man Carrying a Bundle of Sticks" (Runtime Error)
"The Rise and Fall of Yay! Fisher and His Friendly Lamp Post" (Runtime Error)
"Int!rgalactic˛" (Runtime Error)
"Great Error: A Tribute to Great White" (Runtime Error)
"We Can't Dance for" (Runtime Error)
"Uncle Boo's Cabin" (Runtime Error)
"Eifion Lewis' Big Day Off" (Runtime Error)
"Fappin' Around the Christmas Tree" (Runtime Error)
"Un-time Error" (Runtime Error)
"Cancerous Tumour" (Runtime Error)
"Too Much Runtime on My Hands" (Runtime Error)
"Children of the Universal Gravitation" (Runtime Error)
"We Want Infinite Sprint!" (Runtime Error)
"Let the Music Take You Home" (Runtime Error)
"livin' in a world without spandex" (Jake Adjutant)
"BEAN DIP" (Jake Adjutant)
"Auburn Vendetta" (Jake Adjutant)
"the joys of living with squid, volume ii" (Runtime Error)
"Plus Shipping and Handling" (Runtime Error)
"Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull" (Jake Adjutant)
"We Aren't in a Tub" (The Jake Adjutant Band)
"YOU GOT THE MONEYS!" (The Jake Adjutant Band)
"Feminism: The Radical idea That Women are People" (The Jake Adjutant Band)
"This is NOT What I Had in Mind When I Said We Should Get a Pool" (The Jake Adjutant Band)
"We are Not Drinking from a Glass" (Broom Broom Car)
"Cruisin'" (Broom Broom Car)
"Stealin'" (Broom Broom Car)
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