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 Best gaming moments

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PostSubject: Best gaming moments   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:04 am

Because yeyeye really needs one.

Assassin's Creed - Sneaking up behind random people and stabbing them in the kidney
Bioshock - Going into Rapture
Burnout 3 - Getting 49 takedowns in Road Rage
Call of Duty 4 - Death From Above mission
The Darkness - Blowing your buddy's face off at the beginning of the game
Destroy All Humans! - Throwing a cow hundreds of feet using telekinesis
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Closing the first Oblivion gate
Fable II - Decapitating my wife at the Temple of Shadows, murdering everyone in Oakfield
Gears of War - The Berserker
Grand Theft Auto IV - Four Leaf Clover mission, going on a hospital murder spree
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Stowaway mission, among others
Guitar Hero II - Finally beating Free Bird on expert
Guitar Hero World Tour - Returning the game back to the store
Half-Life 2 - Finally getting to kill those Combine fuckers
Hitman: Blood Money - Requiem mission
Mercenaries - Setting C4 on bridges and detonating them when people drive over
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Naked Raiden
The Punisher - Killing the preacher
Rock Band - Playing it for the first time. In Bloom. Expert drums. Wal-Mart garden section.
SSX 3 - Merqury City
Scarface - Opening level
Shenmue - "Do you know where I can find any sailors?"
The Sims 2 - Getting it on with my wife on the love seat
Skate - Megaramp. Broke every bone in one bail
Soldier of Fortune II - Blowing every limb off this one guy and teabagging his decapitated head
Spider-Man 2 - Jumping off the Empire State building for the first time
Spyro the Dragon - Beating Gnasty Gnorc
Splinter Cell Double Agent - Hong Kong level
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Landing a 900 for the first time
True Crime: Streets of LA - Searching random people on the street for drugs

post yours or else
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my nigga

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PostSubject: Re: Best gaming moments   Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:08 pm

Grand Theft Auto IV - Four-Leaf Clover, the museum heist mission (twice), anything involving Brucie
Fable II - Being able to kill the final boss during his monologue, Chesty
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Returning to Liberty City, the casino heist, FINALLY BEATING PILOT SCHOOL, all-golding driving school
Fallout 3 - Gary
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Finally killing that bitch, The Boss ("SEE THIS SCAR"), conversations with Sigint
Guitar Hero II - Beating FALL OF PANGEA
Spyro the Dragon - Beating every other level 100%, only to be too much of a pussy to do Dark Passage
True Crime: New York - Shoving guys into a fucking alligator's jaws
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Naked Raiden fapfapfapfapfapfap
Red Dead Redemption - Killing my first Sasquatch and getting hat achievement oh yeah
Fable III - Saving everyone while still being loved by the people, even though I fucked them over half the time (also making Page butthurt)

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PostSubject: Re: Best gaming moments   Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:31 am


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i tell you what im NOT trying to pull my own cock

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PostSubject: Re: Best gaming moments   Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:06 pm

Assassin's Creed: Lightly nudging guards off a cliff to their death just outside the Citadel, throwing guys into weak wooden structures, and using the throwing knives on unsuspecting rooftop guards.
Burnout Paradise: The first day of owning Big Surf Island.
Crackdown: Getting all the way to the very highest point (the top of the Agency HQ), and jumping to your death.
Dark Age Of Camelot: Hitting level 50, Guild Raids.
Destroy All Humans!: Anal Probe, Flinging cows with telekinesis.
Destroy All Humans! 2: Salad Days With Pox & Crypto
Fallout 3: Cow Tipping, Button Gwinnet, Vault 108
Fable 2: Swinging Partys and orgys.
Fracture: Crushing guys by getting them in an area with a low hanging ceiling then raising terrain under them, using spike grenades.
Far Cry 2: The map editor. Good Lord.
Guitar Hero 2: Beating Free Bird on Expert for the first time.
Guitar Hero World Tour: Beating Pull Me Under on Expert vox and Guitar. Somehow.
Halo Combat Evolved: Playing it through for the first time and being completely blown away.
Halo 3: Jenga Ooh Gah
Mass Effect: The lead-up to and eventual winning of the final boss fight.
GRAW2: The ending.
Just Cause: Skydiving at the very start, being blown away by the graphics.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Picking up an enemy, and slamming him through a load of spikes on the ground.
Rock Band: Getting everyone round and playing it full band for the first time.

I may put more up as I think of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Best gaming moments   Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:03 pm

Halo 3:Putting my magical ballsack on all peoples dead corpses
Fallout 3:Watching my father die
Dead Space:Watching the bitch that betrayed me die
Half Life 2:Getting the fuck out of ravenholm
Half Life 2 Episode 1:Getting the fuck out of that subway or underground place...what ever it was.
Half Life 2 Episode 2:Finishing the final battle (Seriously I almost came)
Left 4 dead:Getting T bagged by my own teammate on versus
Resident evil 5:Starring at shevas ass
Mirrors Edge: The ending I thought looked really cool
Battlefield 1943:Playing with my friend while he blurts out random shit
GTA4:Trying to pick up my friend in my helicopter but then it crashed.
Team fortress 2:8 FUCKING MEDICS!
Resident evil 4:So...uh after you take me to my about we do some uh...overtime.
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Best gaming moments
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