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 FFW releases another album!

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PostSubject: FFW releases another album!   Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:25 pm

Only a few months after the release of their first album, punk fusion band FFW have put out their second album, More Noise. How can a band put out an album in such a short amount of time? Eckerd claims that Plarisse writes the material in between recording his guitar parts, so it's all there for the next album. Plarisse says the recording of this album was hell due in part to Bushy. "Ron [Bushy] is just too damn self-centered. He's all like 'play my songs! play my songs!' and I'm like 'WE'LL GET TO THEM ON THE NEXT ALBUM GODDAMN'." Plarisse claims, "And that's why I gave him lead vocals on Hard-Lovin' Fool."
Also in the band's future is a planned live album. "Oh yeah, the live album is comin'" claims lead vocalist Mark Arm, "However, we want to make sure it's an appropriate length for a live album, so we're holding off on it until the 3rd album is released." The band is currently planning a U.S. and Brazilian tour. According to some sources, the band is going to have hundreds of fire works, a laser lightshow, and more "wild", claims Wakeman, objects onstage. Anyways, let's delve into the band's latest album, More Noise.

Mark Arm - vocals, rhythm guitar
Max Plarisse - lead guitar, vocals on track 1 and 8
Ron Bushy - drums, vocals on track 4
Russ Eckerd - bass
Rick Wakeman - keyboards


John Sykes - lead guitar on track 4

"More Noise" Tracklisting

All songs written by Plarisse except where noted.

1. "Like an Oliver Stone" - 5:33
- According to Plarisse, this song is about Oliver Stone's tendencies to bend the truth in his films based on true events. Plarisse says he wrote this song because "what he did to the name of Jim Morrison was unforgivable." Featured in the song is a heavy drumline by Bushy that sounds like he was playing with cannons and guns.

2. "Life is a Beach (An Ode to Bad Puns)" - 4:06
- This song has made me feel like putting a .45 in Plarisse's head. It is the worst song you will ever hear. The vocals sound like a cartoon character's doing them, and the lyrics are the worst ever. As if that wasn't bad enough, the sloppy chords from "I Need This *censor* Pumkins Now!" returns, except ten times worse. This song is one to avoid hearing as if your life depended on it.

3. "We're Teens and We're Angsty" - 5:45
- A direct response to today's emo music, Arm sings about how "we're better than that suicide bullshit." The song includes a distorted bass being played by a bow at the beginning. It is not a plesant sound.

4. "Hard-Lovin' Fool" - 3:58
- Bearing a great resemblance to Whitesnake's "Fool For Your Lovin' '89", this track features ex-Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes. Bushy, who sounds a great deal like Rod Stewart, hated the final product. "For some reason, it's as if my vocals are a lot quieter than the others' vocals on the album." he says.

5. "Are We Talking About Cocks" - 2:01 (Eckerd)
- A bass solo. Basically, all Eckerd does is strum fast and utilize arpeggios, all with a huge, distorted sound. While doing so, he also is making the bass spew out feedback while using a wah-wah pedal for it all.

6. "The Government is Mean" - 1:15
- A short thrash number about political injustice. After recording the ultrafast drumline, Bushy fainted right on top of his drumkit, hence the loud crash at the end.

7. "Cosmic Forces (This is Your Mind on LSD)" - 18:39 (Arm/Plarisse/Bushy/Eckerd/Wakeman)
- A guitar-driven instrumental, this one features a series of trippy keyboard scales from Wakeman. The band shows off their ever present progressive influence in this song, ripping off the styles of Yes and Pink Floyd. "We didn't rip off anyone," Eckerd claims, "though come to think of it, the production made my bass sound like Chris Squire's..."

8. "Popcicles" - 3:26
- A completely unfunny joke about girls and popsicles that is even further dulled down by Plarisse's screeching vocals. Although we will admit that is one sweet keyboard lick.

9. "Tapping Intro and Other Shit" - 6:20
- What the title says. Just some tapping into and an all around filler glam metal song.

10. "Livin' in a World Without BEAN DIP" - 10:20 (Arm/Plarisse)
- Basically, a long, epic metal number about Jake Adjutant and his influence on FFW. "Jake is such a cool dude in the metal universe that it's not even funny." Plarisse says, "I think after attending one of his day-long jams at his concert, I passed out. Luckily, Russ [Eckerd] acted as my landing pad. He passed out before me." There's a hidden track at 10:10 titled "Anal".

All in all, we would say that this is FFW's weakest release to date. Of course, we aren't saying much. They've only released 2 albums so far.
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PostSubject: Re: FFW releases another album!   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:15 am

note: jake adjutant does not condone or endorse ffw in any way
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FFW releases another album!
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