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 Something to Talk About FAQ

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what does the scouter say about his post count

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PostSubject: Something to Talk About FAQ   Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:15 pm


F U C K dude

DATE BEGUN: 13 Apr 2017
DATE FINISHED: 20 Feb 2018

I had all but ten missions done for MONTHS
I just couldn't be bothered but FUCK
I wanted to get it done and OUT THERE

Something to Talk About
(that thing is anti-semitism and why it's really not so bad)

I think it's time to finally pin down what the A Thing series is.
It's a slice of life anime. Each story is around one month of Jakey's life. He just does whatever, free of responsibilities and cares. He's rich, powerful, and immortal, so he gets up to a lot of shit.
What kind of person is Jakey? That's a really tough question. Jakey has a static set of morals and views on the world, which are very compatible with those of the two main rulers of the world, King Jakey of Canada and King Bran of Alabama. Thus, he can do whatever he wants with impugnity, as whatever he wants tends to line up with whatever the two kings want. Jakey's morals put him on a general "good guy" path, but with more of a "the ends justify the means" tack.
If the morals of his world were different, he would certainly be a villain. However, since his morals line up with the majority, he's the hero. If the world shits on him a bit too much, though, he could easily roll over to anti-hero.

Despite all of his power, Jakey is completely unable to defeat The Prince of Wales, Jezzie, The Great Cheryl, or Resistance Leadour in battle. Luckily, the last two aren't villains, and Jezzie is more into corrupting heroes than killing them.

Mission 008 was originally rejected, then I brought it back after what is now Mission 016

Mission 010: I would have had our hero do that thing where even though he knows Brooke is 30 he'd say she's 25 or something but that really wouldn't make sense at all when she is Kathy's older sister, Kathy and our hero are the same age/went to school together, and our hero is 28

Mission 015: this was originally an EGTBAR mission before i realised i had two too many; it was going to be 012 in this one but the current 012 and 013 had to come before it sooooooooooo
Mission 024 was originally an EGTBAR mission for the same reason

here are my notes for mission 027:
it's laundry day
Gwendolyn is out of frilly vampirey clothes so she has to wear some of her old clothes
her spurs go jingle/jangle
"like i understand the outfit but were the spurs and ten-gallon hat really necessary"
one of:
"i didn't want all the other cowpokes to laugh at me"
"you're just jealous of my impeccable sense of style, regardless of the time period"
"those cattle ain't gonna herd themselves"
"the horses don't respect you if you haven't got the hat"

So the following missions were written before 020:
022, 024, 025, 026, 027, 030, 031, 032, 033, 034, 042, 043, 048, 049, 050
At 050, it felt SO GOOD to be caught up with myself

Mission 059: It's kind of weird to think about this.
We met Valerie in The Next Big Thing, which was the fourth Thing released. She was 20 in that one.
We met Rachel in One Thing Leads to Another, which was the seventh Thing released. She was 18 in that one.
Yet, Rachel is a month older than Valerie. Jumping around the timeline is confusing, even though I keep a chart of everyone's age.
Rachel: 18 May 1995
Valerie: 05 Jun 1995
It's important to know your characters well. I gave the girls all birthdays, favourite colours, canon heights and bust sizes, and so on.
(Rachel is also an inch taller than Valerie; Rachel is 5'6 and Valerie is 5'5)
(no girl is taller than 5'11; i am far too insecure for that; on the flip size, the shortest girls are 5'5, which is the average caucasian female height so most of the girls are actually pretty tall)
(flip size was a typo that turned into a pun)

077 was written after 092

Mission 089 was adapted fro a rejected EGTBAR mission. Originally, our hero didn't see the grim realities of format war and Julia was depicted as insane. Now both characters are, as it should be.

Missions 100-102 and a bunch of the ending ones were written all today fuck it I just wanted this out and done so I tried REALLY HARD

Remember when I had to write Gwendolyn out of the cereal business? Well, here's the original draft of an ACTION SCENE that I ended up cutting because I took it in a different direction.
A shadowy figure leaps down from the rafters, but gets his foot caught on a cable, and just kind of dangles upsidedown. "uh a little help please" "first a question: were you here to destroy my cereal factory before i had a chance to destroy theirs" "uh yes actually i was" "ah" Gwendolyn slams her palm down on a button, causing the cable to rotate around, taking Bendik around with it. "THIS ISN'T PLEASANT" "i'll bet" "hey hey check this out" Sensing that this is his best opportunity to do something cool, Jakey gets a running start, and leaps off of the railing into Bendik, sending both of them flying toward the wall. Jakey shifts his weight and uses Bendik's body to bounce himself off the wall, aiming for the railing he'd lept off of, but he doesn't have enough momentum, and falls into a vat of cereal below. Gwendolyn holds up a sign with the number 4 on it. "oh come on that was worth at least a 6" Gwendolyn shrugs, and leaps down to interrogate Bendik, who was knocked unconscious.
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Something to Talk About FAQ
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