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 game of the year all years

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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:59 am

we're onto page 2, so here's a recap of page 1's (notable) reviews:
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (2015) - Xbone [7.5/10]
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (2017) - 3DS [9/10]
Forza Horizon 2 (2014) - Xbone [8.5/10]
Forza Horizon 2 - Storm Island (2014) - Xbone [7.5/10]
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) - Switch [9.5/10]
Tekken 7 (2017) - PS4 [7/10]
Samurai Warriors 4 (2014) - PS4 [9/10]
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (2009) - Xbox 360 [6.5/10]
Dynasty Warriors 8 + Xtreme Legends (2013) - PS4 [9/10]
West of Loathing (2017) - PC [8/10]
Samurai Warriors 4-II (2015) - PS4 [7/10]
Super Mario Odyssey (2017) - Switch [10/10]
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (2017) - Xbone [8/10]
Forza Horizon 3 (2016) - Xbone [9/10]
Persona 5 (2017) - PS4 [9.5/10]
Forza Horizon 3 - Blizzard Mountain (2016) - Xbone [FUCK/10]

a lot of good scores, which is what you want

Fire Emblem Warriors (2017) - Switch
i am a weak, weak man
i also bought the season pass
because i am a weak, weak man

+ I may complain a lot about this game, but goddamn it is a fucking fun game
+ The list of negatives will be long, so I have to reitterate: this game is REALLY fun
+ The character upgrade system is neato
+ The weapon attribute system makes getting even shitty bronze weapons potentially great
+ The ability to send AI characters somewhere is a GODSEND
+ History Mode is a better version of Hyrule Warriors's Legend Mode, which was the best part of that game
+ Characters have dialogue for team-up attacks with characters they know (they could have skipped this step but I'm glad they didn't)
+ The callback to the opening scene of Awakening made me smile
+ "Oh no Darios we can't kill you you're our friend!!!" Then the evil dragon just fucking kills him anyway I was in stitches
+ I like Lucina's new voice actress better than Laura Bailey
- Hinoka's new voice actress is GODAWFUL
- Tiki's voice actress is awful and she isn't fun to play as in the slightest
- I can't take English-speaking Marth seriously after three Smash Bros. games of his 10/10 Japanese voice
- Cam Clarke's Corrin is not his best role (he's best at hammy characters)
- Can't adjust volume settings until you're like ten minutes in
- Anna's voice narrates the whole game which is really dumb and annoying (even changing it to Chrom or someone is still kind of annoying)
- Or worse because Lucina is actually one of the least annoying people who will talk over your upgrades menu
- The game does that dumb fucking thing where the first level is part of the last level then they tell you how everyone got to that point
- Who the fuck cares about these OCs
- Male OC's voice actor is AWFUL
- Too many Fates/Awakening characters
- No characters from FEs 4-6 or 8-10 (one from 2 and one from 7)
- Celica but not Alm? What?
- Awakening Historical Map level 20 timed attack can kiss my fucking ass
- Historical mode says it'll tell you the restrictions beforehand but it doesn't? (the "restrictions" section is empty, but I'm restricted to just magicians?)
- Have to play Anna's Mementos levels twice in order to get both of them (and there are just too many of them)
- Arena battles suck

This is a fun game burdened by a lot of questionable design decisions, from the obvious to the things that start out okay but grate on you as time goes on. It's not as good as Hyrule Warriors, and I DEFINITELY, D E F I N I T E L Y wouldn't recommend it for $60 over Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete or Samurai Warriors 4 for $20 each.

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i tell you what im NOT trying to pull my own cock

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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:01 pm

i'm pretty sure the only games that came out this year that i played are the new Football Manager and Total War and I can't really rate either as I work as a tester for one and in the company that makes the other.

Claybook is fun tho and I played Firewatch and Oxenfree for the first time this year, those both rule

oh and Fire Pro World is fun as heck

that's all i've got
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:13 pm

Yakuza 0 (2017) - PS4
Acquired Black Friday 2017 for $30 (¥3,382) from FUCKING GAMESTOP
Ever since the original Yakuza on PS2, I've been meaning to play one of these games. I did some poking around, and Yakuza 0 is, as its name implies, a prequel, and according to the people I've seen talk about it, it's a good place to start. (and it seems like you're meant to play the remake of Yakuza 1 after this one sooooooooo)
Yakuza 0 takes place in 1980s Japan (specifically Tokyo and Osaka [specifically Kabukichō and Dotonbori]), and it's about beating people up until they explode like a money piñata. Also, karaoke and batting cages and bowling and arcade games and pool and darts and cat fights and slot cars and fishing and claw machines and mahjong and shogi and poker and blackjack and roulette and baccarat and hobo dice games and
Oh, the story? It's about the one and only EMPTY LOT

+ You can buy some cool, refreshing Mountain Dew
+ You can beat people up with all kinds of objects found in the environment
+ Majima's third fighting style is pretty fucking sweet
+ The Real Estate Royale is pretty fun, despite the absurd waiting times
+ Get fucking so invested in investing that you don't even notice your old man being beaten up and your secretary being kidnapped in the same room you're in
+ The Cabaret Club Czar is pretty fun, and doesn't have the waiting times
+ The best bowling minigame I've ever played
+ Karaoke is fucking GREAT ( )
+ The telephone club minigame is neato and leads to some funny moments
+ AND each of the three keeper telephone club girls has a unique* karaoke performance and their own videotape (*shared with one of Majima's girls)
+ The shots of Kiryu during the slot car minigame are just 10/10
+ The Great Slot Car Cat Fight of '88
+ The dancing minigame is really fun once you get used to it (and that takes a LONG time)
+ But all the tunes you dance to are sweet original Japanese impressions of American '80s music ( / )
+ A great selection of engaging side missions with very good writing (and there are a good number of them to boot)
+ The side mission where Kiryu becomes a producer was absolutely hilarious
+ And the bizza side mission oh lord
+ This game includes both New Game+ AND a sick-ass side quests only mode
- No English dub, if you're into that sort of thing
- Quicktime events are a bit too quick (like, I'm still inputting button presses from actual combat and fail the thing)
- The tutorial for Majima's Rolling Snake move DROVE ME UP THE FUCKING WALL (WHY DO THEY HAVE TASERS)
- Pleasure King
- Did the Finance King, in a tense moment, SERIOUSLY just drop a "screw the rules, I have money"?
- There's a side mission where you've got to go fishing but after investing 30,000,000 yen into a good pole, I can 100% confirm none of those creatures live in that river
- The camera angle when casting in Kiryu's fishing minigame is terrible (you can't see the outlines of the fish at all)
- Playing darts is impossible
- Kiryu and Majima have the same exact animations for the dancing minigame; I wish that at least the intro and outro poses were unique
- I do wish that the telephone club girls had more of a tell so it's easier to get all of the unique girls (do we really need three Sakuras?)
- There's no way to tell which videotapes you've seen and which ones you haven't
- There's no way to tell which buildings are available to buy without ramming your face into each and every one
- Unskippable credits
- That's two hours of cutscenes and an hour of gameplay you can't save during

The game tricked me into thinking Kiryu's story wasn't good but DAMN CHAPTER 13 SAVED EVERYTHING

Before anyone asks, Reina is the best in-game girl overall, and Haruki is the best of Kiryu's girlfriends (Haruki > Ayaka > Riku), and Yuki is the best of Majima's platinum cabaret club girls (Yuki > Hibiki > Chika > Saki > Mana > Ai).

This game is brilliant. The plot starts off like "whatever" and they hook you with all the side stories, minigames, etc. But then, after the side content stops coming in, the main plot KICKS INTO GEAR and everything that's happened connects and hits you right in the feelings and anything that may have seemed "bland" or "petty" suddenly becomes the most "I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" shit ever. If you're not HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this game after chapter 13, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you.
Final playtime after watching the final scene: 99 hours, 13 minutes
I bought Yakuza Kiwami for $20 off ebay during chapter 6, before the game locked up the 10/10. I hate giving 10/10s, but FUCK DUDE
There is just so much to love here, and I can't wait to play Kiwami. But I'm going to, because I want to give 0 time to settle; time to calm down in my mind.

Kneejerk five best games of 2017:
1. Super Mario Odyssey
2. Yakuza 0
3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
4. Persona 5
5. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Best year for games since 2006, easy. [five best years for games: 2004, 2006, 2003, 2017, 2005]
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:52 am

Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels (2017) - Xbone
Acquired from Xbox Live's Countdown to 2018 sale in the Horizon 3 Expansion Pass for $10.50
You know what Australia was missing? Gigantic orange tracks all over the place. You know those Hot Wheels tracks you had as a kid? Well, now you can drive all over them in videogame form.
They, unfortunately, did not add the Hot Wheels car wash with real soap suds, nor did they add the Hot Wheels volcano. You CAN, however, hold your very own Hot Wheels Screamin' Stunt Jam, and isn't that what we always wanted?

+ The tracks seem to be made out of pre-defined pieces like a real Hot Wheels track
- But that means that if there's a section you have trouble or hate driving on, you're going to see it A LOT
- It's WAY too easy to fall off of the track and pretty much instantly lose the race
- Good luck getting off though when you want to get the barn find or an EXP board on the actual ground
- Too many 90 degree turns in fucking dumb places
- The Twin Mill car is impossible to drive in first-person, due to the small windshield and huge fucking engine right in front of the steering wheel
- Races require you to upgrade your car to S1 or S2 for certain events (I keep my cars all at A for a reason)

Once the novelty of LOOPS and shit wears off, it's just a frustrating experience. I have a headache.
would not recommend
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:27 pm

REVISITED: Mass Effect 2 (2010) - Xbox 360
The Mass Effect trilogy will always be remembered for how it ended. I'm still angry about that, but it's been more than five years now. It's time to saddle back up and play the trilogy again. (except I'm skipping ME1 this time)
I'm going to import my favourite Shepard from ME1, Tyrone. I started an ME2 playthrough with him, but dropped it (because my 360 died), so he's going to get that comeback special.
My first ME1/2 playthroughs were, embarrassingly, as a fucking soldier. I was a boring child. Tyrone, however, is an adept so

Mass Effect 2's greatest flaw as a WRPG is how it pulls you out of what you're doing to do what Tim wants you to do. Once you learn how to get around it and set aside time for his bullshit, it's not so bad, though.
For this playthrough, I am going to give every party member (except Jack) a chance to show me what they can do (except Morinth I guess) and I won't let the fact that I remember hating Miranda and Tali stop me from giving them a fair shake. (fuck Jack though)

Also I had to buy a new 360 controller for this SO ENJOY THIS REVIEW DAMMIT

+ I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite store on the Citadel
+ I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite store on the Citadel
+ I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite store on the Citadel
+ Legit 10/10 characters: Garrus, Wrex, Mordin, Captain Anderson, Niftu Cal, Tupari sports drink vending machine
+ Legit 9.5/10 characters: Zaeed, EDI, Thane, Samara, Legion
+ The game does a good job getting you to care about (most of) your team before the suicide mission
+ The use of space magic helps break up the fact that it's just a bad cover shooter with an RPG story slapped onto it
+ Varied and impressive environments and situations
+ Even if most of them were introduced in ME1, ME2 does a very good job at making the alien species unique and interesting
+ People complain about the planet scanning, but I find the idea of sitting in my spaceship and draining planets of their natural resources to be hilarious
- The cover system is terrible and glitchy
- I cannot keep the bumpers straight in my head; I always press LB when I want to use powers and RB when I want to change weapons
- Arbitrarily not being able to use certain kinds of guns depending on your class sucks
- Getting stuck with the submachine gun seems like a punishment for choosing a non-soldier class (unless you have the Kasumi expansion)
- Despite the assault rifle being so much better than the SMG, it feels dumb and redundant to choose it as your weapon training over the shotgun or sniper rifle
- Honestly, Jacob is just Kaidan but worse (and black)
- Quarians are kind of creepy honestly
- No matter what kind of Shepard you're running, you can't say "what the FUCK Miranda" when she kills Wilson and you can only say "good job" or "whatever ANYWAY"
- "my father designed me to be perfect by giving me buck teeth"
- I really wish that entering a romance just stopped other girls from asking for their own
- You have to talk to Aria in order to recruit Garrus, despite the recruiter being RIGHT THERE and EDI telling you what he's there for
- Seriously, fuck Aria
- Jack
- "JACK IS THE MOST POWERFUL BIOTIC EVER!!!" but she exclusively uses only the worst biotic powers
- Fight against Praetorian in Collector Ship is impossible unless you chose the sniper rifle
- Sound cut out completely during the end of Samara's loyalty mission
- Thane's loyalty mission is terrible (the concept is fine but the mission itself is just bad)
- The dialogue wheel absolutely sucks; small chunks of text can imply one meaning, but the actual line Shepard says goes in an entirely different direction
- More to the point: You never know exactly what you're telling Shepard to say until he says it, which is ridiculous in a game about talking at people
- Thane's loyalty mission has a dialogue option "That's democracy for you"; I read it as bitter and sarcastic, but Shepard's actual line was not at all what I wanted to say
- Mordin's loyalty mission has an investigate option "Effects on Tuchanka"; I read it as a question not a fucking accusation
- Same mission, "You had a crisis of faith"; I read it as a neutral "go on" option, not a "DOCTOR WHO KILLED MILLIONS :'(((((((((((((((("
- In fact, most dialogue options related to the genophage are tinted with "how could you" rather than a neutral tone
- The only reason the collectors can kidnap the crew is because everyone suddenly decided to be retarded at the same time
- "Let's have all the crew members trained in combat all leave the ship at the same time for no good reason"
- Characters like Liara and Captain Anderson don't have any new dialogue after you beat the game
- You never get to buy a Tupari sports drink

In the spoiler is my basic path through the game, not counting basic side quests. I tried as hard as I could to do as much as possible before each TIM quest, which I list as ending each act of the game. This list is more for future me than for the outside observer.
The main reason I got so frustrated with TIM and dropped at least two playthroughs is because I darted straight to Illium because of my hub boner and met the requirements to be forced onto the collector ship right in the middle of Illium. I tried my hardest to make sure I did the collector ship BEFORE Illium to make sure that didn't happen, even if it means I get Thane later in the game than I'd like.

fruits of my research:


Overall, it's a bad cover shooter that immensely benefits from its plot. The importance of story in videogames is debated frequently in this day and age, but a game with an engaging story can overcome ridiculously mediocre gameplay, as Mass Effect 2 demonstrates. (the opposite is also true; as long as the story isn't offensively bad like say fire emblem fates i have no complaints if the gameplay's good)
Honestly, the gameplay is small peanuts compared to this game's true fatal flaw - the dialogue wheel. If I'm playing an RPG where I have to make decisions and build character relationships, I can't afford to be misinterpreting dialogue options. Not being able to see exactly what Shepard will say has made me regret so many dialogue choices I've made. If the game let me see E X A C T L Y what Shepard is going to say before he says it, this game's score would be much higher, as it sits:
(i don't actually remember much of ME3 aside from the ending and i never played any of the DLC shit except Leviathan so it should be interesting)
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:50 am

Yakuza Kiwami (2017) - PS4
Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the original PS2 Yakuza game. Kiwami features redone graphics, rerecorded and retranslated dialogue, new side content, new story content, references to Yakuza 0, and more. The gameplay and world are based heavily on Yakuza 0, which is fine by me.
From what I've seen, fans of the series put Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 2 at the top of the pile. My expectations are high, but I'm not expecting it to be better than 0.

When I played Yakuza 0, I played it every day until I beat it. It took nearly 100 hours of my time to beat that game, but I played the shit out of it until those hours were up because I was engaged. The side content was so brilliant that I plowed straight through it, and by that time, the story had kicked into gear and sucked me in in its place. There was no point where I thought "eh" while thinking about playing it (after I started). I just booted up the game and went to town.
Kiwami is different. The side content isn't as good (barring Majima Everywhere), and the story is just not doing it for me. I hate plots where it's "SMALL GIRL IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY". Having the yakuza tell Majima to kill a blind young woman is intriguing; I wanted to know why. Having Kiryu stumble across a small child who seems to be related to the missing character I just met and don't yet care about just isn't very interesting.
Kiwami does a bad job of making you care about the plot. The only characters that I care about at all are Kiryu, Majima, Kazama, Reina, Date, Shinji, and Nishikiyama (of those, only Date wasn't in Yakuza 0). Like, I want to know why Nishikiyama changed so much between 0 and Kiwami, but WHOOP IT'S LITTLE GIRL TIME
Yumi is set up to be super-important to Kiryu, but it doesn't come across well because all that happened was a small cutscene and a fetch quest for her. Am I supposed to care about her disappearing? Am I supposed to care about the little girl who claims to be her niece? The game hints at a plotline that is far more interesting and connected to the player (if that player played 0 first, which you're meant to do before playing Kiwami), but Kiryu ignores it completely for something I couldn't give less of a shit about. I get that it's a remake of a game from 2005 that didn't originally have a prequel story, but come on. I can't see a fresh player in 2005 giving any more of a shit about Yumi than I do in 2018 after playing 0. If anything, they'd just not care about Nishikiyama either and then what do they have? Nothing, because Majima isn't everywhere in that one.

+ Having all of Kiryu's Y0 fighting styles is very welcome, especially since the Dragon style starts off gimped (for understandable reasons)
+ All the scripted fights against a dozen-plus people are just fun as fuck (especially with Beast style and ESPECIALLY indoors with tables and chairs)
+ Still a lot of minigames and substories to play
+ Substories are still engaging and entertaining; you never know what you'll have to do next
+ I always like endless trading quests
+ A nine-year-old girl asks for help getting a boy a Christmas present and I said to myself "pornography" and lo and behold, you can buy her a pornographic magazine
+ A callback to Y0's cult quest ("the battle of Goroma Jima" got me, hard)
+ Majima Everywhere is so much better than Mr. Shakedown
+ Fighting Majima with all of his Y0 styles is pretty fucking sweet even if it happens all the time
+ All of the Majima Everywhere rank-up missions are 10/10 brilliant
+ Facing Majima in all the minigames is just perfect
+ The new story scenes showing what Nishikiyama did in the ten years Kiryu was in jail are very welcome
+ That fight in the Millennium Tower with all the men in black was pretty sick
+ Okay so it's kind of funny but
- This is the worst intro to a game fucking ever
- Flashback within a flashback within a "ten years before the actual game happens" scene
- Then there's another flashback within that flashback of course
- Running around to get Yumi's ring is absolutely terrible and it makes me REALLY glad I didn't start with this game
- The "little girl is the key to everything" bullshit is fucking terrible
- I hate children
- It's gotten to the point where I see a child in a game or TV show or movie and INSTANTLY despise that child with every fibre of my being
- The entire plot can be summed up as "every single person would be 100% better off if Yumi had never been born"
- The boss fight against the Devil May Cry fanboy on the rooftop is TERRIBLE
- The game's plot requires you to assist with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION (murder, theft, etc. are standard videogame fare but this is a crime I was not prepared to commit)
- MAJIMA JUST GOT FUCKING SHOT INTO THE SEA AND KIRYU JUST SAYS "i don't have time to worry about him"
- Substories are kind of weak compared to 0
- I should have let the suicidal man jump; he is now trapped in a fate worse than death
- Karaoke's song selection is just plain worse than in 0 (Tonight is the only good song; the new ones are mediocre and the other three are bad remixes)
- Bakamitai and Heartbreak Mermaid return, but the new versions are just plain worse ( 0: / Kiwami: )
- Also X3 SHINE returns but that song sucked to begin with so whatever
- Having to unlock the ability to not be fucked over by the Kiwami system is just retarded (bosses regenerate health but you can use your super move if you unlocked it)
- Only two cabaret club girls and they're far inferior to each of the SIX that Y0 had (Yui is okay I guess but Rina is terrible)
- Well there's a third one but you can only meet up with her once and then she never appears again and it's bullshit
- Also their names (Yui and Rina) are confusingly close to the names of two major characters (Yumi and Reina) [Reina, of course, being the best girl]
+ HOWEVER, having Yui's affection rank up in the same session where I called her a bitch was hilarious
- No way to leave the cabaret club mid-session without straight-up quitting the game from the home menu
- Pocket Circuit is, once again, just "try everything and wait around and hope it works"
- You get bonus upgrade points for eating/drinking everything on a resturant's menu, but you can only get one drink per visit? (was a problem in Y0 as well)
- I wish the full vocal version of 24-Hour Cinderella played in the fight against Everyone's Idol Goro
- Fighting Breaker Majima gets really old because you have to wait forever for him to stop spinning to attack
- As much as I like Majima Everywhere, I wish the unavoidable "Majima joins a fight in progress" or "Majima leaps from a rooftop" events only happened once
- I also wish there were a way to manipulate which Majima spawns (I need a wild Everyone's Idol Goro to get the next upgrade but fuck if I've ever seen one)
- AND FINALLY, I wish that Majima's MesuKing and Pocket Circuit challenges were more frequent, as I also need those for the best upgrades
- Can't do Komaki training when a Majima Everywhere rank-up event is active (why? also how was I supposed to know this?)

points about the ending:

Final playtime: 44 hours, 24 minutes
I played about the same way I did Yakuza 0 (which clocked in at 99 hours, 13 minutes). The storyline is a bit shorter, but the main difference is the lack of a huge minigame like the Real Estate Royale or Cabaret Club Czar.

A good game wrapped in a terrible plot. The best chapters and scenes from the main storyline are the ones that have either nothing or very little to do with the main plot. Majima kidnapping Haruka so he can fight Kiryu again was sweet. The chapter with The Florist's son and Date's daughter was probably the best one in the game, because it had nothing to do with anything. The final chapter was fun, but aside from the final boss, I wasn't interested in any of the characters left.
This game frustrated the shit out of me. They made all the good characters die or job hard (except Majima), and then had you chase after the bad ones for the whole game. Every single thing about the main story's pacing, objectives, and concept is absolutely terrible. There's fun to be had in the gameplay, of course, but the story doesn't even have the decency to be mediocre.
In the end, I can't give this game too bad a score, since the combat, minigames, and substories are truly fun and interesting, and THAT FINAL BOSS FIGHT
It's nowhere near the instant classic Yakuza 0 was, and I absolutely cannot see myself replaying this game when Yakuza 0 exists and also Yakuzas 2-5 + Dead Souls are waiting to be played.
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:03 am

Yakuza 2 (2008) - PS2
I bought a brand new, sealed copy of this game off ebay for $40 the day after I finished Kiwami. Used copies were going for, like, $38, so I figured spending $2 more wasn't a bad idea. When was the last time you removed the shrink wrap from a PS2 game? Before today, mine must have been GHERT80s.
As a note, that day, I also went to all the pawn shops around, and got Yakuza 3 for $5 (ebay price is around $40) and Yakuza: Dead Souls also for $5 (ebay price is around $16). I also grabbed Yakuza 4 off ebay for $28 (out of fear that after I beat Y3, I'd only find $40 copies or some shit). Yakuza 5 is digital-only, so that one can sit and wait until one of three things happens: a sale (yeah right), I beat Dead Souls, or there's a delisting announcement. (so, to recap: I've done Yakuza 0 and Kiwami, and after that, the order goes 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> Dead Souls -> 5 -> 6; 6 comes out in March)
please localise ishin
i just want to be a samurai

Yakuza 2 was released at the very end of the PS2's life (or even just past the end). I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a new PS2 game. Videogames have been through a lot since then, and while business practices as a whole haven't changed for the better, shit like controls and player convenience have really improved. Honestly, if Yakuza 2 hadn't been far and wide considered the best (or second-best after 0) Yakuza game, I may have just skipped to 3.
The Western cover art of the game is basically a cropped version of the Japanese cover. I guess they thought the dragon symbolism would go over Westerners' heads, and they'd just think it was gay to have a game cover where two shirtless dudes are glaring at eachother. As it sits, the Western Yakuza 2 cover just looks like a worse version of the Western Yakuza 1 cover.

This game's two cities are the same two cities from Yakuza 0, Kamurocho and Sotenbori. It's sad to see that in 18 years, Sotenbori lost two whole generations worth of graphical fidelity

Okay, huge thing:
I'm playing this game on a backward compatible PS3. I went to save and accidentally hit "no don't overwrite", and then I got the message "your Yakuza 2 saves are corrupted want to wipe???"
I was able to save after that, and I looked it up. Apparently, if you back out of saving, your save games will corrupt? The other guy who had this problem was also playing on PS3.

I know I usually put the positives right away but this needed to be gotten out of the way first:

- No karaoke

Okay now we can start properly

+ Combat still feels really good, despite jumping backward two console generations
+ The villain/plot are M U C H better set up with in the original (remember that Nishiki wasn't a well-executed villain until Y0 came out and gave you a reason to care)
+ The focus of the narrative is on the characters who you are actually interested in, unlike the original
+ And even when the plot shifts away, it manages to still be engaging and about other characters you're interested in
+ Kiryu and Sayama's date was C U T E
+ Majima defusing the bomb was fucking amazing
+ The final boss fight is the manliest shit ever
+ What happens after the boss fight is sweet and would have been a perfect way to end the series
+ Silent Night during the credits was perfect
+ I love how nonchalant they are about how it was all a fakeout
+ The game has a feature where if you die to the same bullshit fight over and over you can set just that one fight to easy mode then play on normal afterward
+ The Host Club Adam side story is pretty engaging (and that's especially good because it's really long and I had to keep resetting)
+ Be My Baby was an uh experience
+ Endless trading quests are still my bag (i wish i could give the rapper some batteries though)
+ The Revenge by Proxy side quest was cool (and reminded me to do this year's Progress Haiku)
+ The cabaret club girls are both more numerous and better than in Kiwami (I didn't even meet them all because there are like ten of them)
- The aforementioned save data corruption glitch
- The background noise in Club Sunrise is absolutely unbearable
- I wish there were more save points around town
- Fixed camera angles can be a MOTHERFUCKER at times
- They put one of those FUCKING chair guys I've always hated right around a corner so when he knocks me into the hallway I walk right into his next swing
- The game very noticably spawns and despawns NPCs when the camera angle changes (it's a good trick I guess)
- The quicktime events are WAY too quick (I don't have the reaction time of Jesus Christ Himself dude)
- The cabaret club ownership thing isn't fun it's just annoying (and the customers have a fetish for leopard-print carpets)
- Basically, if I hadn't lost my saves, I would have reloaded a save from before I ever started the stupid-ass cabaret club shit (Yakuza 0's was MILES better thankfully)
- The Il Yu Jin side mission is terrible and pretty much impossible with the fixed camera angles
- We really didn't need an update on the Florist's son (and we DEFINITELY didn't need to help him sort out his problems)
- The producer shit at the beginning of chapter 13 was unnecessary and poorly-written
- How the fuck couldn't Kiryu see through Sayama's obvious lies in chapter 15?
- I've given it some serious thought, and I've come to the realisation that I hate women
- nearly made me drop the entire fucking game
- No sorry I was wrong
- nearly made me drop the entire fucking game
- Final boss fight entirely boils down to a fucking quicktime event at the end

A solid 8.5/10 brought down by two Godawful boss fights and A FUCKING QUICKTIME EVENT THAT DECIDES THE ENTIRE OUTCOME OF THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT
I hope the remake fixes that shit. I can forgive them for cutting an entire city kind of if they fix this fucking garbage.

Series in perspective so far:
Yakuza 0: Brilliant 10/10 game must-play for PS4 owners
Yakuza Kiwami: Nothing wrong with the gameplay, but story doesn't follow the portion of the cast it needs to follow, leading to a frustrating experience
Yakuza 2: Nothing wrong with the story, but has two Godawful boss fights and the final boss hinges on a fucking quicktime event, leading to a frustrating experience
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:32 am

Dynasty Warriors 9 (2018) - PS4
People have long complained that the Dynasty Warriors series has been """stale""" since the PS2 era. While I personally love these games, I can see that they're pretty repetitive.
DW9 takes the 83 characters from DW8E and adds a few more to get to 90 total, and throws them into an all-new open world version of China. They've also redone the combat system to be more involved, and added more battles that weren't DW staples yet.

Of course, all of this has come at a cost. While DW8 did away with clones and made every character unique (and DW8E went even further and took some boring characters like Sun Quan and Liu Shan and gave them better weapons), DW9 has a shitload of clones. Characters like Sun Ce and Yue Jin are denied their good personal weapons and given shitty ones.
A small memorial:
R.I.P. Sun Ce's tonfas
R.I.P. Huang Gai's boat
R.I.P. Yue Jin's hook blades
R.I.P. Li Dian's pizza cutter
R.I.P. Guo Jia's pool cue
R.I.P. Guo Huai's cannon
R.I.P. Liu Shan's bench
R.I.P. Xu Shu's hooked dagger
R.I.P. the rest

Still, though, this game looks pretty sweet if you ignore all the bad parts

I'd like a moment of silence here for Chen Dao, whose real life accomplishments were just given to Zhao Yun in ROTK and everything based on it. I know I'd sure as shit be pissed if that happened to me.

The way the game's progression works is there are 13 chapters, and each character's story takes place inside these chapters. Some are longer than others, due to how the historical lives varied in length. Each character has unique interactions and scenes, as well as a unique ending. Each faction has different battles in the chapters, naturally.
Your choices at the start are limited to three, who are, of course, Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei. They wanted you to always start with one of the main faction leaders, and I don't mind that decision at all. Maybe because Sun Jian is my favourite. The character unlock system is weird and hard to explain but it makes sense if it happens to you.
One thing to note is that you have to start each story at its beginning. For example, if you start with Sun Jian and complete his story (which lasts two chapters), you can't just start with Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, or Han Dang in chapter 3, since their stories start in chapter 1. You can, however, start with Sun Ce, SSX, or Sun Quan in chapter 3, since their stories start there.
I haven't played as all 90 characters, since a lot of them are S H I T (e.g. peach brothers), but I've done a good variety, I think. Here's a list [Character (faction, chapter #-#)]
Sun Jian (Wu, chapter 1-2); Zhang Jiao (Other, chapter 1); Cao Cao (Wei, chapter 1-8); Pang De (Wei, chapter 8-9); Sun Ce (Wu, chapter 3-4); Fa Zheng (Shu, chapter 7-8);  Xu Sheng (Wu, chapter 5-10); Guan Xing (Shu, chapter 9-11); Zhang Chunhua (Jin, chapter 10-12); Zhong Hui (Jin, chapter 12-13)

+ The pre-chapter intro sequences look great
+ I really like how they show members of the different factions being friends and shit
+ Cao Cao's ending hit me right in the feelings
+ The Chibi fire attack scene was great
+ The new characters for Wei and Wu are great additions
+ On-disc audio tracks in English, Japanese, and Chinese
+ They didn't remove free mode like they apparently did in Warriors All-Stars
+ They kept Lianshi's duckhooks at least
+ Also her boobs
+ Some characters benefitted from having their shitty weapon removed (Sima Yi, Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, Zhuge Dan, Cao Cao, Cai Wenji, Lu Xun, and ESPECIALLY Zhu Ran)
+ AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT, Sun Ce's new weapon is kind of sweet
+ A lot of truly great character designs (they gave Lu Xun his sweet hat back and Zhu Ran no longer looks like a faggot)
+ Boat battles are hilariously terrible
+ There are all kinds of sub-battles that you can do to make the main battle easier, or you can just ignore them if you want
- But doing all of these makes the main battle WAY too easy (example: the battle against Dong Zhuo at Luoyang was level 5 when I did it, but my character was level 30)
- Boat battles are hilariously terrible
- Some characters' endings don't provide closure and don't make sense as "the end" if you don't already know the history (Sun Jian's ending comes to mind)
- I wish there was a bit more personalisation to each character's campaign (e.g. Ma Chao and Ma Dai should have special dialogue if you're playing as Pang De)
- Absolutely disgusting graphical pop-in
- The English voice acting is T E R R I B L E
- Like, this may be the single worst English dub in the history of English dubs
- The Wan Castle mission is confusing and the GPS doesn't fucking work (go straight through this impassable barrier!!!)
- Forming reinforcements is the worst mission fucking ever because they give you no help but just say "no bro you're an idiot try again"
- The Wu mission where Zhou Yu wants to kill Liu Bei is just nonsensically badly written and thought-out
- Still no levels based on Jin's conquest of Wu

After you escape, there are a bunch of objectives you can do to make busting in and "saving" Dian Wei easier. There is a time limit (Dian Wei's health); if he dies, it's game over. However, at the beginning and end of every objective, there's a checkpoint, so you start again from the last checkpoint you hit. Restarting from a checkpoint also refills Dian Wei's health. So, uh, what's the point? I got two game overs like this, and I was completing the objectives at a pretty good pace, I thought.

bitching about the roster:

I enjoyed this game immensely. It's a real shame that it suffers from a poor framerate, bad draw distance, and a bunch of weird (but not critical) glitches. It's also a shame those damn voice actors decided to strike.
On the other hand, it's a joy to just dive into a horde of enemies and slaughter them all while your friends call you a true warrior of the three kingdoms. I've only completed nine of the NINETY stories in this game, so I'm sure I'll return to it a bunch. Even though all the stories within a faction are pretty much the same, I'm still looking forward to playing it as different people.
High hopes for DW10.
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:11 am

Yakuza 3 (2010) - PS3
Everyone says that this is the worst game in the series. I was left slightly dissatisfied after Kiwami and 2, for strangely opposite reasons. I'm sure that I would have absolutely hated the original PS2 version of Yakuza 1.
I'm still giving this game a chance, and not just because I already own it. I'm optimistic about this one, which never happens.

This game seems to be the one where they hit their stride in making the side content an incredible mixed bag in the best possible way. I don't mean "mixed bag" as in "some's great some's shit", but rather "some's normal and expected and some's goofy and insanely memorable". The fact that you never really know which you're getting into until you start the mission is what makes it so good.
Then there's the new "revelation" system (which apparently is a mainstay through Yakuza 5), where some crazy shit happens and you take some pictures to learn a new move. They're fucking ridiculous. Here's the first one:

The boxart got fucked again when it was brought overseas.
I really don't see why they didn't go with the Japanese one this time. It's a really cool image that's used on the PS3 menu anyway.

+ The beach town setting in Okinawa is a very welcome bit of variety
+ Kiryu's Hawaiian shirt is perfect
+ The new main characters of the game in Ryukyu are likable pretty quickly
+ I really like the slice of life scenes with the orphanage kids
+ The Kanda boss fight is legit one of the best yet in the series
+ Majima's pink dumptruck holy shit
+ That after-credits scene though
+ Substories hit their stride in this game
+ Murder mystery substory
+ The fight against Gohren on the Millennium Tower was SICK
- Game doesn't pause if your controller dies/shuts itself off while plugged in because the PS3 is a piece of shit
- There's a scene at the beginning where you can pay your respects to Nishikiyama, Kazama, Terada, and Yumi, but not Reina, Ryuji, Shinji, and Kawara
- They just write Sayama out in a terrible way then her bio updates later on saying she's hooked up with a white piggu American and gotten fat
- I liked it better in Yakuza 2 and 0 when the substory list was divided by city
- The game doesn't give you enough information when certain things can only be done at night
- You can start the Cafe Alps murder mystery in chapter 9, but you have to wait until nighttime to do anything after that and nighttime isn't until chapter 12
- The "Convenient Stakeout" substory is just bad; all three people make the "putting thing in bag" motion and I get in trouble for accusing the first and last ones

One thing I should mention is that the western version of the game cuts a decent amount of content from the Japanese version. One thing notably cut was the hostess clubs in Ryukyu and Kamurocho (which were in the western Yakuza 2 as a note). The girls are still present in-game, and show up at Smile Burger sequentially. You can take them on two (and only two) dates, then you do their final mission and have carnal relations, and then they send you a text message and you can never see them again.
Now, I enjoyed the cabaret clubs in Yakuza 2 (aside from the one you managed yourself, which is a different animal altogether), but part of me kind of likes this. There were seven girls in Yakuza 2, and I only completed the stories of two (one in Sotenbori and one in Kamurocho). In Yakuza 3, there are a grand total of NINE cabaret club girls, and they all have a unique karaoke performance. There's pretty much zero chance I'd do all of them, so this way, I got to do all of their karaoke minigames. It's not ideal, I suppose, but, in the end, I don't really care too much. The cabaret clubs are in most of these games anyway.

Final scores:
Yakuza 0: 10/10
Yakuza Kiwami: 7.5/10
Yakuza 2: 7.5/10
Yakuza 3 was a solid 9/10 until chapter 11. Unfortunately, I have to instead give it a
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:00 pm

Yakuza 4 (2011) - PS3
The fourth entry in the series, as you can see by the name, and the fifth one I will be playing. I have high expectations for this one, which may not be a good thing. The two games I had high expectations for (Kiwami and 2) were 7/10s. The two games I had middling expectations for (0 and 3) were 10/10s. oops
While Yakuza 2 and 3 added new cities alongside Kamurocho for variety, Yakuza 4 instead focuses solely on Kamurocho. The variety this time comes from the fact that, for the first time in the series, you don't just control Kiryu. Yakuza 4 features not one, not two, not three, but FOUR protagonists, each with their own unique fighting styles, substories, karaoke performances, and exclusive minigame. Joining our old friend Kiryu are Akiyama, Saejima, and the other guy
Kiryu, of course, is the protagonist (or a protagonist) of every Yakuza game to date, ending with the upcoming 6. Akiyama would return as a protagonist of Yakuza Dead Souls and 5. Saejima was referenced in Yakuza 0 (due to being important to Majima's story), and would return as a protagonist in Yakuza 5. Tanimura isn't ever playable again.
For the first time, the western cover of Yakuza 4 actually looks at least equal to the Japanese one.

I'm going to divide this review into categories to make it easier to read.

+ They've finally added more taxis around Kamurocho to make getting around easier
+ Restaurants finally have little checkmarks next to what you've already eaten to make getting the completion points easier
+ AND you can order more than one thing at a time AND it tells you how much it will heal making healing so much easier
+ The new pause menu has a great design and is easy to understand
+ The pause menu tells you which character can do what, which is VERY helpful and necessary
- Daigo goes from being a competent, good character with strong character development to being a spineless retard (Y2/3 Daigo was great; Y4 Daigo is insulting)
- Seriously, all Daigo had to do was say "no fuck off" like he did all throughout Yakuza 3
- The plot is terrible because it runs entirely through Yasuko, the worst character since the last one I hated
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
i go on like this for a while:
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko
- Yasuko

+ Akiyama is a very likable character who feels very different from Kiryu in both personality and gameplay
+ Akiyama's substories help to strengthen the idea that he's been around doing this since before Yakuza 2
+ The Shiobara substory chain is really well-done, especially the ending
+ That fake Akiyama substory oh dear god
+ Akiyama and Hana have pretty entertaining interactions (plus their karaoke duet is sublime)
+ The hostess club manager minigame is better than in Yakuza 2,
- but that isn't really saying much of anything; it suffers from a lack of clarity and is absolutely UNBEARABLE without a guide
- The hostess club manager minigame is so fucking monotonous I cannot stress this enough
- Some of the cutscenes in this section drag on for a bit too long (e.g. the first one with Kido and the first one with Daigo, and anything with Yasuko)
- They say that the cops will be watching Sky Finance, but where are they when the yakuza assault Hana and kidnap Kido?
- While Pure Love in Kamurocho is a brilliant song, I wish that Akiyama had his own solo karaoke song

+ Saejima's fighting style feels strong as fuck but without being slow
+ Saejima's substories do a good job of fleshing out his personality and past
+ They also like to remind you that he's been in jail for 25 years and doesn't know what a CD is
+ That boss fight against Kiryu was hype as fuck
+ The fight against all of Majima's goons in the Millennium Tower was 10/10
+ The way Saejima gets revelations is amazing
+ Yasuko isn't in this chapter
- The fighter training minigame is the most frustrating RNG bullshit fucking ever (OOPS YOUR FIGHTER HAS DECIDED TO FORGET HOW TO PUNCH)
- They arbitrarily make you unable to enter the sewers after you leave them, disallowing you access to the Master's missions and the recycling guy
- In a game all about the side content, blocking off all the fucking side content arbitrarily is fucking bullshit
- The fucking "get seen by a policeman instantly game over" in chapter 4 is bullshit
- Can't go to karaoke

+ The battles and chase sections at the end of Tanimura's first and second chapters are great
+ People shit on it, but I liked the rubber bullets twist
+ Tanimura's fighting style is very interesting in the way it relies on heat moves at the ends of combos, which are much easier to pull off than the other three characters
- Unfortunately, this makes the IF7-R minigame impossible as Tanimura, since you can't use heat moves in it
- Tanimura's parry move is USELESS because he takes just as long to recover from using it as the enemy does from being parried
- Doesn't have a karaoke song of his own; can only cheer on the girls
- Yasuko's conversation with Tanimura in the Chinese restaurant is the single most infuriating thing fucking ever
- Chapter 3 is pointlessly short; like they only divided it like that so every character would have four chapters

+ Kiryu's story begins at the orphanage, to remind you of how the last game was better than this one (IN THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT NO LESS)
+ Kiryu starts DECKED OUT with a lot of his Yakuza 3 upgrades pre-purchased
+ I love how they keep adding on to the ramen shop lore of all things
+ The substory with all the colour gang leaders from the original was sweet
+ Master Komaki bitching out Kiryu for not updating his blog hit me in all the right places
+ Master Komaki bitching out Kiryu for only taking the cover of the black book hit me in the same places
+ Kiryu's fucking banter when taking out all the new gangs is just great
+ The hostess club question from Kyoko where it zooms in on Kiryu's face like he's legitimately hurt by her statement is absolutely great
+ Kiryu having to fight both Akiyama and Tanimura at once was fucking sick (wish they'd had more health to be honest)
- Both of the girls Kiryu can sing Pure Love in Kamurocho with are absolutely horrid singers
- Haruka roars out of the gate, reminding me why I absolutely hated her in the first game
- If you get too close to the Millennium Tower in chapter 2, you're automatically taken to chapter 3, where you can't do substories and have to search for YASUKO
- At the beginning of chapter 3, Yasuko reminds everyone why she is THE FUCKING WORST CHARACTER FUCKING EVER
+ At the end of chapter 4, however, Yasuko FUCKING DIES

+ Everyone's money is consolidated, and everyone can access any item put away in a phone booth
+ Can do any substory or whatever, even the ones that can't happen (Akiyama can "reminisce" about the time before Hana left)
+ The optional ultimate boss fight with all four protagonists vs four Amons was great
+ The part where Kiryu and Daigo punch eachother's fists and Kiryu fucking breaks Daigo's hand was sweet
- I wish Daigo had more health to be honest
- Tanimura gets a shit final battle, and it's THE final battle

Let's talk about the story. The key points of the story (Saejima hit, Katsuragi and Sugiuchi, Tanimura Sr., so on) are all fine. Hell, good, even. The problem is that Yasuko exists. She has no relevance to the events, and only exists to be MYSTERIOUS
In every single Yasuko scene, she sits there for five minutes between every sentence she says, all of which amount to nothing more than "I can't tell you Sad((((". When she called Tanimura selfish for wanting to avenge his father, when she was KILLING PEOPLE to try and get her brother out of jail, I wanted to huck my controller through the TV. She's a terribly-written character who didn't need to exist for the plot to happen. I also wanted to fucking murder someone after she drugs Date just to escape from New Serena. Yasuko is SUCH A FUCKING GODAWFUL CHARACTER THAT I AM JUST FUCKING ANGRY
the k key came off my keyboard while i was mashing there
i don't think a videogame character has ever made me this mad before
if she does one more stupid thing, the sheer anger might just make my heart explode
this is legitimately the most angry i've ever been at anything other than real life

Yasuko 4 is an am-
wait oops
Yakuza 4 is an amazing game. They managed to create four characters who are all legitimately fun to play as and feel different from eachother in every way. The substories are absolutely great, and there are a lot of fun side activities.
It's just a shame that one of the characters makes me want to fucking just
I would honestly stab myself repeatedly until I am more stab wound than man, rather than sit through ONE MORE SECOND of Yasuko's BULLSHIT. I cannot stress enough how much I HATED this character. All I wanted to do is strangle her every time I saw her dumb face about to say or do something completely retarded (after five minutes of looking sad of course).
If Yasuko didn't exist, I'd probably be hemming and hawing over whether to give this game a 10/10 or not.
Now I'm struggling to come up with a number score that makes sense for a game with absolutely amazing side content, but a story that is absolutely unbearable due to one character.
fuck it
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:47 am

Final Fantasy XV (2016) - Xbone
Acquired Black Friday 2017 for $15 from Target
Final Fantasy XV was originally revealed as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis project, which was like a thousand games all called Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII was eventually released as Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII as Type-0, and then Final Fantasy Versus XIII as this.
Versus XIII was meant to be directed by Tetsuya Nomura, best known nowadays for directing the Kingdom Hearts series. Kingdom Hearts III was promised to be developed after Versus XIII came out, but fucking seven years later and Versus XIII was in development hell and FUCK
At E3 2013, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was revealed to have become Final Fantasy XV, and shifted over to a different director. Then there was a Kingdom Hearts III trailer and I legitimately cried I was so happy I'm tearing up just thinking about it
FFXV took three more years to come out. It got a demo on the Xbox Live marketplace, which I played and did not like at all. My track record with Final Fantasy games is suspect to begin with, anyway. I liked I and VI, but stopped playing them for unknown reasons at some point. I LOVED FFX and to a lesser extent X-2, but I HATED FFXII. FFXIII was a mediocre game that I never finished.


i'll have to get back to you on that one

+ The four main characters are really well-done and have great chemistry
+ I know the "high-level character joins your party for a little bit" thing has been done a million times but I still like it
+ The tutorial is pretty nice actually
+ The combat seems braindead simple, but it's actually pretty fun if you warp around a lot
+ The opening where you're running errands for Cindy is a very good way to get the player used to the game
+ The part where the boat gets on the water bridge(?!) to Altissia was just impressive
+ The final chapter ends the game STRONG (which it desperately needed after chapters 9-13)
+ I love looking through the photos Prompto took every time we camp
+ GodDAMMIT that part at the end where Noctis chooses one picture to take with him and you have to go through all of the ones you saved
+ A good chuck of side quests have unique dialogue after you accept them between the party
+ Getting the chocobos so early is a godsend with how time it saves over just walking everywhere you can't drive
+ It was absolutely ESSENTIAL that they put you at the chocobo farm after you lose the car for a bit so you can do that quest if you haven't already (good game design)
+ The Rock of Ravatogh (volcano) was a really cool (optional) dungeon
+ In fact, all of the optional dungeons are neato and varied (two are forest dungeons but I can forgive that because they're both really short)
- EXCEPT for Costlemark Tower, which is absolutely godawful (the very last bit before the boss, to be exact)
- The midboss for the optional sewer dungeon is harder than the end boss of the dungeon (why though)
- The sound stops playing if you go to the Xbone's home menu for too long, forcing you to quit out and restart the software
- One time all the NPCs plumb disappeared on me (including the rest of the main party); fixed by saving and reloading
- You can't look at your quests or inventory while in the car (driver or passenger)
- Context-sensitive A button presses are finicky (it says press A to pick up an item, but I press A and I jump)
- If two objects/people you can interact with are too close together, it can be really difficult to get the camera and/or Noctis into position to interact with the right one
- "Activate special overkill mode" and "lock-on and dodge" use the same button combination so I keep wasting it
- They have an FFX radio station but it doesn't have Otherworld? Really? ( )
- The pier you go to in chapter one should have been much shorter and why the FUCK is side quest man at the far end of it
- Same thing for the light house and Cid + the carrot farm (but at least you can take a chocobo there)
- Accessing Dave's last mission is completely unintuitive; you have to talk to the tipster at the Rock of Ravatogh and ONLY that one and have him fill out the map
- (I did that before the quest became available so I never would have thought to do it again)
- That oracle girl's accent is annoying, especially the child version of her (also it's out of place as fuck no one else here is British in the slightest go home back to Europe)
- Okay, I can accept that we're in medieval fantasy modern-day monarchy America but you've got to COMMIT none of this TEA AND BLOODY SCONES bullshit
- The thing I hate about her is that, even in the flashbacks where she is a child, she speaks like a generic high fantasy "THOU MUST RESTORE THE LIGHT TIS YOUR DESTINY"
- And you know? The orcale's character would work so much better as his MOTHER than his fiance
- "oh no character that the audience has no reason to care about, i am so sad that you are dead"
- Bullshit mandatory stealth section in chapter 6 (the first time where I just quit the game because I wanted to stop playing) [not hard if you use a guide]
- Altissia's layout is really confusing (I'd hate to live there, even setting aside the daemons and evil empire)
- The Leviathan boss was terrible; I had no idea what I was doing but apparently I did a good job?

- Chapter 9:
Chapter 9 is when the game completely loses it. Up until here, the game was just driving around, doing whatever until you ran out of whatever and did some plot shit for a bit.
Chpater 9 takes you to Altissia, which is a shitty city. It's confusing, cramped, hard to navigate, and most of it seems to be inaccessible. So you beeline to the next plotpoint, and oh ho ho
First, the oracle makes a dumb little speech, everyone splits up, and Noctis has to face Leviathan. He gets his shit stomped, and the oracle awakens some weird-ass flying/warping/eighty weapons power. Then you have to defeat Leviathan in a boss fight, and I still don't understand how it worked. I was just staying in one spot, holding attack, and would hit Leviathan like eighty times every time it passed by me harmlessly. Whatever.
Then the oracle dies, and you get a scene where they're dreaming or whatever and Noctis and the oracle are kids again and then the oracle's an adult again and is like "bye bro" and kid Noctis starts crying as the oracle dies and then he turns back into adult Noctis and wakes up after the oracle talks me to sleep about flowers or whatever.
The worst part, however, is when Noctis wakes up. Apparently, Ignis was BLINDED FOR LIFE OFF-SCREEN (on-screen if you have the DLC ((((((: )
They killed off a non-character on-screen, and permanently disfigured a character you've been adventuring with for forty hours OFF-screen. There's not even a record scratch and a freeze frame where he says "yeah that's me; you may be wondering how I got permanently blinded"

- Even though the beginning of chapter 10 says "several weeks later", it's still jarring as fuck to have Gladiolus yelling at Noctis for being mopey about chapter 9
- The Malboro boss fight is fucking dumb; I can get its health down to zero in literal seconds but "we can't beat it we'll have to retreat!!!"
- And the fucking game doesn't tell you which specific spot you need to retreat to so I had to look at two different guides to figure it out
- The survival horror-esque shit in chapter 13 lasts for far too long (I didn't seem to hate it as much as everyone else does though)
- Prompto's entire character twist was basically "i was grown in an evil lab so i myself am the level 7 keycard"

1. Selecting "train" from a campsite (11 hours in, lost a minute or two of progress)
2. Chocoboing my way around a swampy lake thing (22 hours in, lost maybe ten minutes of progress)

I am going to divide the rating into three parts, because, honestly, there's no other way to do it. The final total score will be the average or whatever.

YOU WILL LIKE THIS GAME IF YOU ALSO LIKE broad trips and side quests that are little more than "go here and kill/grab thing for me"
There are a lot of side quests here, but don't expect more interesting reasons to do them beyond "monsters attacked my van and now it's stranded with my merchandise" or "I want a thing and you can get me a thing badabing". The most interesting side quest after all was said and done, writing and reason-wise, was a big-ass monster that was eating chocobos, which I just realised was also in FFX.

Chapters 1-8 took me 38 hours. Chapters 9-14 took me 8 hours.

Dynasty Warriors 9 > Persona 5 > Final Fantasy XV > Yakuza series
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:52 pm

Batman: The Enemy Within (2017-18) - Xbone
Acquired Black Friday 2017 for $15 from the Xbox Live Store
The sequel to last year's Batman: The Telltale Series. I honestly had a good time with the first one, so when the second was announced, I was on board immediately. The original left a pretty big sequel hook, so you knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it just one year later. As a note, the reason this review is so far after last year's Black Friday is that the series was only on the third episode when I bought it. (unlike the other three games where I just didn't start and/or finish them for a long-ass time due to being distracted by Yakuza and various Warriors games)
some music to set the mood:
The first episode is called "The Enigma", so we all know it's about The Riddler. However, we all know right away that the overarching plot is going to be about OUR BOY JOHN, since the first season clearly set him up.

- It's really jarring when 95% of original characters and generic NPCs made for this game are minorities and/or women
- Every original character in a position of power is a woman; I don't mind you mixing them in, but this is just unnatural and forced
- Government lady is probably the worst character ever
- Lucius's daughter is introduced and then immediately an annoying piece of shit
- Lucius's death is stupid and horribly executed
- What is wrong with calling that lady the "chairman"? "Woman" has the word "man" in it
- Job titles with the word "person" in them will always sound forced and unnatural; by using them, you are equating working women with something forced and unnatural
- Government lady knows Batman is Bruce Wayne ha ha ha such a shocking and not retarded twist (just kidding it is totally retarded)
- No option to have Batman look over his shoulder when government lady says "Bruce Wayne" and be all like "where I don't see him"
- No option to punch government lady (I would also be happy with a kick or a headbutt or maybe a suplex)

Episode one was great when it was about OUR BOY JOHN and pretty good when it was about The Riddler's traps. Every one of the negro woman original characters is absolutely insuffrable. If you want to encourage diversity, start by making your "diverse" characters not terrible.
end of episode:

+ etc.
+ Trucker man is a top-tier bro (R.I.P.) [if he hadn't died, I would have named him Robin then and there]
+ I honestly really liked being able to hang out with OUR BOY JOHN and Harley Quinn as Bruce
+ They finally removed "previously on" and "next time on"
- Why was Lucius's daughter able to access the top secret lab and why the fuck wasn't she fired then and there (why didn't Harley smash her head in)

OFFICIAL LIST OF BATMAN'S BROS: Alfred, Gordon, Lucius (R.I.P.), OUR BOY JOHN, trucker man (R.I.P.), Harley Quinn(?!)
end of episode:
P.S. - the 5% of players who didn't pinky swear with OUR BOY JOHN are ABSOLUTE SCUM

+ "I believe in you, John; you show that wall who's boss" had me in stitches
+ The last choice of the episode actually felt meaningful (even though I know I'll be fine) even though I knew instantly what I'd do
- No option to just stop Gordon while he's going on his rant about Bruce Wayne and just take off the damn mask
- I mean, fuck, the theme of the game seems to be "learning to let people in" and who's more trustworthy than Gordon?

OFFICIAL LIST OF BATMAN'S BROS: Alfred, Gordon, Lucius (R.I.P.), OUR BOY JOHN, trucker man (R.I.P.), that one guy (R.I.P.), Catwoman
end of episode:

- I wish Bruce had led the "finding OUR BOY JOHN slumped on the desk" scene with "OUR BOY JOHN ARE YOU ALL RIGHT" (because OUR BOY JOHN is a TOP-TIER BRO)

end of episode:

- Lucius's daughter is simply too competent; they made her a near-infallible supergenius with a solution to every problem
- We have the evidence, why can't we just fucking arrest her then and there? She's a M U R D E R E R and Batman hates those

end of episode, this time in the order presented:

1. As I was trying to start episode 4 for the first time

Out of all the post-The Walking Dead Telltale games, this is the one that I felt the most drive to complete. It is solely because of OUR BOY JOHN, the sole ray of light I had to look forward to after the abysmal ending of the first episode. From episode two onward, however, it's pretty fucking great. I don't know if a season three is even possible after all the shit this one did.

I may have been engaged the whole way through, but the game still had problems. The final choice seems kind of forced, and there's just a lack of ability to make decisions. There really should have been a way to build your own crew so that Alfred doesn't have to do EVERYTHING. Avesta should have been pegged in as support much quicker, and there really should have been a scene with Catwoman at the end if your choices allowed for it.
In spite of this, I was enthralled with the journey, and hesitantly give this game an
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PostSubject: Re: game of the year all years   Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:37 am

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) - Xbox 360
I bought this game for $5 from a game store that was closing down for good. R.I.P.
This is the first NFS game made by Criterion, best-known for making the Burnout series. I've previously played their second NFS game, Most Wanted 2012, and enjoyed myself. I imagine that this is the same thing in a different city.
Except it's not, because the Most Wanted racers list is replaced by the ability to play as the cops, and it's not open world. I'm okay with this.

+ Can completely and totally 100% customise your controls (the only change I made is to swap handbrake and nitrous to A and X, respectively, but it's still super-nice)
+ Not open world (it's really nice to play a racing game that isn't)
+ The game looks great, and the courses feel varied and fun
+ They start you off with a car you'd actually want to drive (a Porsche, even)
+ Drifting in this game feels really good
+ Drifting actually feels different in wet conditions (slippery)
+ It's pretty satisfying when you use a spike strip or EMP or jammer at the perfect time
- Can't turn on subtitles until AFTER the one-time explanation of every main menu option (GLAD I'M NOT DEAF)
- The helicopter support fucking sucks
- AI drivers seem to be able to shoot the gap in the roadblock every fucking time (why is there even a car-wide gap in the roadblock doesn't that defeat the purpose)
- Interceptor missions get REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING
- The best cop missions are the hot pursuit missions and they're the least common for whatever reason
- The race AI feels like it has too much rubberbanding, and that you yourself don't get any at all
- The shortcuts are really hard to see until it's too late, even when you know they're there
- The camera angles when selecting your paint job are terrible (HOW HARD IS IT TO GET A FULL SIDE VIEW)
- The soundtrack is fucking terrible

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a good racing game, but there are some issues which hold it back from being great. I also feel like I'm not going to remember this game by the end of the year. With a better soundtrack, more useful cop abilities, and tweaked rubberbanding, this could have been a great game. As it sits:
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game of the year all years
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