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 the waiting

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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

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PostSubject: the waiting   Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:45 pm

In 2006, Kingdom Hearts II came out for the PlayStation 2. I was 12 years old, three months from turning 13.

Eleven years later, in 2017, Kingdom Hearts III still isn't out. It's been four years since the reveal trailer. I cried like a little fucking bitch when this game was revealed. I was set to turn 20 the day after this trailer was released. I'm nearly 24 now.

I can't see KH3 coming out before 2019. If this happens, I will have spent half my life waiting for this game.
I'm incredibly jaded. With most things, I expect the worst before I even play it. This way, I'm either pleasantly surprised or just dead-on right; rarely disappointed.
KH3 is different. This isn't 24-year-old jaded as shit me who wants this game. This is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 12-year-old me who wants this game. That childlike hope and excitement is still there, deep inside, clinging for dear life onto this game. I have wanted this game for eleven whole years.
The handheld games don't count; they are not what I want. I want to go around from world to world with that brilliant KH2 gameplay as Sora, with Donald and Goofy by my side.

I am going to get this game the day it comes out, and I am going to sit at that title screen, listening to the new version of Dearly Beloved. I am going to bawl my Goddamn eyes out at that title screen. I'm already tearing up now, just thinking about it. I may not even start the game that first day. I may just sit alone in my room at that title screen, soaking in the art and the music. I'm not being dramatic right now, I'm being truthful.
If Kingdom Hearts III ends up being a bad game, the last piece of my childhood hopes and dreams will die. I will know this, and will hesitate on that title screen for the longest time. With every year that passes, the expectation grows and grows. It may sound dumb to those of you with lives and wives and whatever. All of my eggs went into this basket, one way or another. 24-year-old me doesn't need this to be the best game ever, 12-year-old me does. He's in a coma right now, and KH3 will determine whether he returns to us or he dies in heartbreaking fashion.
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the waiting
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