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 GHG Anniversary: GH3 list

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PostSubject: GHG Anniversary: GH3 list   Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:06 pm

Before we start, two things:
1. I tried to follow the same guidelines and ideas I think Harmonix did when making GH2. GH2 passed up the most obvious song for one that was less famous, but worked better for the game (e.g. Heart-Shaped Box over SLTS, Last Child over Walk This Way, Monkey Wrench over Everlong, Billion Dollar Babies over School's Out, Crazy on You over Barracuda, etc. etc.). However, there are still some completely obvious selections here, as well as some where I just chose a song that would be great to play without considering popularity for a second.
Most of the setlist could still be used for a back of the box blurb and get people to buy it (or you could always be a cheeky cunt and use the artist names instead).

2. I couldn't get the genre/decade balance I wanted while also having all the songs I wanted with just eleven tiers, so I decided to just keep adding songs until I got the balance I wanted. The monstrosity you see below is the result. I regret nothing.


01: Your Garage
U2/"Desire", 1988
Van Morrison/"Brown-Eyed Girl", 1967
Barenaked Ladies/"It's All Been Done", 1998
Franz Ferdinand/"This Fire", 2004
Mountain/"Mississippi Queen", 1970
Encore: R.E.M./"The One I Love", 1987

02: Tiki Bar
Stone Temple Pilots/"Plush", 1992
Ace Frehley/"New York Groove", 1978
Huey Lewis and the News/"Hip to be Square", 1986
Blondie/"Call Me", 1980
The Zutons/"Valerie", 2006
Encore: Yes/"Owner of a Lonely Heart", 1983

03: Local Record Store
Supergrass/"Grace", 2002
The Doors/"Peace Frog", 1970
The Replacements/"Alex Chilton", 1987
Screaming Trees/"Nearly Lost You", 1992
Blue Cheer/"Summertime Blues", 1968
Encore: The Monkees/"I'm a Believer", 1967

04: House of Blues
Creedence Clearwater Revival/"Green River", 1969
Lenny Kravitz/"Fly Away", 1998
Dead Boys/"Sonic Reducer", 1977
Spin Doctors/"Two Princes", 1991
Whitesnake/"Fool for Your Loving", 1980
Encore: Oasis/"Don't Look Back in Anger", 1995

05: Luxury Cruise
Violent Femmes/"Blister in the Sun", 1983
The Clash/"White Riot", 1977
The Rolling Stones/"Bitch", 1971
JET/"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is", 2006
David Bowie/"Suffragette City", 1972
Encore: The Presidents of the United States of America/"Peaches", 1995

06: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Sublime/"What I Got", 1996
Goldfinger/"Superman", 1997
Sonic Youth/"Incinerate", 2006
The Offspring/"I Choose", 1997
Foo Fighters/"I'll Stick Around", 1995
Encore: Paul McCartney and Wings/"Band on the Run", 1973

07: New England Rock Festival
The Rembrandts/"I'll be There for You", 1995
Radiohead/"The Bends", 1995
The J. Geils Band/"Centrefold", 1981
The Pretenders/"Middle of the Road", 1983
The White Stripes/"Fell in Love with a Girl", 2001
Encore: The Police/"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", 1981

08: World Tour: Boston, Masachusetts, United States
David Lee Roth/"Yankee Rose", 1986
The Black Keys/"Your Touch", 2006
Sunny Day Real Estate/"Seven", 1994
Alice in Chains/"Dam That River", 1992
The Strokes/"Reptilia", 2003
Encore: The Steve Miller Band/"Jet Airliner", 1977

09: World Tour: New York City, New York, United States
Queen/"Fat-Bottomed Girls", 1978
Cky/"96 Quite Bitter Beings", 1999
Muse/"Supermassive Black Hole", 2006
Bad Religion/"Big Bang", 1989
Alice Cooper/"No More Mr. Nice Guy", 1973
Encore: Nirvana/"You Know You're Right", 2002

10: World Tour: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Black Crowes/"Hard to Handle", 1990
The Who/"The Seeker", 1970
ZZ Top/"Tush", 1975
Queens of the Stone Age/"You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire", 2002
Red Hot Chili Peppers/"Suck My Kiss", 1991
Encore:  Heart/"Magic Man", 1976

11: World Tour: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Green Day/"Hitchin' a Ride", 1997
T.Rex/"Twentieth Century Boy", 1973
Smashing Pumpkins/"Cherub Rock", 1993
James Gang/"Funk 49", 1970
Lynyrd Skynyrd/"Sweet Home Alabama", 1974
Encore: Audioslave/"Doesn't Remind Me", 2005

12: World Tour: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Cheap Trick/"I Want You to Want Me", 1978
Eagles/"Life in the Fast Lane", 1976
.38 Special/"Back Alley Sally", 1981
Poison/"Look What the Cat Dragged In", 1986
Silversun Pickups/"Well-Thought-Out Twinkles", 2006
Encore: Foreigner/"Feels Like the First Time", 1977

13: World Tour: Los Angeles, California, United States
Weezer/"My Name is Jonas", 1994
Pearl Jam/"Even Flow", 1991
Stevie Wonder/"I Wish", 1976
My Chemical Romance/"Thank You for the Venom", 2004
The Cult/"Love", 1985
Encore: Stone Sour/"Sillyworld", 2006

14: World Tour: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
ACϟDC/"Riff Raff", 1978
Faces/"Stay with Me", 1971
Priestess/"I am the Night, Colour Me Black", 2005
Stevie Ray Vaughan/"Crossfire", 1989
Europe/"Rock the Night", 1986
Encore: Toto/"Rosanna", 1982

15: World Tour: Tokyo, Japan
Aerosmith/"Back in the Saddle", 1976
Blue Oyster Cult/"Burnin' for You", 1981
Motley Crue/"Dr. Feelgood", 1989
Black Label Society/"Stillborn", 2003
Saxon/"Street Fighting Gang", 1980
Encore: Boston/"Hitch a Ride", 1976

16: World Tour: Seoul, South Korea
Steely Dan/"Do it Again", 1972
Pat Benatar/"Heartbreaker", 1979
Bon Jovi/"Bad Medicine", 1988
System of a Down/"Chic 'n' Stu", 2002
Kenny Loggins/"Danger Zone", 1986
Encore: Michael Jackson/"Beat It", 1982

17: World Tour: Auckland, New Zealand
Warrant/"Uncle Tom's Cabin", 1990
Gov't Mule/"Streamline Woman", 2006
Mastodon/"Blood and Thunder", 2004
Helloween/"I Want Out", 1988
Scorpions/"The Sails of Charon", 1978
Encore: The Allman Brothers Band/"Whipping Post", 1969

18: World Tour: Sydney, Australia
Journey/"Any Way You Want It", 1980
Jane's Addiction/"Been Caught Stealing", 1991
Skid Row/"Here I Am", 1989
Foghat/"Fool for the City", 1975
Great White/"Once Bitten, Twice Shy", 1989
Encore: The Stone Roses/"Love Spreads", 1994

19: World Tour: Moscow, Russia
Tenacious D/"Master Exploder", 2006
Guns N' Roses/"Nightrain", 1987
Molly Hatchet/"Flirtin' with Disaster", 1979
Little Feat/"Texas Twister", 1990
Kansas/"What's on My Mind", 1976
Encore: The Mars Volta/"L'Via L'Viaquez", 2005

20: World Tour: Hamburg, Germany
Tom Petty/"Runnin' Down a Dream", 1989
Testament/"Souls of Black", 1990
Rage Against the Machine/"Know Your Enemy", 1992
Elton John/"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting", 1973
Dinosaur Jr./"On the Brink", 1994
Encore: Iron Maiden/"Prowler", 1980

21: World Tour: Paris, France
Megadeth/"Peace Sells", 1986
Soundgarden/"Rusty Cage", 1991
UFO/"Rock Bottom", 1974
Ram Jam/"Black Betty", 1977
Chicago/"25 or 6 to 4", 1970
Encore: Savatage/"Hall of the Mountain King", 1987

22: World Tour: London, England, United Kingdom
Ozzy Osbourne/"Crazy Train", 1987
Living Colour/"Cult of Personality", 1988
Slipknot/"Before I Forget", 2004
Dokken/"Kiss of Death", 1987
The Jimi Hendrix Experience/"Voodoo Child", 1968
Encore: Van Halen/"Tora! Tora!/Loss of Control", 1980

23: World Tour: Dublin, Ireland
Eric Johnson/"Cliffs of Dover", 1990
Tesla/"Comin' Atcha Live", 1986
Diamond Head/"Am I Evil?", 1980
Quiet Riot/"Run for Cover", 1983
Thin Lizzy/"The Rocker", 1973
Encore: Black Sabbath/"Symptom of the Universe", 1975

24: World Tour: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Focus/"Hocus Pocus", 1971
Styx/"You Need Love", 1972
Metallica/"Trapped Under Ice", 1984
Mercyful Fate/"Evil", 1983
The Brian Setzer Orchestra/"Ghost Radio", 1996
Encore: Deep Purple/"Burn", 1974

25: Easter Island
Judas Priest/"Between the Hammer and the Anvil", 1990
Led Zeppelin/"Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid", 1969
Derek and the Dominos/"Why Does Love Got to be so Sad?", 1970
The Outlaws/"Waterhole", 1975
The Living End/"E-Boogie/What's on Your Radio?", 2006
Final Encore: Dio/"Don't Talk to Strangers", 1983
Credits Song: Dream Theatre/"Panic Attack", 2005

Bonus songs:
Buckethead/"The Pageant of the Slunks", 2006
Bumblefoot/"Guitars SUCK", 2001
Cacophony/"Go Off!", 1988
Coverdale•Page/"Feeling Hot", 1993
Crush 40/"Escape from the City", 2001
David Cook/"Let Go", 2006
DragonForce/"Lost Souls in Endless Time", 2006
Jason Becker/"Perpetual Burn", 1988
Jeff Beck/"You Know What I Mean", 1975
Joe Perry/"Spider-Man Theme", 1994
Joe Satriani/"Satch Boogie", 1987
Marty Friedman/"Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana", 2006
MD.45/"Roadman", 1996
Paul Gilbert/"Attitude Boy Will Overcome", 2000
Racer X/"Scarified", 1987
Ray Parker Jr./"Ghostbusters", 1984
Steve Vai/"I Would Love To", 1990
The Mighty RAW/"Go, Go, Power Rangers!", 1993
Utada Hikaru/"Simple and Clean - Rising Sun Remix", 2002
Yngwie J. Malmsteen/"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", 1999

canned responses:

The first tier's decade balance is something I'm pretty proud of.
2 70s
1 80s
2 90s

GH2 (PS2):
1 70s
3 80s
1 21st century

GH2 (360):
2 70s
1 80s
3 90s

My list:
1 60s
1 70s
2 80s
1 90s
1 21st century
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GHG Anniversary: GH3 list
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