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 Star Adventure (season 2)

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what does the scouter say about his post count

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Star Adventure (season 2) Empty
PostSubject: Star Adventure (season 2)   Star Adventure (season 2) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2016 4:23 pm

Captain's log, nebula date 6R-34T. Nebula Command has tasked me with investigating the mysterious disappearance of Captain Eif's ship. We are heading to his last-known coordinates now, in the Zih Pour system. He's probably just sleeping and hasn't woken up to answer Nebula Command's calls.
"we've found the ship captain" "wow that was fast" "well uh it's pretty big" "beam us down taylor" "on it" Transportation Chief Taylor beams Captain Bran, Medical Officer Brucie, Sheriff Antony, and Ensign Amiee :3 are teleported on board the ship. The ship's consoles are destroyed, and dead bodies litter the corridors. The colour of blood overtakes the usual silvers of the ship. "i love what he's done with the place" "really made it his own" "captain eif should be featured in the next issue of kathy space-magazine" "oh look there he is now" Everyone rushes to the side of Captain Eif. "he's dead, jim" "bran" "dammit jim i'm a doctor not a guy who remembers people's names" "OH THANK GOD SOMEONE CAME" A ghost rushes toward the crew. "GH-GH-GHOST" "actually she's a space ghost, which is completely different" "no less spooky, however" "my name is ensign claire; our ship was attacked by space sailors from the planet treh jjour in the sey lour system" "are you the only one who uh became a ghost" "yes; as my spirit was rising toward heaven above, it was hit by stray nebulonic rays that kept it tied to this universe" "well uh we'd better beam back up and give a report; we can only beam four at a time though so someone will have to stay behind for a little bit" "I NOMINATE ENSIGN AMIEE :3" "SECONDED" "all right; go stand in that room over there ensign" "right away sir!!!" Ensign Amiee :3 walks over into the next room, where she is sucked straight out into the vaccuum of space. "..." "..." "COOL" "LET'S DO IT AGAIN"
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Star Adventure (season 2)
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