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 One of Those Things FAQ

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PostSubject: One of Those Things FAQ   Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:44 pm

hoo boy

date begun: 30 aug 2016
date finished: 22 oct 2016 (just before midnight!!!)

about two months is a good turnaround for a full thing i think
my internet was being a bit funky last night so that's why it's being posted today

I felt like I had to do a full-length Thing after writing three 75s in a row. I also felt like I had to go to 2017, since there's nothing else I feel like I can do with a midquel that would be 'worth it' without another sequel.

I don't have much to say about the, uh, "creative process". It's pretty straightforward. I did write the last 15 missions at around mission 090, which is new.
I've finally reached the point where the vast majority of the major characters are waifus. I regret nothing.

Mission 003:
Prof Eif was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew he had to blow
Prof Eif left his home in Alabama U
For some Canadian snow
Get back
Get back
Get back to where you once belonged

I decided during this one that I'd stop writing her mission name as "Gravedigger Valerie" and let her just be Valerie. Thank you for
girls who have kept their titles:
Construction Candice
The Great Cheryl
Claire Who is a Ghost
Special Agent Grace

Everyone else will just go by their first name. Thank you for
All the girls actually have full names, in case you were wondering. One of the first things I do when I create a new girl is give her a full name.

Mission 027 contains a reference to one of the most, uh, "memorable" Spider-Man storylines, One More Day. Have I mentioned before that comic books have been absolutely retarded for decades now?

Mission 029 originally had Father Brucie say "any given modern protest movement; harassment groups who masquerade as anti-harassment/prejudice groups; you know" instead of "liberals", but I felt the latter was a more complete and brief answer.

Mission 045: if you don't know what "the incident" refers to, read the next big thing :^)

Mission 062: remember that this takes place in september of 2017, when dak prescott will be entering his second year
i'm sure no one cares but this is how the sportsball league works out in the a thing universe:
basically it's the same as the nfl EXCEPT
AFC is now the CSC (canadian sportsball conference)
NFC is now the ASC (alabamanian sportsball conference)
the Tennessee Titans don't exist and are still the Houston Oilers
because of this, the Houston Texans don't exist and are replaced by THE WILDCATS
the Indianapolis Clots are replaced by THE WILDCATS
the Jacksonville Jaguars are replaced by THE WILDCATS
the Seattle Seahawks are replaced by The Motherfuckers (Professor Eif's team)
the San Francisco 49ers are replaced by the Robert Truckdriver team
the Rams are still in St. Louis fuck you
the championships are flipped around a bit
uniforms are a bit different (classic red Patriots, kelly green Eagles, creamsicle Bucs, arrow Redskins, classic Browns, all-black Falcons, '90s Broncos, etc.)

Mission 063 is just there to remind people why I don't try and have "subplots" (or "regular plots") and "character development"

Mission 073 probably needs some explanation. The Jakey/Grace code phrases are all pre-set in advance. Meaning these are things they have prepared and practiced for. The rest is self-explanitory, except for the modifiers.
If Jakey hyphenates the plan name, there is an additional quirk that needs to be addressed. The base plans are named after the letters of the Greek alphabet; the modifiers are the three remaining Greek symbols that apply to numbers.
The only two we know as of now are "-digamma", which means that Kathy needs to be bribed, and "-sampi", which means that Jakey's allergy to swans is causing him to swell in size.
i'll figure something out if i end up needing more modifiers

Mission 096:
Gwendolyn could have switched to Post's Bloody Pebbles cereal, but they use artificial blood flavouring, which is just not the same.

Mission 105 just kind of got away from me.

Mission 109 was just "get this shit done and out the door".

This is the first Thing where television and the Thing itself are wholly separate.
I had only written Jakey's Angels for this one, so I'm happy about it.

During the timeline of A Thing (which starts in the 1980s with Gaiden 1), these are the presidents of the United States:

40. Ronald "Ronnie" Reagan (1981-1989)
41. George Bush the Greater (1989-1993)

42. Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton (1993-2001)
43. George Bush the Lesser (2001-2009)
44. Barack "Thanks" Obama (2009-2013)
45. Jakey (2013-2017)
46. Donald "Donnie T." "The Trumpman" "Can't Stump the" Trump (2017-present)

greater and lesser being like
senior and junior
not referring to quality

Of course, the Americans all thought Obama was still in office during Jakey's term, thanks to a yearly puppet show that had a puppet of Barack Obama give the State of the Union address.

And to answer the question:
No, the affairs of Trump's presidency will never be addressed in the A Thing series.
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One of Those Things FAQ
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