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 Sun/Moon demo

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PostSubject: Sun/Moon demo   Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:51 pm

Okay, I played it, and somehow came out of it wanting to play the game LESS.

The "rival" is your now-standard way too chummy "instant best friends" piece of shit.

The evil team thing is done right for the first time since Rocket, based on just what I've seen from the demo. They're goofy as shit. It's not like Galactic, this time EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM is ridiculous. Their designs, their animations, their dialogue, everything. They were, against all odds, the best part of the demo.

The demo lets you do one of the "trials" that replaces gym battles. It's absolute garbage. You walk up to holes, take pictures of Pokémon, then battle a wild Pokémon your Greninja can OHKO.
so much better than gyms though right guys

You start with a Greninja with the "Battle Bond" ability, which turns it into Ash-Greninja after it takes out one Pokémon in the given battle.
Later, you get a Pikachu that is only there to show off Z moves in the worst way possible. "You just got thing? Very nice use it against this Golbat GOOD JOB Now let me take that Pikachu away before you hurt yourself and try to use the Z move in an interesting fashion :^)"

Remember in X/Y, when you'd hop onto a Rhyhorn or Mamoswine for a bit and stomp around? This time, they try and make that an actual thing throughout the game. You can just call on a Tauros anytime after you complete the trial and ride around.

The UI looks VERY nice. Shame about the "effective"/"not very effective"/"super effective" tags under moves that remove all thinking from single-player.

this game will sell millions but i'm not going to be one of those millions
waiting for 3ds emulation basically
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PostSubject: Re: Sun/Moon demo   Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:54 am

Finally got around to trying the demo.

My first major complaint is that you have to use the joystick to move around. RIP dpad

I don't know if I like the new mechanic of needing to press A to open doors. Time will tell.

The game is gorgeous compared to other Pokémon games. ESPECIALLY the battle UI gotdang. being able to check move details in fight, check your Pokémon's stat changes on the dang useful. I can forgive the super effective/effective/not very effective stuff since it only activates after the first time you battle a specific Pokémon, though it would make more sense if it popped up only after you've caught that Pokémon. Anyway, it's a small price to pay for the rest of the usefulness.

The other change that I was wary of to start but I don't mind now is the way the game warns you of trainers that will want to battle. It makes it feel more like a stealth mission, even though I generally fight all trainers I can anyway.

The trial was shit. the picture taking mechanic is so bizarre, and it wasn't even particularly fun. It seemed like BS fetch quests with no real reward. I'm still keeping up hope that the Pokémon league returns in some fashion in the post game. (during the Demo, some guy standing by a house mentions that some strong trainer that lives in that house is skiing in the mountains. The demo video also shows a few quirky trainers that had a resemblance of gym trainers.)

I love the Tauros thing. The best gimmick in the whole demo was that if you battle while on the tauros, your character stays in tauros riding garb. So pointless but it was a wonderful little detail.

I'll likely get the game, but I'm still a bit worried about it.
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Sun/Moon demo
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