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 Television FAQ

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PostSubject: Television FAQ   Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:48 pm

Okay, here it is:
My original plan for A Thing and its sequels was to have ten television shows per entry into the series, which would add some flavour.
This meant that each Thing needed its own subforum, which eventually made this section way too long, and it was only set to get longer.
Also, with One Thing Leads to Another, all the TV shows were last-second "shit shit shit" things I wrote. It looked like it was going to be this way with the NEXT thing, but double.

So what I did to solve both problems is to give TV shows their own subforum and have them be a "whenever" type of deal. This will probably mean "hardly ever" in the long run.

NOTE: Three former television shows (all for Anything and Everything) are now in Media Reinterpretations, because they are fairy tales, and the rest of the fairy tales are in there.
The moved shows are:
Gwendolyn and the Seven Cool Dudes
Middle Side Story
Beauty and the Uncool Guy

So here's a list of everything and a statement of what they're supposed to be, in chronological order:
(shows marked with an asterisk are shows i've never actually seen)

A Thing era:
AL Noire (film noire)
Super-Magical Kawaii Desu Show-Kun!!! (anime)
Take the Money and Run (game show)
Storage Auction Hunter Wars (Storage Wars/Auction Hunters/Storage Hunters)
Canadian Sensation (American Idol)

Another Thing era:
Empty House (I... really don't know what I was going for)
Game of Clones (Game of Thrones*)
Sheriff Antony, Where are You?! (Scooby-Doo)
The Rollingstones (The Flintstones)

Nothing era:
ALPD Azure (cop shows)
The Tomato of Justice (bad superhero)
Tungsten Fist (kung-fu movie)
25 (24*)
Eif, M.D. (medical shows)
Misplaced (Lost*)
Dial (soap operas)
2 Fast 4 You (street racing movies)

The Next Big Thing era:
Operatives of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Clearly the Superior Album (my own original idea, but Blindspot* stole it!!!)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-VI (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Pasta Bolognese (spaghetti westerns)
Justice Hero Super League (a bad version of the Avengers)
Kniggaz of the Round Table (idea stolen from /v/)
The Fresh Prince of Grove Street (trying to salvage SAS)

Anything and Everything era:
The Mummy Tales (original baby)
I Love Kathy (I Love Lucy*)
Jakey's Angels (Charlie's Angels)
Great's Anatomy (more medical shows)
The Curse of the Black Togekiss (arrrrgh)
Neo Super-Magical Kawaii Desu Show-Kun!!! (futuristic anime)

One Thing Leads to Another era:
Don with the Wind (mafia)
Born to Ride Motorcycles (Sons of Anarchy*)
So You Think You Can Lance? (original idea, against all odds)

Free of affiliation era:
Star Adventure (Star Trek)
The Badge: Against All Odds (good cop takes on the corrupt system)
日本の犯罪シンジケート (translates to "Japanese Crime Syndicate" via Bing translator)
Acorn Avenue (Sesame Street)
Alabama Medical (medical shows)

The Quite-Good Comics cinematic universe:
The Tomato of Justice
Justice Hero Super League
"The Bag"
The Bodacious Brute

Note that Pasta Bolognese and Star Adventure were originally in A Thing, but the originals are in the trash can.
Acorn Avenue was actually one of the first ideas I had, but I couldn't think of anything until I just decided to go for it.
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Television FAQ
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