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 King of Tungsten Fist 4

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remember chocolate rain? whatever happened to that guy

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PostSubject: King of Tungsten Fist 4   Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:08 pm

based on the classic (characters are not consistent with the original)

Two years ago, Svart failed to catch HARLEQUIN FOETUS OGRE. He had his researchers use blood and tissue samples from it to try and create an ultimate lifeform by fusing its DNA with his own. However, it did not work because Svart lacked the necessary Cool Guy Gene. Svart knew of two people with the Cool Guy Gene - his son, Eif, and his grandson, Bran. Unfortunately, he had hurled Eif into a volcano twenty years prior. Oops. Luckily, the Great-Corporation had revived Eif. In order to lure Eif and Bran out, Svart started the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Shortly after his demise at Svart's hands, Eif was revived by the Great-Corporation. However, Eif decided that this wasn't enough, and he wanted to be even more cool than he already was, so he entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 in order to steal Bran's cool guy powers.

Ever since the betrayal of Svart, Bran hated everything about his bloodline and trained night and day to unlearn everything he'd been taught. Bran had not chosen to be a cool guy, but it was his curse. While Bran could hold back his own cool guy powers, he knew his father and grandfather would not, so Bran decided to enter the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 to destroy his bloodline forever.

Hans was the owner of a large corporation that manufactured robots. In order to try and develop his latest creation into the greatest fighting machine of all, Hans entered it and himself into the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Jakey was expelled from the King of Tungsten Fist Tournaments after hurting Svart's feelings, and he was a bit upset about it. In order to get revenge on Svart, Jakey entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 wearing a false moustache and calling himself Hans in order to conceal his identity.

The Decoy:
In order to increase his odds of defeating Svart personally in the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4, Jakey constructed a robot that looked exactly like himself. He slapped a false moustache onto it, and entered it into the tournament. The Decoy knows the moves of every other fighter in the tournament, but can only imitate one person at a time because Jakey "thought it would be funny".

Bendik was drafted into the Alabamanian military and assigned to the special operations division. Once he heard of the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4, however, Bendik ditched the military with a note that said "gtg" and ran off to face his eternal rival, Bran.

Emelyn was a junior in high school, but was bored as shit without a lord to serve. One day, she received an anonymous email that only contained a colon, a karat, and a close parenthesis. Enraged at the ":^)" in front of her, and knowing that it was her lord Bran, she entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 to slap his shit.

Claire was Emelyn's best friend in high school, and decided to tag along for kicks.

Emelyn's loyal pet dog. Joined the tournament for no real reason.

After losing to Orange in the last tournament, Scraps realised that he'd been pampered for too long. In order to reacquire his lost animal instincts, Scraps ventured into the Mystic Forest. Unfortunately, being a small dog, Scraps was unprepared for life in the wild, and frequently returned to the city to watch TV. One one commercial break, he saw an ad for the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 and decided to enter to get his revenge on Orange.

Orange went undefeated in the the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 3, and even defeated the HARLEQUIN FOETUS OGRE. Unfortunately, he'd left before the fight was ogre and it had reached its second form, and Bran won in his place. Also unfortunately, no one believed his stories, and Orange's dojo lost all its business. Orange entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 in order to win again, for real this time.

Taylor was a very successful businessman, with his own dojo and nationwide restaurant chain called Chinese Foodz Я Us. Unfortunately, Chinese Foodz Я Us folded in the face of Motherfucker Chinese, and Taylor had to declare bankruptcy. Taylor soon became a stay-at-home drunk, until he saw an ad for the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4. Taylor mustered up everything he had, and began training furiously for the tournament as he chewed his trusty stick of Trident sugar-free chewing gum.

Sheriff Antony:
Sheriff Antony had dedicated his life to sheriffing, and his girlfriend dumped him for it. Sheriff Antony did not care in the slightest, as there were a million more like her. What he did care about, however, is that he had been suspended from the force by Sting for "shooting too many unarmed criminals". Sheriff Antony sighed, and decided to follow a lead on his own about some boxer who was going to be assassinated at the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Adam Lambert:
A young boxer who had become middleweight champion of the world. Unfortunately, Adam Lambert had never known his parents, and the only thing he knew about his past was the gigantic scar running down his arm. One day, Adam Lambert was told by Don Parazoni's Alabamanian Mafia to throw a high-stakes fight, but he didn't. Don Parazoni then ordered a hit on Adam Lambert, who had to flee to Canada. Soon, however, Adam Lambert realised the mafia would find him no matter where he went, so he entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 to at least have some fun before dying.

After the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 2, Svart decided to test his cryogenics technology by freezing Sophia for fifteen years, before unfreezing her for the third tournament. The process gave Sophia amnesia, but she managed to escape from Svart, working as a contract assassin. One day, Sophia received a new contract from Don Parazoni himself to kill boxing world champion Adam Lambert, who would be competing in the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian:
As the Obnoxious Celtic Leader of the Obnoxious Celtic Army, it was Obnoxious Celtic Guardian's duty to provide Obnoxious Celtic Food, Obnoxious Celtic Shelter, and Obnoxious Celtic Medicine to the Obnoxious Celtic People of the Obnoxious Celtic Country. Unfortunately, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian lacked the necessary Obnoxious Celtic Funding for such an Obnoxious Celtic Task. Hearing of the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian decides to win the Obnoxious Celtic Tournament to take over Svart's Obnoxious Celtic Organisation.

Adam Sandler:
Adam Sandler was a former soldier who became a police officer, and was killed in a shootout in Hong Kong. Dr. Vladimir had revived Adam Sandler, but his reborn life was coming to an end, and Adam Sandler needed to find Dr. Vladimir again to re-extend his lifespan. Unfortunately, Dr. Vladimir had been captured by Svart, and Adam Sandler had no way of getting to him. With the last rush of power in his body, Adam Sandler entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 in order to kill Svart and force Dr. Vladimir to fix him.

Jack White:
After the events of the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 3, Jack White found out that his master, Armour Jack White, had been killed in a bar brawl. Jack White swore he'd get revenge, and learned that the culprit was Ainsley Harriott, who was serving a sentence in an Alabama prison. Bribing officials for Ainsley Harriott's freedom, Jack White sent him an invitation to the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4, where Jack White would be waiting for revenge.

Ainsley Harriott:
Undefeated for many years in the Vale Tudo fighting circuit, Ainsley Harriott was kicked out of the organisation for being linked to a scandal. Embittered, Ainsley Harriott one day began a massive bar brawl, and killed an opponent whom he later learned was none other than Armour Jack White. Convicted for second-degree manslaughter, Ainsley Harriott was sentenced to ten years in prison. Two years later, Ainsley Harriott was mysteriously released from prison; an anonymous benefactor had paid numerous bribes for his release, and sent him an invitation to the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Rachel was a college student, who one day learned that her home would soon become a harsh forested wasteland, rather than the beautiful industrialised city it had always been. Not wanting this to happen, Rachel joined the Great-Corporation to find a way to defeat Mother Nature. Unfortunately, Svart's men had attacked the Great-Corporation and stolen all data from them, including Rachel's research. In order to get back the important data she'd collected, Rachel entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Grace is the granddaughter to the legendary capoeira master who taught the art to Stu during his time in prison. Stu had sworn an oath to eventually pass the fighting style down to Grace, and did such just after the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 3. After two years, Grace came close to mastering the style. Suddenly, however, Stu had disappeared, only leaving behind a note that said "gone to store for milk brb". Grace decided then and there to search for Stu, her only clue being the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4.

Stu had gone to the store for milk, and in that time, Grace had entered the King of Tungsten Fist Tournament 4 in order to look for him. Exasperated, Stu followed in her footsteps.
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King of Tungsten Fist 4
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