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 RPGboot FAQ

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PostSubject: RPGboot FAQ   Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:36 am

So, after making FAQs for the A Thing series, I feel like it's time to make a FAQ for RPGboot.

Back in 2008, I decided to make the Teh Forum RPGs. They were terrible, and I was ashamed of them.
So, at the end of 2010, I created the Teh Forum RPG [Reboot], or "RPGboot". It was A LOT better. As I wrote more and more, I got better at writing.*
*This, of course, disregards the bullshit choose-your-own adventures. RPGboot 7 is also suspect.
Once I got more confident about my writing,  I decided to rewrite the originals, making the RPGmakes. I wish I'd waited a bit to make RPGmake 1, as it has the "explaining the canon" shit that is just poor writing. (2017 edit: this is why i've created a revised version)
Once I got A LOT better at writing, I decided to rewrite the reboot, making the RPGmasters. These are what I'd consider the "good" RPGboots.

Canon order is simple:
RPGmaster 1 -> RPGmake 1-4 -> RPGmaster 2-8 -> RPGboot 9-16
As I get through more RPGmasters, they will replace that respective RPGboot. RPGboot 7 is kind of terrible, though, so don't expect that anytime soon. the day after i write that i finish it, of course

Everything except RPGboot 5, RPGmaster 5, RPGboot 15, RPGmake 4, RPGboot 16, and RPGboot 17 take place in Alabama.
RPGmake 4 obviously takes place in Heaven, Hell, and Limbo.
RPGboots 16 and 17 take place in Subspace.
The other three take place in the Obnoxious Celtic Country.


The RPGboot series is best read in this order, as of right now:

RPGmaster 1 AND/OR RPGmaster 1 [Revised]
RPGmaster 2
RPGmaster 2 Alternate Campaign
RPGmaster 3
RPGmaster 4
RPGmaster 5
RPGmaster 6
RPGmaster 7
RPGmaster 8

RPGboot 10
RPGboot 11
RPGboot 12
RPGboot 13
RPGboot 14
RPGboot 15
RPGboot 16
RPGboot 17

RPGmake 1 [Revised]
RPGmake 1 [Revised] [The Queen's English Version]
RPGmake 2 AND/OR RPGmake 2 [Revised]
RPGmake 3

For the A Thing series, you have two options:
1. Release order, starting with Another Thing (when they started to be okay)
2. Release order, starting with The Next Big Thing (when they started to be good)
3. Release order, starting with One Thing Leads to Another (when they started to be GREAT)
option three's kind of a weird one though; i don't know how much sense everything will make if you do it that way

The Gaidens are just whatever, whenever. The only important ones to the "plot" are 2, 6, King Bran Kart Racing, 12, 14, 16, and 17.
Then after you're familiar with the way A Thing does uh things, read this one:
RPGmaster 4 Alternate Campaign

Will be updated.


RPGboot 4 was dumb. If I could go back, I'd definitely end it after the Adam Lambert campaign.
I thought it would be HILARIOUS if the day RPGboot 4 ended, RPGboot 5, 6, and 7 all came out, and RPGboot 8 was started as the same shit. Fuck you, past me. RPGboot 7 is rushed and awful. I will admit that RPGboot 5 was the best thing I'd written to that point, however.

RPGboot 10 was where I wanted to do something different, or at least make new sections to copy/paste. Honestly, I'd say that it marks the point where my writing became ""good"". A Thing is the exception, as it was unfocused and I had no idea what I was doing. It was a learning experience more than anything.

At first, I had no idea how to make RPGmaster 4. My first idea was just remastering the Adam Lambert portion, but I decided against it. I'm really glad that I came up with the idea I did, as it represents RPGboot 4 pretty well without going on forever.
The alternate campaign, however, was dumb as shit, in a good(?) way. In the A Thing series, I started writing more about fictional waifus than anything, so I decided to redo RPGmaster 4 with this approach. (sorry that i couldn't fit erin in but there were no mysteries!!!)
The only other thing to note is that chaptour four was originally supposed to be Valerie in a coffee shop, but I couldn't write an entire chaptour so I went political.
original chaptour four:

RPGmaster 2's alternate campaign was conceived and written in the same day. It's dumb, but that's why I like it.

RPGmaster 5 is LEGITIMATELY the BEST THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. I love it more than anything else I've EVER done.
RPGboot 15 returned to the world of RPGboot/master 5, and I think it worked REALLY well. I don't want to go back there often, because I don't want to cheapen what makes 5 and 15 special. Look forward to RPGboot 25, though.

RPGmake 4 had been sitting on my Goddamn computer for YEARS AND YEARS AND FUCKING YEARS
I finally said FUCK IT and finished it. I'm not especially proud of it, but it's out, it's done, and RPGmakes are done with it (until I decide to remaster RPGmake). It's one less thing cluttering my wordpad menu.

RPGboot 14 ended with Jakey and Eif getting into Smash Bros., so 16 is those two, Bran, and Taylor in the world of Smash Bros., doing as they do.

RPGmaster 1 [Revised] was uh
Well, it got away from me. There was so much shit in the original that I felt had to be completely changed, and some of it ended up getting pretty weird and not feeling like an RPGboot 1 re-rewrite at all. That's why the list of RPGs to read has both RPGmaster 1 and the revision.

RPGmaster 8 was just written to get it done
What the fuck ever

RPGboot 17 was high-concept, but after 16 took so long, I really shouldn't have chosen this for 17, and I DEFINITELY shouldn't have said it would come out this year in the New Year's special.
It's okay but it's not even close to my favourite.
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