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 Runtime Error: the latest

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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

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PostSubject: Runtime Error: the latest   Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:54 am

Runtime Error released an album today. It's been 3,000 years since their last, so expectations are high for it and the supporting tour, co-headlined with The Taylor Maddox Band. Opening for the two bands is the up-and-coming boy band, the Prackstreet Boys, supporting their own new album, Prackstreet's Back.

Here are the current members of Runtime Error at Delaware's 555th annual beard-growing competition. Due to the nationwide beard shortage, the band's members were the only competitors.

The below picture shows Bran holding up the trophy after winning the competition.

The next picture shows Jessica holding up the trophy after Bran, Eif, Jakey, and Henry were disqualified for the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Track listing:

01: Hootennany 0: Prologue [Adjutant, Schleiden, Whitney] - 0:50
02: Hootennany 1: The Birth of a Legend [Adjutant, Schleiden, Whitney] - 1:56
03: Tidal Wave/All Day and All of the Night [Lewis, Davies] - 4:20
04: Updog Funk [Adjutant, Lehman] - 2:56
05: 工学と宗教教育談話 [Adjutant, Lehman, Lewis, Lewis, Lukather, Maddox, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Prack, Schleiden, Whitney] - 3:31
06: Hootennany 2: Electric Boogaloo [Adjutant, Schleiden, Whitney] - 1:04
07: The Ultimate Hoe-Down of Ultimate Destiny [Lehman, Whitney] - 5:49
08: Straight Outta Delaware [Adjutant, Lehman, Lewis] - 4:18
09: My Kingdom for a Shit Car [Lewis, Whitney] - 3:29
10: Don't Upgrade Our Love (To Windows 10) [Adjutant, Lewis] - 10:01
11: Should Have Bought a Mac Blues [Lehman, Lewis] - 3:12
12: Hootennany 3: Revelations [Adjutant, Schleiden, Whitney] - 2:34
13: Windows 10 Reprise [Adjutant, Lewis] - 1:28
14: Accept the Light of the Lord into Your Soul (Holy Hoe-Down) [Lehman, Whitney] - 12:57
BONUS TRACK: Rosanna '16 [Paich] - 5:55
Total runtime: 1:04:20

Runtime Error:
Adjutant, Jakey: vocals, incoherent screeching, turntables
Lehman, Bran: bass, piano, organ, spoons, vocals
Lewis, Eif: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, panjo, triangle, vocals
Schleiden, Jessica: electric guitar, violin, jug, flutes, vocals
Whitney, Henry: drums, bongos, washboard, mixing

Touring members:
Lewis, Kenneth: flutes
Lukather, Steve: electric guitar, acoustic guitar

The Give a Hootennany, Don't Pollutennany Tour:
Prackstreet Boys
The Taylor Maddox Band
Runtime Error

Runtime Error setlist:
Hootennany Intro (2016)
Hootennany 1: The Birth of a Legend (2016)
Straight Outta Delaware (2016)
Loving is Easy When You're in Love (2009) [Broom Broom Car]
Guys with Runes (Give Me the Runes) (1977)
Majestic Mountain Landscape/Cirrus and Cumulonimbus Clouds (1983)
工学と宗教教育談話 (2016)
Rosanna (2009)
Love is Like a Horrible Stone (2009) [Broom Broom Car]
Hootennany 2: Electric Boogaloo (2016)
Put on Some Pants (2014)
Token Song from an Older Album (1998)
Kill All the Jews (2014)
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (Four Tops cover)
Please Don't Shut Down (The Laptop of My Heart) (2009) [Lewis Chap and Lewis]
Don't Upgrade Our Love (To Windows 10) (2016)
Should Have Bought a Mac Blues (2016)
Hootennany 3: Revelations (2016)
Piss Break/All Day and All of the Night (2016)
Midnight/Long Time (Skid Row/Boston cover)
River of Mediocrity (rock version) (2009) [Eifion Lewis]
Aptitude for Love (2008) [Jake Adjutant]
Hold the Line (2008)
King of the Bathtub (1979)
Lost My Legs in the War Blues (2014)
Young Boy, You're Not Old Enough to Smoke, nor is it Healthy to do So (2009) [Lewis Chap and Lewis]
My Experience in the ER (2008) [Jelly Roll]
Remembering (Remembering the Times I Spent with Christ All Those Years Ago) (1980)
Accept the Light of the Lord into Your Soul (Holy Hoe-Down) (2016)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

Living in a World without Spandex (2008) [Jake Adjutant]
Sea Men Rock (1977)
One More Night (The Timothy Lee Band cover)

Also releasing is the 30th anniversary edition of the original Runtime Error videogame. In this game, players control one of five differently-coloured pegs and guide them to a space on the map that is a different colour than the rest of the map, avoiding all of the evil pegs scattered around the map.
In this version, the characters of Svart and A Cactus are replaced by Jessica and Henry. Steve Lukather is also present as an unlockable character, unlocked after completing all 255 stages with each of the five members of Runtime Error.
Available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game systems.

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Runtime Error: the latest
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