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 Guitar Hero: Van Halen fixed

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PostSubject: Guitar Hero: Van Halen fixed   Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:43 pm

Now that I'm doing GHVH in my reviews, I thought it would be a good time to fix the game.
This version I've created has the same number of guest acts as GHMetallica, as well as the same number of Van Halen tracks as Metallica had in GHM. I'm going to reuse most of the GHVH tracklist, so I'll divide it into five sections.

Guest acts have to relate to Van Halen somehow (in a way other than "WOLFGANG LIKES IT"), and can't be "unicorn" bands (basically no The Beatles, no Guns N' Roses, no AC/DC, and no Led Zeppelin). Also, no Aerosmith or Metallica because they've got their own game, naturally.

Also? Fuck it, Sammy Hagar is going to be in this game. Michael Anthony, too. This game will be a tribute to the band Van Halen, not the Van Halen family + David Lee Roth.

There will be 28 Van Halen songs and 21 other songs.
since they reused hot for teacher from ghwt i can reuse beat it

ALSO, if any of my guest artist choices seem "too Jakey", it's because I wanted to use a song from around the same time Van Halen toured with the band. That's why you get a song from These Days, for example.
that is also why i didn't include skid row at all

Guest artist songs (old):
Deep Purple/"Space Truckin'", 1972

Guest artist songs (new):
Roy Orbison/"Oh, Pretty Woman", 1964
The Who/"Magic Bus", 1968
Bachman-Turner Overdrive/"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet", 1974
KISS/"Parasite", 1974
Black Sabbath/"Never Say Die", 1978
Journey/"Wheel in the Sky", 1978
The Rolling Stones/"Emotional Rescue", 1980
Loverboy/"Working for the Weekend", 1981
Michael Jackson/"Beat It", 1982
Brian May + Friends/"Star Fleet", 1983
Sammy Hagar/"I Can't Drive 55", 1984
Scorpions/"Big City Nights", 1984
Robert Palmer/"Addicted to Love", 1985
David Lee Roth/"Yankee Rose", 1986
Dokken/"Kiss of Death", 1987
Kingdom Come/"Seventeen", 1988
Steve Lukather/"Twist the Knife", 1989
Extreme/"Decadence Dance", 1990
Collective Soul/"Shine", 1993
Bon Jovi/"Damned", 1995

Van Halen songs (old):
"Runnin' with the Devil", 1978
"Eruption", 1978
"You Really Got Me", 1978
"Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love", 1978
"I'm the One", 1978
"Jamie's Cryin'", 1978
"Atomic Punk", 1978
"Feel Your Love Tonight", 1978
"Ice Cream Man", 1978
"Somebody Get Me a Doctor", 1979
"Spanish Fly", 1979
"Tora! Tora!/Loss of Control", 1980
"Mean Street", 1981
"Unchained", 1981
"So This is Love?", 1981
"Little Guitars Intro/Little Guitars", 1982
"Hang 'em High", 1982
"Hot for Teacher", 1984
"Panama", 1984
"Jump", 1984

Van Halen songs (new):
"On Fire", 1978
"Good Enough", 1986
"Get Up", 1986
"Dreams", 1986
"Best of Both Worlds", 1986
"5150", 1986
"The Seventh Seal", 1995
"Big Fat Money", 1995

Removed Van Halen songs:
"Beautiful Girls", 1979
"Dance the Night Away", 1979
"And the Cradle Will Rock...", 1980
"Romeo Delight", 1980
"Everybody Wants Some!!", 1980
"Hear About it Later", 1981
"Cathedral", 1982
"Intruder/Oh, Pretty Woman", 1982

still fucking hate jump though
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Guitar Hero: Van Halen fixed
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