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 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith fixed

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PostSubject: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith fixed   Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:21 pm

Now that I'm doing GHA in my reviews, I thought it would be a good time to fix the game.
This version I've created has the same number of guest acts as GHMetallica, as well as the same number of Aerosmith tracks as Metallica had in GHM. I'm going to reuse most of the GHA tracklist, so I'll divide it into five sections.

Guest acts have to relate to Aerosmith somehow, and can't be "unicorn" bands (basically no The Beatles, no Guns N' Roses, no AC/DC, and no Led Zeppelin). Also, no Van Halen or Metallica because they've got their own game, naturally.
Also, I can't use Last Child or Same Old Song and Dance for obvious reasons.

There will be 28 Aerosmith songs and 21 other songs.

Guest artist songs (old):
The Kinks/"All Day and All of the Night", 1964
Mott the Hoople/"All the Young Dudes", 1972
New York Dolls/"Personality Crisis", 1973
The Clash/"Complete Control", 1977
Ted Nugent/"Cat Scratch Fever", 1977
Cheap Trick/"Dream Police", 1979
The Cult/"She Sells Sanctuary", 1985
Run DMC/"King of Rock", 1985
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts/"I Hate Myself for Lovin' You", 1988
The Black Crowes/"Hard to Handle", 1990
Lenny Kravitz/"Always on the Run", 1991
Stone Temple Pilots/"Sex-Type Thing", 1992
Joe Perry/"Shakin' My Cage", 2005

Guest artist songs (new):
The Jimi Hendrix Experience/"Red House", 1967
Fleetwood Mac/"Stop Messin' 'round", 1968
Nazareth/"Hair of the Dog", 1975
ZZ Top/"Tush", 1975
KISS/"Love Gun", 1977
REO Speedwagon/"Ridin' the Storm Out", 1977
Motley Crue/"Sticky Sweet", 1989
Santana/"Just Feel Better", 2005

Aerosmith songs (old):
"Dream On", 1973
"Mama Kin", 1973
"Movin' Out", 1973
"Train Kept A-Rollin'", 1974
"Pandora's Box", 1974
"Sweet Emotion", 1975
"Walk This Way", 1975
"Toys in the Attic", 1975
"Back in the Saddle", 1976
"Combination", 1976
"Rats in the Cellar", 1976
"Draw the Line", 1977
"Bright Light Fright", 1977
"Kings and Queens", 1977
"No Surprise", 1979
"Let the Music do the Talking", 1985
"Rag Doll", 1987
"Love in an Elevator", 1989
"Pink", 1998
"Beyond Beautiful", 2001

Aerosmith songs (new):
"Too Bad", 1974
"Jailbait", 1982
"F.I.N.E.", 1989
"The Other Side", 1989
"Eat the Rich", 1993
"Shut Up and Dance", 1993
"Cryin'", 1993
"Jaded", 2001

Removed songs:
"Make It", 1973
"Uncle Salty", 1975
"Nobody's Fault", 1976
"Walk This Way", 1986 (Run DMC)
"Livin' on the Edge", 1993
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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith fixed
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