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 Bran & Friends!? say it ain't so

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Dr. Adventure
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PostSubject: Bran & Friends!? say it ain't so   Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:52 pm

So, I have been making a few other songs over the years, mostly kind of sample compositions to play with others (at some time) or just sound experiments or attempts at jazz or whatever. I'll give a brief run down on the songs i've done:

Aye/Carumba (instrumental)
This is my favorite song i've ever done, but I doubt y'all will like it much. it's kind of jazzy to start, but gets more rockin' near the end. it was a 6 minute long drum track and i did a bunch of first takes of other instruments and layered some guitar at the end. lots of piano
there are two versions, the top most has higher levels of Acoustic guitar and i prefer it to the other farther down

Congo (instrumental)
About 7 drum layers, and looped endlessly. I've been wanting to add something on top of it but never came up with anything

Hoot-And-A-Half Stomp
This was me wanting to try out my new jaw harp and figured a stomp was the best way. I also broke a string on my acoustic and didn't want to fix it so it's a 5 string acoustic mmm
Also lots of singing wankery and an experiment on delayed vocals a la The Prophet's Song

The Room Upstairs
My attempt at electric raga, using drones in electric and bass guitar. Did some groovy trumpet stuff and also sung in norwegian for the second verse. nice and easy funky drumming too.

- Crowd Control pt 1
   Sax solos, modal guitar, piano, looping bass line
- Crowd Control pt 2
   same looping bass line but faster, then the drums begin looping and ends with a bass solo. pretentious backwards piano into...
- Groove On
   a revamped version of a song i had on youtube with a pots and pans solo, this is far and away the most pretentious thing i've ever made. classical samples (ripped from vinyl by yours truly), and some spoken word story that is as generic as can be. basically everything in this song is looping.

Butterfinger Friendship
Written by two of my college friends (one of which I married!!), it's a song about the three of us. It's probably the most professional and tame sounding song I've ever made. I play violin on it  flower

Apples & Bananas
The closest to Neo-Psych I've ever gotten, I really like this one. The vocals are pretty badly mixed, but everything is nice about this one. and it's short it's also sort of a cover of a 30 minute free jazz song ROFL

Easy Washing
I was into crazy German music and folk jazz at the time of this recording, so I fused both into one. the first 30 seconds I think (might be longer) is a fun ear-bleed session followed by nice layered acoustic and some semi-yodeling. Max wrote the lyrics

EDIT: Also, apparently i've already shared quite a few of these before but I don't remember this.
also, I didn't go to china lol
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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

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PostSubject: Re: Bran & Friends!? say it ain't so   Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:12 pm

All you need to do with Congo is add some record scratches and some rapping.

The Stomp was a lot better than I was expecting; I really liked it for some reason.

The Room Upstairs reminds me of a Radiohead song but not a particularly good one, then the horns come in and it begins to really hurt my head.

Everything except the guitar on Crowd Control sounds cool, but the guitar gets way too loud and sort of indistinct to the point where it's just annoying.
Crowd Control II is where it's at, though. Big fan.
Groove On's drumming is way too loud in the mix to the point where I can't make out the story at all.

Apples and Bananas sounds like my speakers are about to blow up.

Easy Washing could do without the minute-and-a-half of whatever at the beginning. The rest is pretty sweet, though.
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Bran & Friends!? say it ain't so
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