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 Teh Forum RPG [Reboot] Halloween Special Part Four

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what does the scouter say about his post count

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PostSubject: Teh Forum RPG [Reboot] Halloween Special Part Four   Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:16 pm

"ahahahahaha at long last my monster is nearing completion!!!" "yes sir" "eifgor!!! flick the switch!!!" "yes sir" Eifgor flicks the switch while Dr. Jakeystein laughs maniacally. "they called me crazy!!! BUT THEY WERE well probably correct now that i think about it" Electricity arcs from the machine into the monster lying on the table, awakening it and its primal fury. "guh" "my experiment is a success!!!" "guh" "now my monster let us go forth" "guh?" "LET'S GET WASTED" "WOOH" "SPRING BREAK" Dr. Jakeystein, Eifgor, and the monster hop into the car and drive down to the local club. "BARTENDER I AM BUYING A ROUND FOR EVERYONE" "YEAH" "WOOH" "except that guy" "aw" Orange trudges off, rejected. "PARTY" "guh" "oh, fuck yes" The monster and Dr. Jakeystein walk over to the karaoke machine to prepare for a rousing rendition of Don't Go Breaking My Heart. "oh shit yeah" "wait WHAT" Idignant at the choice of Don't Go Breaking My Heart over the classic Ain't No Mountain High Enough, the karaoke duo are attacked by A HARLEQUIN FOETUS KNIGHT
Sheriff Antony twirls his revolvers. "heh" Bran launches the harlequin foetus knight into the air, and Sheriff Antony shoots it with his revolvers. Taylor leaps into the air and impales the harlequin foetus knight. Taylor leaps off, and Tony runs at the harlequin foetus knight, sword dragging across the floor, and releases it into a deadly spiral of energy. The harlequin foetus knight is launched into the air, and Michelle leaps at it and kicks it at a wall. Amiee :3 makes pastry for Jakey and Eif as they play Strip Parcheesi. "so like" "yeah?" "what now" "well according to protocol, one of us has to get his/her powers now" "but i already have them" "play along you you not-very-cool guy" "TAKE THAT BACK" "okay yeah that was mean" "OKAY" Jakey runs around aimlessly and gets struck by a bolt of electricity. Electricity shoots from Jakey's left hand and obliterates the harlequin foetus knight. "wow nice job jakey" "yeah you're pretty cool" "you mean it?!" "no" "fuck"
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Teh Forum RPG [Reboot] Halloween Special Part Four
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