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 Guitar Hiroshima: Skipped Numbers are Edgy

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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

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PostSubject: Guitar Hiroshima: Skipped Numbers are Edgy   Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:21 pm

So, I own every Guitar Hero game now. $5 is my sweetspot, and goddamn, did I find a sweet spot to get these games. i'm so sorry
These means I will be posting my impressions on every game in release order at a reasonable pace. Here is the list:
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar Hero Metallica
Guitar Hero: Skipped Numbers are Edgy
Band Hero
Guitar Hero Van Halen
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

This game came out in 2009, when there was no mainline Rock Band title as competition. LEGO Rock Band existed, but I'll be comparing that with Band Hero later.

The character creator has been fixed. Faces are better (read: not shit) and easier to create.
The guitar creator is a lot different, as now it has actual name brands like Ibanez and BC Rich.

The new interface is kind of shit. It's harder to see the rock meter, your multiplier, and your star power levels. The notes have some weird shine to them, which makes little sense. It's also hard to tell normal notes apart from slider notes without the purple rope.
Also, the big red border when you're about to fail is bullshit. It's very large and distracting.
I like being able to manually choose who is in my band. How to do it is kind of obtuse, however.
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remember chuck norris jokes? whatever happened to those

Number of posts : 8884
Age : 24
Registration date : 2007-12-29

PostSubject: Re: Guitar Hiroshima: Skipped Numbers are Edgy   Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:25 pm

JET/"Woohoo": C
Starting with a chordy, mediocre song isn't the best sign of things to come. Neither is FCing the first song in the game. Also, this song was in LEGO Rock Band in the same year.
Maybe Neversoft are the ones who need to get their head checked.

Scars on Broadway/"They Say": D
Following up the first chordy, mediocre song with a second chordy, mediocre song isn't the best sign of things to come. Neither is FCing the first two songs in the game.
The guitar riff after the choruses is annoying as FUCK. It really dropped the song's score a whole letter grade.

Beck/"Gamma Ray": D
This... isn't a good song. It's not very fun to play, and it's not very interesting to listen to. Fucking Beck.
The game gave me a challenge: play the bass part, only strumming upward. I'm going to tell you, I FUCKED THAT SHIT UP
When I started playing GH1, I strummed up exclusively. I'm a master at that shit.

Coldplay/"In My Place": D+
Not a very good song, and not a very good chart. Just kind of boring, really.

Gorillaz/"Feel Good Inc.": D
Bad song, not a good chart. This game is REALLY not impressing me.

Bob Dylan/"All Along the Watchtower": B-
Every time I hear the original All Along the Watchtower, I get really confused. Jimi took this song and made it completely his own. Hell, it wouldn't have even been in this game if not for Jimi. Shame that Activision pissed off his family. R.I.P.
Honestly, the best song in the game so far despite the chords. Thanks, Bob Dylan.

The Rolling Stones/"Sympathy for the Devil": C+
The game makes you play a lot of piano for this song.The actual guitar parts are fun, though.
Symapthy for the Devil was one of those songs I hated at first, but it really grew on me.

The Raconteurs/"Steady as She Goes": B
This song proves that songs can be rated highly solely because I like them. There's nothing special about the chart (and I FCed it first try), but I really like Jack White.

Darker My Love/"Blue Day": C
Blue morning, blue day; won't you see things my way?

Beastie Boys/"Gratitude": B-
I have gratitude for them not choosing So Whatcha Want. Gratitude is MUCH more fun for the guitarist than So Whatcha Want or No Sleep 'til Brooklyn. The riff is pretty cool, too.

Brand New/"Sowing Season": B+
This song has a very varied guitar part, and was a great choice for this game.

Garbage/"Only Happy When it Rains": C+
I'd fuck that 3D model.
In fact, all of Garbage is here to play this garbage.
I've never heard this song before; I don't listen to Garbage.
Okay, it's actually a pretty good song. They're just not my kind of people.

The White Stripes/"Blue Orchid": A
I am 100% biased. I love this song and have wanted it in these games forever. It's undeniably the best song on Get Behind Me Satan.

John Cougar Mellencamp/"Hurts so Good": C-
Bland, inoffensive, and kind of boring. The chart doesn't help.

Wild Cherry/"Play That Funky Music": F
I HATE this song. I can't stand it. It's fucking AWFUL.

David Bowie/"Fame": A
A very fun song, even after an FC. It's got all those hammer-ons. And don't even get me started about the pull-offs.

No Doubt/"Ex-Girlfriend": F
Another really bad song. When this game shines, it shines hard. When this game is shit, it's REALLY FUCKING SHIT DOG.

Band of Horses/"Cigarettes, Wedding Bands": C
And when this game is mediocre, it goes all the fucking way.

Deep Purple/"Woman from Tokyo": A+
A lot of fun little licks from Blackmore, and a very good song besides. Definitely in my top three Gillan-era Deep Purple songs, with Lazy and Space Truckin'. Probably my favourite, full stop.

Queen and David Bowie/"Under Pressure": B+
I'm always up for a good David Bowie song. The chart is nothing special, but I can't help but love this song.
joke about ice ice baby

Kings of Leon/"Sex on Fire": B+
A very fun chart, and a decent song. Tony would have liked this chart a lot. R.I.P.

3 Doors Down/"Kryptonite": B
This song was on so much at the turn of the century that I still remember the chorus despite never listening to it for my own sake. The chart is pretty fun, and it's a good enough song.

The Duke Spirit/"Send a Little Love Token": C-
Very mediocre, and I couldn't hear the vocals.

Love and Rockets/"Mirror People": C-
Another mediocre song I'd never heard of. Guys, I'm all for shit I've never heard of, but at least make the charts interesting.

Bush/"Comedown": C
More mediocrity, but at least I've heard this before. If a song is going to be mediocre, it may as well be famous.

Kaiser Chiefs/"Never Miss a Beat": B
An interesting song with an interesting chart. Between this and Sapphire, I kind of want to check these guys out.

Billy Idol/"Dancing with Myself": B+
Here's another song I've wanted in these games for a while. It's a pretty fun song; I really like the riff.

KISS/"Shout it Out Loud": C-
Uh, why? I'm no KISS expert, but they've got way better songs than this that are probably more popular. The chorus is kind of gay.
update: 08 Jun 2014: I'm a certified KISS expert (or KISSpert), and they've got way better songs than this that are definitely more popular. The chorus is really gay.

Bon Jovi/"You Give Love a Bad Name": B-
It's worth noting that this song was in LEGO Rock Band in the same year. It's a fun chart and a fine song and all, but I FUCKING HATE HOW EVERY BAND EVER RHYMES "LIPS" WITH "FINGERTIPS"

Spacehog/"In the Meantime": A-
This song sounds WAY different than it did in Rock Band 3. It's like the vocal track is an octave higher or something. It's really off-putting on what is otherwise a great song with a great chart.
Why is "putting" spelled the same way as "putting"?

Attack! Attack!/"You and Me": C+
How do you describe this band? Three words: "Fall Out Boy". They are an exact rip-off of Fall Out Boy from the vocals to the lyrics.

Elliott Smith/"L.A.": C+
Mediocrity: the game. Nothing about this song jumped out at me. It was fine, and I will probably forget about it within ten minutes.

Queens of the Stone Age/"Make it wit Chu": A+
This song was way more fun than I thought it would be. I never really paid any attention to the guitar part, I guess. I'm glad, because it's one of my favourite QOTSA songs. The best on Era Vulgaris, definitely. To be fair, though, what else is even in the running? Battery Acid? 3 is and 7 is? Uh... Suture Up Your Future?

Muse/"Plug in Baby": A
The song features a special appearance by Matt Bellamy (played by your little brother) and Muse. It has a fun chart that Tony would like. R.I.P.

Stevie Wonder/"Superstition": A
A very fun chart for a great song. HOs and POs everywhere, dog.

Dire Straits/"Sultans of Swing": B
I mean, yeah, it's a really fun song. But I can't stand Sultans of Swing.

Weezer/"Why Bother?": B
Finally, a song off the best Weezer album. Shame that they censored "whackin'", referring of course to the art of cramming. Like, they censored the entire fucking subject of the damn song.
It's a nice chart, anyway.

Thin Lizzy/"Jailbreak": B-
I played a live version of this in Rock Band. This version has the build-up to a guitar solo, but no payoff. It kind of hurt me.

Blink-182/"Rock Show": D-
I don't like Blink-182, and this may be the worst song of theirs that I've heard. Aside from Always, of course. Strumming the red note over and over to a bad song is totally my idea of a good time.

Jimmy Eat World/"Bleed American": C+
This game sure loves mediocrity, doesn't it? I guess this song's pretty good, but the chart doesn't do it any favours.

Duran Duran/"Hungry Like the Wolf": B-
This song was in Rock Band 2, which leads to a question: How is it a first tier song in Rock Band 2, but "harder" than fucking Sultans of Swing or Superstition?
It gets a pass for being a good song rather than on its chart's merits.

Motley Crue/"Looks That Kill": D+
That riff is not fun. And it's pretty much the whole song. Motley Crue have so many better songs; why did they have to choose this one?

Billy Squier/"Lonely is the Night": A-
They reused this song from RT80s. Luckily, they didn't reuse that Godawful cover.
Interesting chord setup, and a great song to boot. NEVERSOFT KNOWS HOW TO TREAT BILLY SQUIER RIGHT

Eagles of Death Metal/"Wanna be in L.A.": C-
So, you take a really good band without much public exposure and put them in your game. Naturally, you want to use one of their most boring and generic songs, right? Right?

Screaming Trees/"Nearly Lost You": B-
An interesting chart set to a boring song. My favourite. They seriously underutilised Josh Homme. He should have sang, too.

Nirvana/"Smells Like Teen Spirit": F
FUN FACT: My new guitar, my $36 guitar that I bought? It broke during this song. The blue button was constantly registering, even though I wasn't touching it. I figure it was the ghost of Kurty, punishing me for my sins.
But I ain't afraid of no ghosts. It's April now, and it's time to face the ghosts of the past. Also, the guitar got batter somehow? I'm not quite clear on the details.
This song is so not bad that it hurts. It kills me every time I hear this song, because I feel obligated to hate it, but it's not bad at all. The chart was shit, though.
I still hate Neversoft for making Kurty playable.

Nirvana/"Lithium": C
This song gets two whole letter grades off because Kurty is a playable character.
This is the Live at Reading version, by the way.

The Killers/"All the Pretty Faces":
My 360 keeps overheating. Fucking Kurty's ghost.
Then I ended up buying a new 360 since the old one was basically fucked. The guitar is broken again. I don't understand.
So I found a bunch of guitars at a yard sale for $1 each, in July. Let's go.

The Killers/"All the Pretty Faces": B
This is one of the band's best songs. I've apparently listened to most of their albums, so I would know.
The chart is chordy, but the HO/PO sections are very well-placed and make the song pretty fun.

T.Rex/"Twentieth Century Boy": B+
This song was in Rock Band 3, where it was superior in every way. The mix was better, because the guitar was louder and sounded heavier. The chart was also harder and more fun. Ah, well.

Sublime/"What I Got": A+
This is Sublime's best song, and I love it so. This would be the best version of the song if not for the censorship. The mix is perfect; the fading vocals are clearer, and the guitar is louder. This is especially sweet after the line "and I can play the guitar like a motherfuckin' riot". Oh, and the chart's fun, too.
Great job, all things considered. I said remember that.

Vampire Weekend/"A-Punk": A-
This song was in LEGO Rock Band, in the same year. I don't remember it being this fun, honestly. Those HO/POs after all those chords are very well-done. I still got the FC, just so you know.

Sunny Day Real Estate/"Seven": B+
This is how you do a chordy song. The chords are all over the place, and don't just drag on the same G+Y whatever for forever. Also a good song, if you're into those. I loved this album when I reviewed it.

Public Enemy and Zakk Wylde/"Bring the Noise 20XX": F

Rammstein/"Du Hast": F

Johnny Cash/"Ring of Fire": B
What is it with this live version? It's too fast, and it's far inferior to the original. But every rhythm game has it. I'll never understand.
Oh, and Johnny Cash himself joins you onstage or some shit.

Face to Face/"Disconnected": D+
Generic songs with boring notecharts are my favourite. Especially when I have to double-check to make sure I don't have the band name and song title flipped.

Smashing Pumpkins/"Bullet with Butterfly Wings": C
Colloquially known as "Rat in a Cage", as in "despite all my rage, I'm still just a". It's a good song, but the chart is kind of boring.

My Morning Jacket/"One Big Holiday": B
THIS is how you do "band no one but Yellow has heard of". That chart is great, especially the G-R-Y, G-R-B, G-R-O sections. The song's pretty good, too.

Grand Funk Railroad/"We're an American Band": B
I don't know about anyone else, but I vastly prefer the Poison version of this song. The heaviness helps the song a lot.
I mean, this is fine, but it seems kind of pussyish compared to Poison's. The notechart's good, I guess.

Sonic Youth/"Incinerate": B+
This is the best Sonic Youth song I've heard. Kool Thing is still my favourite, but only because it's so bad. This song is legitimately good, and the chart is fun, as a bonus. Colour me surprised.

The Sword/"Maiden, Mother, and Crone": B+
The Sword have got a big case of AC/DC syndrome going on. Their songs are all fun, though, so what do I care?

TV on the Radio/"Wolf Like Me": F
Apparently, this album was rated ALBUM OF THE YEAR by Spin. I'm really not fucking seeing it.

The Police/"So Lonely": B-
It's a great song and all, but it overstays its welcome in this context. The chart is nothing special at all.

Santana/"No One to Depend On": B+
Yeah, it's a fun song. Yeah, Santana himself joins the band. But I still haven't forgiven him for Guitar Heaven.

Tom Petty/"Runnin' Down a Dream": B+
Either this chart is easier than the one in Rock Band, or I've gotten better. Either way, it's a fun song with fond memories of San Andreas attached to it.

Elton John/"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting": C-
This is easier than the Rock Band 3 version, but that riff still fucking kills your arm. Great song, painful chart.

The Derek Trucks Band/"Young Funk": A
So, like, this isn't the sort of thing I'd listen to. It's all instrumental and shit. But it's fun as fuck, so I'll forgive it.

Rose Hill Drive/"Sneak Out": C
I don't like the song at all, but the chart is fine, I guess. I hate how the guy says the title lyric.

Gov't Mule/"Streamline Woman": B+
It's a fun song with a sweet + very fun riff in the middle, but it's not a very good song.

Wolfmother/"Back Round": D+
It's not a bad chart, it's just that Wolfmother are no-talent wankers.

AFI/"Medicate": D+
Very unfun chart over a decent song that overstays its welcome. Great.

The Bronx/"Six Days a Week": D-
This song is stupid in addition to being bad. The chart's also shit.
I mean, fuck, The Beatles had EIGHT days a week. Why did The Bronx even fucking try?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/"American Girl": why
That outro solo is fucking bullshit and you know it.

A Perfect Circle/"Judith": D+
A mediocre song with a mediocre chart.

Thrice/"Deadbolt": D
The outro is fucking stupid and ruins a perfectly mediocre chart for a song bordering on horrible.

Arctic Monkeys/"Brianstorm": C-
A great song with a bad chart. Who cares, though? It was added for the drums.

Iron Maiden/"Two Minutes to Midnight": what is the fucking point
Neversoft, if you are going to censor the shit out of a song so that all of its impact is lost, maybe you even shouldn't put the fucking song in the Goddamn game in the fucking first place.
They censored the chorus' impact line, "to kill the unborn in the womb", plus the last verse's impact line, "children torn in two". It's not supposed to be pretty, you fucking idiots. Use fucking Aces High if you don't want that in your game. Fuck you.
It's like putting fucking Feel Good Hit of the Summer in the game, and censoring the name of very drug in it. It would be a fucking instrumental.

Iggy Pop/"Lust for Life": C+
This song has a fun chart, I guess. Shame the song is absolutely terrible. Seeing the name brought back my PTSD.

Megadeth/"Sweating Bullets": A+
This might be the most fun Megadeth song ever put into one of these games. Certainly the easiest that isn't Symphony of Destruction. Countdown to Extinction was a great album, and this was one of its best tracks.

Peter Frampton/"Do You Feel Like We Do?": F
Peter Frampton is the only man in the world who can make a fucking talkbox solo boring.
I find the achievement for completing 98% of the song to be bullshit, since the song is easy as shit. You get star power right at the hard part, and bing bang, you're fucking done. Woohoo. American Girl was harder than that.

Darkest Hour/"Demon(s)": F
Brutal as shit, let me tell you. Maybe just shit.

Jeff Beck/"Scatterbrain": no
Satch Boogie 2: Electric Boogaloo

Children of Bodom/"Done with Everything, Die for Nothing": F
Super-brutal bullshit with a stupid chart. Wow, look at me, I'm so fucking brutal.

Rush/"The Spirit of Radio": B+
The final encore and shit.
The song relies a bit too heavily on that opening riff that repeats throughout. It's more annoying than hard, really. All you have to do is skip all the orange notes and it's a cakewalk, assuming your hand doesn't explode.

King Crimson/"21st Century Schizoid Man": B+
The credits song, and a good thing it fucking is. I would never be able to beat this.

This game had a lot of great songs in it. It just felt like every other song was some boring-ass bullshit I'd never heard of before. World Tour was better, as a whole.
Also, fuck Neversoft for putting in Kurty and Johnny Cash. R.I.P.
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Guitar Hiroshima: Skipped Numbers are Edgy
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