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 Another Thing FAQ

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PostSubject: Another Thing FAQ   Wed May 29, 2013 11:22 pm

don't read until you've finished reading another thing yo

After the horrible writer's block I suffered toward the end of A Thing, I set to work on a sequel immediately. April wasn't very producting, but May was amazing. Throughout most of May, I ended up writing at least three missions a day.
About halfway through writing, I had an idea for the ending. Naturally, I wanted to stretch it out as long as I could. Making the names of the missions lines from That's Life was an afterthought.

As I was writing, I kept doubting the quality of what I had just written. However, now I am fully confident that these missions are on-par with, if not better than, those in A Thing.
My original idea for Another Thing was a story set in the same timeframe as A Thing, starring Professor Eif. Professor Eif would just be called "Eif", and Jakey would be called "Captain Jakey". Ultimately, the idea was scrapped and the missions were reworked for Another Thing proper.

Reading through my FAQ for A Thing, I noticed that I now have two characters named Fred. OH WELL

Since I already had a cast, and every character was tooled into a role, I didn't expand much. I put in new waifus, but that's only to capture the /v/ audience. Erin was probably a shitty idea. I didn't want her to be Kathy 2.0, so I gave her a shitty gimmick. I like her a lot, though.
Speaking of Kathy, she appeared way less in this. I like it better now that people go with Jakey to do something rather than telling Jakey and Kathy to do it.

One thing I wanted to do in A Thing was have missions for Adam Lambert and Ainsley Harriott, but I couldn't figure out anything to do with them.
I had written Ainsley Harriott missions, but I scrapped them because there were unsalvagable shit. He doesn't have any missions himself, but he figures prominently into Chef Amiee :3's character arc. As a side note, Chef Amiee :3 is hard to write missions for, since there's only so much you can do with food and the preparation thereof.
Adam Lambert has always been a Pokémon master. Since he is the protagonist of Pokémon, I decided it would be fun if Jakey was the rival. Of course, I ended up making him rival, champion, leader of Team Magma, and seven different Fontier Brains. Adam Lambert's descent into madness was assured.
Another character I shafted in A Thing was King Bran. Luckily, the ending I came up with more than made up for it.

The ending was crammed with any idea I could find. I worked backwards from 125 in coming up with rough outlines. It was planned from the introduction of The Great Cheryl to have her lead into the ending, and to have Sting lead into her.
In the original draft, I made a GRAVE ERROR in making Sting the final contact, due to the nature of Sting's mission titles. Luckily, I fixed this shortly afterward.

Once again, I took ideas from RPGboot HERO 2, with Riotz Я Us and Therapyz Я Us. RPGboot HERO 2 was supposed to start with Jakey in Therapyz Я Us , spilling his guts out to Taylor about how he hates music. He had ordered the Big Bucket O' Therapy, but even that wasn't enough. His time ran out, and the line for Therapyz Я Us ended up going to Riotz Я Us to kick Jakey out. I'd post the thing in full, but the only copy is on the computer with the broken harddrive.

Despite not factoring into the missions, in-game, Canada and Chicago would still be able to be visited. Jakey still gets shot down if he tries to enter the United States, however.

The television programmes are a lot shorter because my ideas were more fit for one episode. I didn't want to wear the joke thin.

Do I have plans for another thing like A Thing and Another Thing? Yes. Will it star Jakey? Yes. Will anyone read it? Nope.
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Another Thing FAQ
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